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Organizing an eco-friendly move to Kearny, NJ

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    There are many ways in which you can approach your move. You can either try to hit that last-minute move, rushing to do everything efficiently. Or you can take your time, taking multiple months to plan carefully and pack smart with your movers in Kearny NJ. However you do it, though, we strongly encourage you to think about an eco-friendly move to Kearny. Being ecologically forward might be tough, but it is important for the good of all of us! In this article, we take a look at some of the must-know tips and tricks which will make your green move easier!

    Get green supplies for your eco-friendly move to Kearny

    One of the first things you will need for your move are some reliable packing services. Packing is one of the longest, toughest parts of the move – and you use a lot of resources here. This is why it is essential to think green during your packing because the process creates the most waste. First of all, boxes are always a must. However, what you can do is find a way to cut down on the number of them!

    The best way to do this is by using the containers that you already have in your home. For example, plastic bins and suitcases are perfect for this. If they are also hard – then they will offer an extra layer of protection for your items that the boxes cannot afford. This way, you might even afford more safety for your items than with moving boxes – and you will save money on packing supplies!

    an empty wallet
    Protect your budget by going green!

    But you do not need to use only these. You can grab some gym bags, duffel bags – and even reusable grocery totes for this! What’s more, you can think outside of the box and try to use other items too. Dresser drawers are often a common choice. You pull them out, put your items in them, then fill them up with packing peanuts and similar padding. Afterward, you can put them back in the dresser and secure them in place. Just remember to talk to your moving companies Hudson County NJ about this, so they can be careful when lifting and moving such items.

    You do not need to buy your moving boxes

    The most popular way people get their moving boxes is to buy them in a hardware store. However, doing this doesn’t really help if you are pushing for an eco-friendly move to Kearny! A much better solution is to just stock up on the boxes you get throughout the year, and then use them for your move. Of course, this means you will need to know about the move coming up for a longer time. If you do, then all you need is to break down the boxes and store them in your home or our safe storage units.

    However, more likely than not, you do not know you will be moving in a year. This is often something that comes up fast and hits you unexpectedly. Still, even in this case, you do not need to buy boxes – you can get used ones! Luckily, there are many ways you can do this. First, call your friends and colleges and ask if they have any boxes and containers to use. Then, you can visit the local grocery and retail stores to check if they can spare a couple of boxes they get their goods in.

    a man with boxes
    Buying new boxes should be only last resort

    If all of these come up short, you can post an ad on Facebook groups or your local community boards and bulletins. You never really know who will be kind enough to get you what you need – if you just ask! Finally, you can also look at websites like Freecycle. Here, you can find groups of people offering items for trade, and moving boxes are a common category. Getting these means you are using something used before, but it goes a long way to ensuring you can have an eco-friendly move to Kearny.

    Think outside of the box with packing materials too!

    Similar to using moving boxes, you can get creative with the packing supplies too. As we mentioned, this is one of the biggest expenses – as well as the least green solution – during the packing process. Packing peanuts, packing plastic, and similar materials are often hard to recycle, but they are essential to keeping your things safe. Of course, there are collection points, but a lot of people just toss them aside, which is harmful to the planet!

    But what if you can use other things as padding, too? What if that can bring you closer to your eco-friendly move to Kearny? Just like with the boxes – find alternative packing and padding solutions, and you will be moving green! All it takes is some creativity and thinking outside of the box. For example, towels, linens, and comforters can all serve as an amazing buffer and wrapping material. You can even use regular clothes if you wrap your items in a smart way.

    Similarly, things you often throw out – like newspapers – can be really useful at this time. And even the garbage bags we mentioned can be used as padding. Similarly, you can also use socks and similar softer, “cushiony” items wedged between what you are packing for stability. The main idea is just to stop your items from jumping around during transport and bumping into each other because this is how accidents happen.

    Use your socks instead of wrapping paper!

    Using these methods, you will have an eco-friendly move to Kearny in no time! All that you now need are some reliable movers – and we are here for you! Contact us to get a free moving estimate today, and we will ensure further safety of your stuff!

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