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NJ guide for pet owners

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    You have decided to move to New Jersey. If you have a dog, choosing the right city is very important. Namely, your pet will not be welcomed in all cities. If you are renting, make sure you can bring your pet into the apartment. Besides that, you will need to take your dog for a walk. So, a city should have dog-friendly parks, and not so much traffic. In some cities, you will also find many shops and restaurants where you will be allowed to walk in along with your pet. The city should also have general practitioner veterinarians and pet shops. To help you with the choice, we have prepared an NJ guide for pet owners. Once you choose the right place for you and your pet, affordable movers NJ residents often hire will bring you to your new home.

    How to choose the best NJ cities for pet owners?

    You may be surprised to learn that there are over 1.7 million dogs in the state of New Jersey. Therefore, if you are a dog owner, this sounds encouraging. In addition, NJ is a great place for young professionals, families, singles, and retirees. So, if you have a pet, and belong to one of those groups, New Jersey is the perfect state for you. However, as in every country, the situation with pets differs from city to city. And we are sure that you want to find the best city for you and your pet, before engaging the interstate movers NJ has to offer to help you with this task.

    Woman Walking on Sidewalk While Holding Leash of a Dog and thinking about NJ guide for pet owners.
    If you have a dog, choosing the right NJ city is very important.

    So, while preparing the NJ guide for pet owners, we took into consideration several factors. We also checked:

    • walkability (if dogs are allowed on the sidewalks)
    • if they are allowed into public transport (busses, trains, etc.)
    • availability of dog-friendly restaurants
    • pet-friendly beaches (for coastal cities)
    • dog-sitting & walking services
    • pet grooming services

    Moving your business to New Jersey

    The choice of the city you will move to will depend a lot on your job. Namely, if you are a private entrepreneur, you will have to choose a pet-friendly city. And it has to be good for your business at the same time. Luckily, you will be able to choose between many NJ cities. Regardless of the city choice, some of the commercial movers NJ residents recommend will easily organize the safe relocation of your business.

    NJ guide for pet owners

    Now you know the criteria we were guided by. Following them, we came to the list of cities that, in our opinion, are the best for pet owners. So, those cities are:

    • Jersey City
    • Newark
    • Hoboken
    • Montclair
    • Eaglewood
    • Caldwell
    • Summit

    What makes Jersey City a good place for pet owners?

    Moving to Jersey City with your dog, you will be nicely surprised. Not only that you will find many nice parks where you can walk your dogs. In some parks, you are allowed to let them run freely. Besides, keeping the doggy on the lash and strolling the sidewalks is an ordinary sight in New Jersey. Also, you will be allowed to bring the dogs to many beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls. If all this sounds attractive to you, count on a moving company Jersey City NJ offers. With their help, you will move quickly and easily to your new home.

    Black and White Short Coated Dog Running on Green Grass Field
    In many NJ parks, you can let your dog off-leash.

    Jersey City parks that you should visit with your furry friend

    • Liberty State Park – The nature in the park is beautiful. So, you will enjoy walking around with your dogs. But, in this park, your dog must be on a leash all the time.
    • Lincoln Park Dog Run – this park is nice and well-maintained. And, the great news is that you can let your dog off-leash. Remember to bring a tennis ball along. Your dog will enjoy running, catching it, and bringing it back to you.
    • Hamilton Park – this is another off-leash area. And, there is a space for big, as well as for smaller dogs. So, your dog will enjoy running freely around. And, you will enjoy beautiful nature while socializing with other owners.
    • Van Vorst Park Dog Run – the park has separated parts for small and big dogs. It also has special dog fountains, so your dogs can drink from them.

    Dog-friendly beaches near Jersey City

    A bit southward from Jersey City, you will find several nice, pet-friendly beaches. Those are:

    • Fishermen’s Cove Conversation Area
    • Sandy Hook/ Gateway National Park
    • Somer’s Point Dog Park

    Newark is the next city that we recommend in the NJ guide for pet owners

    Being a seat of Essex County, Newark is the most populous NJ city. It is also, by many, considered an NYC suburb. What makes living in Newark attractive is the city’s good location and the fact that you will easily find a good, pet-friendly apartment for rent. So, soon as you do, give a call to the household movers NJ is proud of. If you move to Newark, you will enjoy it together with your pet friend.

    Branch Brook Park Dog Park

    This is the park where both you and your friend will enjoy. This off-leash park is divided into two sections. One is for big and the other is for small dogs. In both parts, there are many stations where your dog can run and climb.

    A Vet Checking a Pomeranian Dog.
    When living in NJ, you won’t have a problem finding a good vet for your dog.

    Popular pet services in Newark

    When you are too busy, you can leave your dog at Newark located specialized services. They will make sure that your pets have good treatment.

    • All Jersey Paws – they are offering dog walking and dog sitting services (including overnight stay)
    • Essex County Canine Dog Training – dog training school

    Hoboken is one of the cities listed in the NJ guide for pet owners

    This is a middle-sized city in Hudson County. Like Newark, it is also an NYC suburb. Hoboken is known for being a pet-friendly city. Renting a pet-friendly apartment in Hoboken is easy. However, like in some other cities, pet-friendly apartments are a bit more costly. Also, some apartment owners will not allow all breeds in. So, make sure to clarify this issue before renting.

