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New Jersey Moving Statistics

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    For four years in a row, the Garden State has been at the top of the list with most people that are moving out of state. So, why are people moving out? Where do they go to? How many people are moving out of state, and how many are moving into the state?  All Season Movers NJ is here to answer that and any other question you might have about New Jersey moving statistics. Read more if you want to find those answers and understand all you can about moving statistics in the Garden State.

    What does it mean to be the state with most move-outs?

    There are two types of moves researchers track – inbound and outbound. Inbound moves are those coming into the state. On the other end, there are outbound moves, those that are out of state. Simply put, researchers track the difference in population and the most frequent type of moves. Of course, there are more types of moves, but we will get into that in another blog post. Usually, the collected data concerns residential moves, not commercial ones. Residential moving companies NJ are the best source of information for this and sometimes track the number of outbound and inbound moves themselves.

    New Jersey skyline at sunset which the moving statistic show people are moving out of
    According to New Jersey moving statistics, it is the state with the most outbound moves

    To be the state with the most move-out means that a state has the most outbound moves – those out of state. Specifically, New Jersey moving statistics show that out of all moves in this state, 70% were outbound. That means that for one inbound move, there are two outbounds. To be even more precise, twice as many people leave the Garden State than move to it.

    How many people are moving out of New Jersey?

    During the pandemic, a lot of people choose to leave their homes. Whether it was because of financial reasons, to be closer to family, or to live in a more rural area, 2021 was a record year for moves. With all the changes people are experiencing due to the Covid pandemic, working from home is one of the most significant factors for all activities. Combining that possibility with more freedom, more and more people are choosing to leave big cities for less populated areas.

    A laptop and a notepad on a working desk
    The introduction of working from home regime has significantly impacted and will continue to do impact moving patterns

    Almost 30 thousand people moved out of New Jersey during the last decade, moving statistics show. One of the most populated counties in New Jersey, Hudson County was especially hit during Covid in terms of population loss. However, this loss was mainly attributed to young people, primarily millennials, moving out of state back to more suburban areas.

    Why is New Jersey the state with the highest moving-out statistics?

    The state of New Jersey has always been popular in terms of international inbound moves. New Jersey moving statistics are evidence of that. But then the pandemic happened, and it halted international travel. While the Garden State was always high on the list of people moving out, it was always quite popular among international travelers. However, the Covid Pandemic affected migration patterns quite a lot. Because of that, there were fewer inbound international travelers moving to New Jersey. So, who has been hiring moving services NJ?

    Why have New Jerseyans been moving out?

    People move for a variety of reasons. Most of them can be categorized into further categories. 32% of people move out of state because of retirement. Family and different lifestyles are the second most popular reason, while only 20% of people move out of state because of their jobs. The statistics are a bit different regarding inbound moving in New Jersey.

    An older couple enjoying a cup of coffee together
    Retirement has been the driving cause of people moving out of New Jersey

    If we are talking about people moving to other cities in New Jersey, the statistics are somewhat different. A majority of inbound moves usually happen because of family reasons. This can mean a whole range of things, starting from moving to more suburban areas of NJ to other reasons concerning the family. Almost half of the people say they move because of their family and another third are people who are moving because of job opportunities.

    Who has been moving out the most?

    While yes, the pandemic has disrupted some migration patterns and affected New Jersey Statistics. That being said, there are some patterns in terms of moving. Older, more affluent generations are usually the ones who are moving out of state. Over half of all outbound moves are made by people who are 55 years and older. Young people, however, are mostly moving inbound. Half of all inbound moves are made by younger people.

    A woman in a white shirt sitting in front of cardboard boxes
    Younger people are usually moving within state lines, opposed to older people who usually move out of state

    So who’s mostly moving in and out out of all age groups? The answer is the age group that is older than 55 years. Regardless of the type of move, inbound or outbound, this age group is always dominant. This is a fact that makes sense considering that younger people are more likely to try to do everything themselves to save on cost and simply because they are able to do so.

