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Packing and moving IT equipment

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    Packing your whole life in small cardboard boxes and relocating it somewhere else sounds complicated. Well, if you don’t make a good plan probably it will be. Both complicated and stressful. There are movers in Fort Lee NJ that you could hire and let them help you with the moving. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have to do anything. Some things you will have to do on your own. And it’s better to the packing and moving IT equipment on your own. Those are probably things that value almost the most and you want to keep them safe completely. It’s not like you can afford to change IT devices whenever you want. And those are things that are for everyday usage. So, why not pack them and relocate on your own? This way you also help the movers you hired to do the job faster.

    What about moving companies?

    Of course, before the move, you will have to do research about moving companies NJ can offer. You want to hire affordable and good moving professionals, so relocating goes well. Only choose the companies that can do the job for the same price as your budget limit is. And keep in mind the extra costs for some things, just in case. This way you won’t be negatively surprised. Also, remember that you should hire only a company with a good reputation and long working experience. Now, when it comes to packing and moving IT equipment, it is better to do it on your own. At least packing, so you can be sure your IT equipment will stay safe.

    Desk with complete IT equipment on it.
    Make a plan before packing and moving IT equipment so nothing gets lost or broken.

    But, if somehow you are not sure about packing and moving IT equipment on your own, there is another solution. Try asking about the packing services NJ movers offer. But know in advance that it will cost some extra money. Packing is better if you do it yourself. Those things might cost a lot, and it’s not really nice when you have to pay for them again if they break. Avoiding those necessary accidences is for sure the better option here. Especially when it’s about your PC, where you probably have a lot of documents and important files. So let’s see how can you keep them safe and save some money too!

    Make a list before packing and moving IT equipment

    To be more prepared, it’s advisable to make yourself a list. Writing down all parts on the list will make it easier for you to prepare for packing and moving IT equipment. Start from the basics.

    • Internet modem
    • Network switch
    • Hub
    • Router
    • Wireless router
    • UPS – Uninterruptable Power Device
    • VoIP Phone
    • Laptop
    • PC desktop
    • Monitor
    • Keyboard, mouse
    • USBs and other wires
    • Computer case
    • Headsets
    • Printer
    • Scanner
    • TV
    • Speakers
    • Other small electronic devices such as iPod, mp3/mp4, cell phone, smartphone, etc.
    • Gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox

    Prepare for packing and moving IT equipment

    Now, let’s see the things you are going to need for packing and moving IT equipment. Don’t worry, these things you might already have at home. Even if you don’t there are not expensive. And don’t forget to ask friends also if they might have them.

    • Cardboard boxes in different sizes depending on the devices that you own.
    • Zip ties or rubber band ties. Whatever you prefer.
    • Bubble wrap for wrapping.
    • Old newspaper for filling in the empty space.
    • Styrofoam balls for filling as well.
    • Piece of styrofoam if you use one bigger cardboard box for more devices to divide them.
    • Duck tape
    • Scissors
    • Paper and pen

    When you make sure that you have all the needed supplies, you can start packing!

    Laptop, phone, notes with pen and coffee on the table.
    Making a list will help you organize better for packing.

    Packing your IT equipment

    Firstly, what you will have to do before packing and moving IT equipment is turning off and unplugging all the devices from the power outlets. This will prevent any damage that could happen to the devices during your relocation. Once you did that, you should detach all the wires (USB and similar) from each device that has wires. It will be much easier if you first take all the wires and for each device separately wrap them nicely and secure them with a rubber band or zip tie. This way you are preventing all the detangling which can be frustrating afterward when you will unpack. Now, let’s move to the main part.

    If you want to use one bigger box and put all the IT equipment there, make sure that you have those styrofoam pieces so you can divide them into the box. You don’t want them to hit and break or scratch during the move. If you don’t like this option, then pack each thing separately. But, be aware that this will take more of your time. And probably patience too.

    Girl making a list for packing and moving IT equipment
    Keep track of the things you packed!

    Main packing in boxes

    • Take the device you want to pack first and find a nice-fitting box for it.
    • First, you want to use bubble wrap and wrap it around your device.
    • Secure it with duck tape.
    • Put styrofoam balls in the cardboard box and place the device on them.
    • Scrunch the newspaper and fill the empty space in the box.
    • Add more styrofoam balls if needed.
    • Close the box and duck tape it.
    • If you want more security, bubble wraps the whole box and tape it.
    • On the paper write down what is in that box and tape it on top of it.

    You want to repeat this process for each device separately. Some smaller devices can be fitted together in the box though. And put aside one box only for cables and wires. There are storage services NJ movers are offering, so you can store your boxes there before the moving day if needed so.

    Ready to move your IT equipment?

    Now that you know you packed your IT equipment safely, it’s time for relocation. Since the moving company you hired is going to move other things anyways, you can always let them move your IT devices as well. But if you will be more sure if you do it, then remove the back seats from your car to store the boxes. When you move into your new home, buy yourself some IT equipment shelf to organize it more neatly. We hope that this was helpful in some way and that you will be done with packing and moving IT equipment in no time at all.

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