    Popular parks in Hoboken which are good for you and your pet

    There are plenty of places in Halbroken where you can go for walk with your dog. Still, only 4 parks in Hoboken allow you to let your dog off-leash:

    • Viaduct Park Dog Park
    • Church Square Dog Run Park
    • Stevens Park Dog Run
    • Maxwell Dog Park

    In the NJ guide for pet owners, you will also find Montclair

    Montclair is a township in Essex County that could be the right place for you and your pet. Located at the cliffs of the Watchung Mountains, Montclair is an interesting place. This township is home to many writers, musicians, and artists. It is also a pet-friendly place. So, if you decide to move to this artistic colony, seek the help of movers Montclair NJ residents trust.

    Once in Montclair, you will find a lot of dog-friendly places. You will have the possibility to enter many restaurants accompanied by your pet friend. Also, you will be allowed to enter many other places together. You will also be able to choose among many pet-friendly apartments. Additionally, you will enjoy spending outdoor time in some of the nicest parks.

    Woman with Two Dogs on the Shore taking advice she read in NJ guide for pet owners
    You will be allowed to bring your dog to many NJ beaches.

    Parks in Montclair where you can walk and play with your pet

    If you want to spend some time outdoors, you can visit many places with your pet. You would be allowed to walk into many restaurants and shops. However, you may want to have your dog run around a bit. If so, you should visit some of the Montclair parks:

    • Brookdale Dog Park – the park also offers some athletic fields, a playground, and summer musical series
    • Watsessing Dog Park – in this park you can unleash your pet and let them run around
    • Yantacaw Brook Park – ideal for walking with your dog
    • Porter Park – a small park that is good for dog walking

    Pet services that you can expect in Montclair

    You can expect several good pet services in the town:

    • Grooming Gallery – a dog salon, that also provides boarding and daycare services
    • Pups@Play – the one-stop shop for all your dog needs
    • Studio Groomers – a grooming salon
    • L&B Healthy Pet Market – shop offering various food

    Eaglewood is a friendly place for pet owners

    Located in Bergen County, Eaglewood is one of the richest places in New Jersey. And, it is one of the pet-friendly communities. Still, when it comes to apartment renting, you will face the same situation as in Hoboken. Namely, when you move into an apartment with a pet, your rent will be higher than usual. 

    Once you move to Eaglewood, you want to move around. And, to let your dog enjoy nature. So, you can do that by visiting Crystal Lake Park – a dog park in Eaglewood. Besides, there are pet-friendly restaurants, such as Baumgart’s Café, or Bennies. And, as the city is walkable, you can just stroll around to stretch your legs.

    Dog in the shop
    There are many pet-friendly shops in NJ.

    One of the suggestions in the NJ guide for pet owners is Caldwell

    Caldwell is an NJ town located in northwestern Essex County. It is located about 16 miles west of New York City. And about 6 miles northwest of Newark. It is one of the New Jersey places known as pet-friendly. Whether you want to rent, purchase, or spend a night in a hotel, your furry friend will be allowed in. Also, you will be free to enter shops, restaurants, and bars accompanied by your pet. So, once you find the right place for you and your pet, it will be the task of movers Caldwell NJ to bring your belongings to your new home.

    After moving, you may find yourself spending a lot of free time in Wildwood Dog Park & Beach. There is always someone in there, so neither you nor your dog will feel alone. And, nature is beautiful. So, you will both enjoy the place.

    Services to expect after moving to Caldwell NJ

    When it comes to per care, you can expect an array of services, like in all other New Jersey cities. This means that you will be able to choose among:

    • grooming salons
    • pet sitting
    • daycare services

    And, like in all other New Jersey cities which are good for pet owners, you can be sure that you will find well-equipped dog shops. Also, veterinarian coverage in pet-friendly cities is excellent.

    NJ guide for pet owners also recommends Summit as a good choice

    Summit is a city located in Union County, in northern-central New Jersey. More precisely, it is located on the ridge separating the Raritan from the Rahway Valley regions. Summit is one of NJ’s greatest small towns, with excellent schools and a lot of nice parks. Besides parks, it also offers many recreational facilities, outdoor attractions, and excellent fabulous restaurants. And, it is well known for being one of the New Jersey pet-friendly cities. So, if you want to bring your pet to this nice place, moving companies in Summit will help you with moving your belongings. 

    Woman sitting on wooden floor with her dog, drinking coffee and relaxing after reading NJ guide for pet owners.
    You will have to pay higher rent for dog-friendly apartments.

    Places where you can bring your pet

    When living in Summit, you will be allowed to enter many places. But you will always have to keep your dogs on the leash. The same goes for bringing them to the nearby beaches and parks. However, within 20 miles from Summit, you can find 42 parks where you can let your dogs run free. 

    How to choose the right pet-friendly place for yourself?

    Checking the list of the NJ guide for pet owners, we can see that there are many places to choose from. However, before you decide to move to one of them, you should make several more checks. Namely, besides being dog-friendly, cities will have to fulfill some more criteria. You have to make sure that you can afford the costs of living in the new city. So, you should check the job market, commuting possibilities, etc. Once you can secure a good job and pay higher rent for dog-friendly apartments, it will be time to move. In addition to our guide, you can learn a bit more about the state of NJ. We are sure that it will also help you in choosing the best place for you and your pet.

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