    For outbound moves, there is a significant pattern that arises. The higher the earnings, the higher the rate of outbound moves. The data shows that out of all outbound moves, those out of state, half are by people who earn more than $150,000. Of course, this is only logical. People who are wealthier or have more disposable income can more freely choose where they live. So it only makes sense that they are the ones who are moving the most.

    How do businesses affect New Jersey moving statistics?

    A lot of businesses had to close their door permanently during Covid. The hardest hit was the hospitality industry. This happened all around the globe, and New Jersey wasn’t an exception. Because of this, there was an uptick in how many people needed storage services NJ. Businesses closing down also meant people lost their jobs. A lot of residents of the Garden State have moved because of job opportunities they found elsewhere.

    Living close to cities like New York opens the door to a lot of business opportunities. If you live in NJ, your commute is probably the same as for someone living in New York City. This is why many people living in New Jersey City, for example, are working in NYC. This also means that people from New Jersey are more inclined to live for a while in NJ and then move to another city where they work.

    Top states people from NJ are moving to

    There hasn’t been recent data that show where Garden State residents are moving to. The most recent is from 2019. That, of course, makes sense if we take the pandemic into consideration which disrupted some moving trends and made it more difficult to track this type of data. Some states have always been popular with residents of New Jersey.

    The top two states that most New Jersey residents are moving to are Pennsylvania and New York. Of course, this fun fact does not surprise because moving to neighboring countries are always popular. Other than neighboring countries, East Coast states do not lag behind too much. California and Texas are the second most popular state’s people from New Jersey are moving to.

    What to do if you are moving in NJ

    Whether your move is local or long-distance, you should consider getting professional help. Starting your retirement will be that much easier and faster if you don’t have to worry about it. Of course, your decision is yours only. Each has advantages and disadvantages and choosing one or the either should be based on your unique and individual factors.

    DIY or professional assistance

    During the last year, more than 25 million people across the US moved according to data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau That may seem like a lot, but in reality, it was less than in previous years. However, the past year was different more in the sense of moving patterns. While last year there haven’t been as many moves, 2021 was the year of DIY moves.  More and more people have been doing their moves without any professional help during the previous year. Of course, this doesn’t surprise given the fact that the main drive and explanation to New Jersey moving statistics is the pandemic.

    A woman packing plates in brown paper
    Younger people are most frequently choosing to do their own packing instead of hiring professionals to do it

    The pandemic caused a lot of people to lose their jobs. And because of that many people needed to move in with their families. Other people chose to move to more affordable places, namely outside of city centers. And because people lost their jobs, they had limited finances. In situations like this, it’s no wonder many people chose to do the move themselves rather than hire professional movers Verona NJ.

    Finding the best professional moving services in New Jersey

    Hiring the best movers is a tough process. There are always many, many factors to consider. Reading through online reviews can be tiresome. Not only that, but it’s hard to figure out if there are fake reviews or testimonials which you can’t trust. We have compiled a list to help you with that. This comprehensive list shows all our movers in New Jersey cities which you contact at any time and get a quote.

    We offer our moving service in the entire state of NJ, which as the New Jersey moving statistics shows, are much needed. Some of the cities where we offer our services include:

    Deciding which is right for you

    Making the decision to move might not be easy. Deciding on doing the whole move yourself is also a hard choice. Of course, making the decision and following through are two different things. So to avoid headaches and bad decisions you should take some time to decide what you want to do if you are moving.

    If finances are the first and only thing on your mind then without a doubt you should try to save up and do everything yourself. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about your time and nerves than hiring professionals is for you. Movers Livingston NJ offer a variety of moving services that can help you alleviate the stress if you choose to hire professionals. Not only will it help with avoiding added stress it may end up saving you money. Of course, when you try and move by yourself, you have to cover all the costs of getting a van and paying for gas, and paying for any additional equipment or packing supplies.

    Finally, moving is almost always a stressful experience. But, this is the exception to the rule that the journey is all that matters. The destination matters also. New Jersey moving statistics can show us a lot about moving behavior. But not only that, it can show us exactly why we are doing this job. It is to help people reach their destination safely and efficiently. If you are moving, don’t hesitate to contact us and get moving quotes NJ. We love what we do, so let us help you reach your destination safely and without any hassle.


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