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Office Moving Checklist

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    Welcome to your commercial relocation! You being here means there is a great career path in front of you and that your business probably needs to expand. Before you begin the entire process, make sure you have a good plan ready. This is not a regular relocation and your business will need to keep on running while being moved. All Season Movers NJ has a lot of experience with commercial relocations and it is bringing you an office moving checklist! Make yours on time and this will be another easy and successful relocation!

    Making your office moving checklist

    Your first question is probably where exactly to start. Especially if you have a huge company with a couple of offices and departments. The best way to start is to simply divide both inventory and your needs into different categories. assign your employees with them and ask them to be precise and fast. While making categories include every part of your business, including clients, inventory, departments, and the rest. Commercial movers NJ will do the rest of the work and carry out your office relocation on time. 

    example of how to write office moving checklist
    Always focus on your priorities before making an office moving checklist

    Inventory checklist

    The most important part of your relocation is packing and doing inventory. It is also one of the hardest and longest ones so make sure to start it on time. Movers in Bayonne NJ will take the list upon arriving and start the transportation process immediately. Because of this, everything needs to be ready before they show up. Here is how to make your inventory checklist! 

    • Start with appliances and devices: Go through each office individually and then write down the total number.
    • Include tables, desks, and chairs: Each employee can do this inventory one office at a time.
    • Laptops and PCs: While making this list, don’t forget to label each device properly. Especially if multiple employees are using the same device.
    • Shelves and wardrobes: Also include smaller shelves and cupboards if any
    • The rest of the furniture inventory: Since every office is different, following this list you will gather the rest of the furniture items to put on your checklist

    If this is your first relocation, then consider going with packing services NJ. You will save huge amounts of time and avoid all risks of forgetting or losing something! The office moving checklist should be complete and taken seriously as it will affect business running. 

    Checklist of priorities

    Making checklists doesn’t mean you will only have to write down your full inventory. Definitely make one for your priorities before and after relocation. Your movers in Kearny NJ often advise you to follow this particular list until the relocation is completely over. No one knows your business and company rules better than you, but here are some examples that may help: 

    people sitting in the office loby
    Your clients will still need your services even during the relocation
    • Focus on clients: Unfortunately, you can’t just stop the entire business flow once you decide to move your office. Your clients will still need services and some of your employees will have to be focused on that.
    • Announce your arrival: Whatever your new location may be, you will need to focus on informing your customer base there. Use social media and your official website to achieve this.
    • Make the new office ready: You should avoid arriving at your new office without making sure it is ready for you and your employees. You can assign this to some of them and set the relocation date according to that.
    • Include discounts and special offers: Depending on what area your business covers, make sure to make some discounts and special offers for your new and old clients. It will take time for everyone to get used to these changes and small acts like this will make it easier and faster.

    As soon as this type of office moving checklist is ready, start eliminating one by one. The faster you do it, the more progress you will make and the relocation will run smoothly. Moving companies Hudson county NJ may cover the transportation and other tasks while you focus on your own priorities. 

    Paperwork checklist

    Of course, you will need to think of your budget before and after relocation. Once you set the official date, look for affordable solutions to certain issues, like packing material, transportation, and others. Always have a group of employees taking care of it in case things start to get too complicated. Your documents and paperwork should be placed in labeled boxes and transported to a new office on time. Some of your employees can categorize it while others can get rid of paperwork you no longer need. To properly pack your paperwork make sure to have: 

    • Folders that will prevent paperwork from bending
    • Big size packing boxes that you should fill up to the top
    • Markers and colorful tape for labeling 
    • Storage units for paperwork you no longer need

    Try to avoid using low-quality packing material if your new office is relatively close. Not only you will risk too much, but it may cost you even more. Instead, get some high-quality boxes and other packing materials and you will even use them more than once. Also, try to minimalize double-trips or make last-minute changes. Stick to the schedule and finish your relocation like the real professional you are! 

    man standing and holding labeled boxes
    Make sure to remove all the things you won’t be needing anymore!

    In conclusion

    Making checklists has been useful for many things before and it is a great way to stay organized when things get messy. Make some rules about what to focus on and follow your office moving checklist step by step. If you encounter some issues along the way, try to find a solution calmly and effectively. If this is your first relocation in general, follow some tips on how to pack or how to get ready for the move. As a result, you will be in the new office in no time!


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