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Packing Silverware for Your NJ Storage

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    You are in the process of packing your belongings to move. You’re well organized and armed with patience because you have a big job ahead of you. It’s time to pack the silverware. It requires careful packaging. Fork tines and knives can damage other items if not properly packaged. Cutlery, sterling or not, is heavy, so it is best to pack it in boxes. Now we’re going to share some of the tips with you on how to pack and store it properly. What you have to remember when packing silverware for your NJ storage is that it should not be damaged or lost in transit. First, you will compile a list of silverware and valuable pieces. Items worth more than $100 per pound are classified as “items of extraordinary value”. During the move, fill out the “High-Value Inventory Form” available from affordable movers NJ.

    How to prepare silver cutlery for packing?

    Silver tanning is due to a chemical reaction between a silver object and sulfur. The only way to remove the stains is to polish them. However, polishing too often is not a good solution. First of all, it is a tedious and time-consuming process that should only be done when necessary. It should only be done if you want to prepare silverware for family gatherings or celebrations. At best, this would be twice a year.

    knives and forks ready for packing silverware for your NJ storage
    Packing silverware requires some special care so that the accessories are not damaged or damage other items next to them.

    Now that we know how to deal with dark spots, let’s find out the proper way to wrap silverware. Wash each piece by hand with a mild soap. Do not use lemon-scented detergents. Dry the cutlery with a flannel cloth and let it cool. Then polish each piece with a traditional type of silver polish. This way you will protect the pieces during time spent in boxes or storage.

    Packing material

    Before you start packing for storage services NJ, get the materials you need:

    • Wrapping paper, preferably not the newspaper
    • Moving boxes that can be closed completely
    • Silverware tray
    • Packing tape
    • Packing paper
    • Black permanent marker

    How to pack sterling silver cutlery?

    Pack each piece in special canvas bags that can be found at online stores. Another way is to use paper with a low percentage of sulfur. Use this option in the short term. Moving companies offer this type of paper. This way, you will preserve the silverware from scratches. Once you have packed the silverware properly, place it in the box or crate you have prepared. Boxes with dividers are also suitable for sorting all the silverware separately. If you use fillers such as newspaper and bubble wrap, make sure they do not come into direct contact with the silverware. Adding chalk to a closed box will absorb moisture and sulfur. If you are going to store silverware for a long period of time, it is a good idea to wrap the boxes in bubble wrap. For a short period, simply wrap it in a sheet.

    cutlery in a pink box
    Look for special canvas bags to pack sterling silverware.

    Steps for packing silverware for your NJ storage

    When packing silverware, special care should be taken to protect it properly. It must also be protected from the rest of the items you are moving so as not to damage them, but also to protect your Essex county movers. You must take care of it, even if your silverware is not silver, but stainless steel. These are some tips for packing silverware for storage.

    Set up a table or counter and prepare the box

    Put your supplies in one place and sort them. Buckets with buckets, knives with knives, forks with forks. Line the bottom of the box with crumpled wrapping paper.

    Wash utensils before packaging

    Check the dishwasher as well as the drying rack to make sure all the cutlery is in the same place. Dry cutlery properly before packing.

    Once you have sorted the accessories, pack each group of items separately

    Start with everyday cutlery. Wrap all the spoons well with packing paper and so on: forks, knives, and label them. Then pack away the rest of the utensils: salad forks, ladles, teaspoons. Put them all together in the cutlery tray.

    • Pack knives with care – Be careful when wrapping knives. Place the knife on the packing paper, then fold it over the paper. While adding the knives, change the direction of the blade. When you are finished packing, mark it. Improperly packed knives can pose a risk to nearby belongings as well as to your movers. Expert moving services NJ can also help you pack silverware.
    • Pack the silverware tray – Wrap several layers of packing paper around the silver tray. Wrap it with packing tape. Instead of packing paper, you can wrap it several times with plastic moving film. you can also wrap it several times with movers’ plastic wrap to secure the packaging.
    • Place the packed silverware tray in a moving boxSet it to face up in the box, never on its side.
    • Place the large pieces on the top – Large pieces such as serving spoons or cake scoops are too large to fit in a silverware tray. Wrap them separately and place them on top of the serving tray.
    • Fill in the gaps – Fill all the gaps in the box with crushed paper.
    • Close and label the box – Wrap the box with tape and mark what is inside: silverware.

    Use the appropriate moving boxes

    To pack everything safely, depending on the amount of cutlery, you may need several small and medium-sized boxes. If you only use one large box, it will fill up quickly and become very heavy. If you want to provide additional cutlery, you can also use chests.

    cutlery set in a tray
    Use a silver tray for packing silverware for your NJ storage.

    Consider hiring a company

    If you are still unsure of how to deal with moving and packing silverware for your NJ storage, it may be a good idea to hire a moving company. If you’re moving to another country, you’ll probably need professional services and storage services. Moving companies can also pack your silverware and transport you safely to your desired location.


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