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Packing your electronics for a move

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    Electronics are, now more than ever, a part of our daily lives. They have integrated themselves into our lives. Unfortunately, usage is not the only electronics-related thing that’s risen over the last decade. Prices too have skyrocketed. When spending so much money on electronics, it’s only natural that you would want to make sure they survive the move. Hiring expert movers like All Season Movers can definitely up the chances of your electronics making it whole to your new home. However, packing your electronics for a move properly also plays a big role in them making it to your destination unscratched.

    How can I make sure my electronics are unharmed after a move?

    There are many ways to make sure your electronics are still in mint condition after your move. It’s best to start off with a few simple questions when considering your electronics’ best interests. First of all, will you be packing electronics on your own? Or will you hire moving professionals to do that for you? Secondly, are you going to be transporting your electronics boxes in your own car? Or will you load them up in a moving truck with the rest of your stuff? And last but not least, if you’re packing electronics on your own, what exactly do you need to pack them properly?

    If you’re moving from New Jersey to New York and you want your electronics unharmed on that journey, hiring skilled movers NJ to NYC is a great idea. Professional movers already know how to pack boxes well and how to handle boxes with fragile contents gently. Outsourcing care of your electronics to your movers is smart if you’re unsure whether you are capable of packing them properly yourself, or even if you simply don’t have time.

    A man checking his computer while on a break from packing his electronics for a move.
    Electronics are so expensive! Investing your time and money in proper packing can help you avoid any unnecessary damages to your devices.

    Packing your electronics for a move like you mean it

    There are obvious upsides of expert packing crews. However, not everyone can afford to pay for that service, and quite frankly not everybody wants to. If you’ve decided that you wish to pack your electronics on your own, that’s absolutely possible. You just have to obtain all necessary packing supplies and crack on with packing your electronics. Here is what you will need to pack your electronics safely for your upcoming move.

    Heavy-duty packing boxes

    Heavy-duty packing boxes have a clear advantage over flimsy boxes. Especially when packing your electronics, it’s important to make sure a box won’t fall apart during a moving process. For that reason, investing a little more money in good and sturdy moving boxes is advisable. Also, make sure that your boxes are large enough. However, overloading boxes with too many heavy items are sometimes more than even heavy-duty boxes can handle. It’s better to divide your electronics into several smaller boxes.

    A heavy-duty packing box.
    Heavy-duty boxes are a clear choice when it comes to packing your electronics.

    Protective materials

    Bubble wrap is what will actually keep your electronics safe. When packing your electronics for a move make sure to wrap them in at least two layers of bubble wrap. Also, make sure to buy a quality bubble wrap that’s not popped in too many places. If you have some old bubble wrap laying around that you were hoping to use, check if it has deflated. If yes, get a new bubble wrap. Bubble wrap costs cannot compare to the prices of new electronic devices. For that reason, it’s better to invest in good quality bubble wrap than being sorry once you open your boxes post-move.

    Duct tape and scissors

    There’s not much to say about duct tape and scissors. Just get any pair of scissors that cut well and won’t rip the duct tape. Ripping duct tape won’t make your boxes less well-packed, but it can make the packing process slower and messier. Another important thing to note is that you should always buy a wide duct tape with strong glue. You will be unpacking your boxes with a knife anyway, so why not make sure your boxes are well sealed?

    A marker

    A marker could be labeled as optional. But it really isn’t if you don’t want to make your move an unnecessary nightmare for yourself. Professional movers like movers Montclair NJ are well trained and know their jobs, but even they don’t possess x-ray vision. If you want your boxes to be properly loaded upside, well up, you have to label your boxes and make sure you label them with the top facing up. Another huge reason for labeling boxes is that it’ll be much easier for you when you get to unpacking. If you do so, it’ll be much easier for you to know what to unpack and when. This can also be helpful should any emergency arise. You’ll know exactly where’s what and what box you should unpack to find what you need.

    Two women cutting bubble wrap on the floor.
    Bubble wrapping your devices properly is arguably the most important step.

    The process of packing your electronics for relocation

    1. Before you start packing your electronics, first divide them into groups how you plan on packing them. One box, one group of devices.
    2. After that get your boxes set up and try fitting electronics in the boxes without wrapping them to see if they will fit.
    3. If you find that your devices will fit start wrapping them carefully in bubble wrap and securing them with duct tape. For this step, you don’t have to use too much duct tape, just enough to make sure bubble wrap won’t fall off and that the device won’t move inside of it.
    4. After you’ve bubble wrapped your devices place them in a box carefully and make sure to fit them snuggly. If there’s much empty space between your devices, make sure to fill that space with more bubble wrap.
    5. Close your box and seal it with duct tape. This is a step where you don’t want to skimp out on duct tape. Wrap your box well a few times with duct tape, and make sure you seal the top well.
    6. Lable the box with the top facing up.

    Packing your electronics – the conclusion

    Some people might argue that electronics are just one of those things you should not pack inside a moving container or a moving truck. However, if you hire certified movers with a lot of experience your electronics will do just fine inside the container and moving truck both.  Nevertheless, always make sure that your electronics are packed well to avoid any potential damage.

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