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Moving to the Wealthiest Counties of NJ – What to Expect

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    According to 2022 reports, New Jersey is one of the 5 most expensive US states to live in. Besides that, living costs in some of the NJ areas are much higher than the NJ average. So, in case you are moving to the wealthiest counties of NJ, what should you expect? Moving won’t be a problem, as the best movers NJ will complete it fast and safely. However, before moving, you should inform yourself about the NJ counties. And about the city, you intend to move to. That will give you a clear overview of expenses. And about the income that you need for comfortable living there.

    Defining and Moving to the Wealthiest Counties of NJ

    To find out which of the Garden State counties are the wealthiest, we had to find comparable metrics. So, to get an objective ranking, we decided to use those three:

    • Per capita investment income
    • Median home value
    • Per capita income

    By analyzing those metrics for all Garden State counties, we were also able to round up the ten wealthiest NJ counties:

    • Essex
    • Bergen
    • Hudson
    • Union
    • Somerset
    • Morris
    • Hunterdon
    • Monmouth
    • Mercer
    • Cape May
    Veranda of house with chairs and sofas at one of the wealthiest counties of NJ
    Moving to the wealthiest counties of NJ you will enjoy the peace and nice surroundings.

    Maybe you haven’t decided yet where interstate movers NJ should move you. If so, we will here give more details about those counties. And, we hope that our analysis will help you to bring the final decision. Besides, you should know that NJ in general is one of the safest US states. And, that its schools are highly rated. So, in case you are moving there with family, be sure that you will do well, regardless of the city you are moving to.

    Moving Your Business to New Jersey’s Wealthiest Counties

    Some businesses are doing exceptionally well in wealthy counties. For example, you may own a firm offering consultancy services related to law or economics. If so, you may stay assured that you will be doing well. Many clients from NJ are traveling all way to NYC to obtain such services. And they will be grateful for having a good consultancy firm in the neighborhood.

    It can also happen that most of your clients are actually from NJ. If so, commercial movers NJ will move you closer to them. Such a solution will be beneficial for you, as well as for them. And not only that you will keep your old customers. But you will get many more. So, moving to NJ can be the right decision that will help you expand your business.

    Essex County Could Be the Right Choice for You When Moving to the Wealthiest Counties of NJ

    Essex County, with about 855,000 residents, is located in the northeastern part of NJ. The community is also just west of NYC, so no wonder that many are considering it as the NYC suburb. It has excellent connections with The City. So, many Essex residents are commuting daily to their offices in NYC.

    On the other hand, many NYC residents are spending their free time in Essex County, enjoying its atmosphere, and exploring numerous attractions and landmarks. They love visiting its capital Newark, which can offer a lot. Besides, the County has many more nice towns. They largely contribute to the County’s charm and offer a lot of amenities.

    Essex County metrics

    • Per Capita Investment Income – $25,532
    • Median Home Value – $463,534
    • Per Capita Income –  $70,497
    Empty bench in a leafy park
    Living in NJ, you will enjoy in numerous parks and resorts.

    The most attractive Essex cities to move to

    When it comes to choosing an NJ city to move to, it’s not an easy task. Namely, every one of them can offer a lot of attractions and amenities. And, each of them has something unique. However, as per statistics of the Essex County movers, most people moving to NJ are choosing those cities:

    • Bloomfield
    • Montclair
    • Maplewood
    • West Orange
    • Nutley

    In case you are one of them, we are sure that you will appreciate your new city. And the exceptional services of the county movers.

    Some Interesting Facts about Essex County

    Living in Essex, you will find out that there is no shortage of things to do. Most of the residents love outdoor activities. The County has over 6,000 acres of green spaces and more than 20 large parks. Some of their favorite places are Greenwood Gardens in the Millburn community. There, you will find a 28-acre Italianate garden, wildflowers, meadows, and ponds. So, coming there, you can either decide to enjoy the guided tours. Or you can attend gardening workshops.

    Many residents also love visiting Hemlock Falls, located nearby South Orange. Besides the gorgeous 25-foot waterfall, you can also enjoy hiking in the area. Talking about Orange, did you know that Thomas Edison’s factory was in West Orange? Today, there is the  Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Besides those, there are many parks, resorts, and reservations that you will enjoy. And your kids will, for sure, love visiting Essex County Turtle Back Zoo.

    Essex County food and beverages

    Many people claim that Essex County is a paradise for food lovers. And many love to eat in restaurants. So, no wonder that so many new restaurants and bars are simply popping up across the County. And, in the bars, you will be treated to some of the best draft beers you’ve tried. If Essex County looks like a good place for you to move to, don’t hesitate to contact furniture movers NJ. It is important to have someone to help you with this task so that you can focus on many other things.

    Consider Bergen When Moving to the Wealthiest Counties of NJ

    Bergen County consists of 70 municipalities and has a population of about 954,000. This is one more NJ county closely connected with New York City. Living in one of the Bergen cities, you will easily reach Manhattan and Bronx. Thus, many citizens have jobs in NYC and commute daily. Bergen County is considered one of the best areas for families with kids. However, Bergen County also offers a lot to singles and seniors.

    City buildings under the blue sky.
    A view from NJ to NYC skyline.

    As well, many New Yorkers are coming over the weekends to rest. And, there are many places in Bergen county where they can enjoy nature, or excellent restaurants and bars. With time, some of them are opting to move entirely to one of the Bergen cities. In case you are among them, Bergen County movers will make your move a stress-free experience.

    Bergen County metrics

    • Per Capita Investment Income – $18,852
    • Median Home Value – $554,875
    • Per Capita Income – $91,972

    The most attractive Bergen cities to move to

    When it comes to choosing a city in Bergen County to move to, the possibilities are many. Namely, most cities in this county can have so much to offer. And each of them has numerous possibilities for comfortable living and entertainment. However, we have compiled a list of the Bergen cities which are, by us, the most desirable living places:

    • North Arlington
    • Alpine
    • Fort Lee
    • Englewood Cliffs
    • Franklin Lakes
    • Lyndhurst
    • Rutherford

    The interesting things about the Bergen County

    Moving to Bergen County, you will share it with many famous actors, singers, athletes, and politicians. So, no wonder you meet them in restaurants, bars, or shopping malls. Or if you exercise together with them in the local gym.

    Bergen County is home to almost 9,000 acres of county parks. So, you will be able to visit many playgrounds with your kids. Or to go jogging, biking, or simply taking a walk. Besides, you may enjoy playing basketball, or riding horses. Living in Bergen County, you will also have numerous opportunities for skiing, swimming, and fishing. Also, in most towns, you will be able to attend festivals and concerts. 

    A person doing rock climbing.
    Living in NJ, you will enjoy many outdoor activities.

    Places to visit and see in Bergen County

    Living in Bergen County, you will have the opportunity to visit many nice places. However, before we present them, did you know that Bergen County has one of the least populated towns? If not, maybe you will come across Teterboro,  population 69, while cruising around the County.

    So, here are some of the most interesting places to visit in Bergen County:

    • Van Saun County Park
    • New Bridge Landing
    • New Bridge Landing
    • Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey
    • Tenafly Nature Center
    • Ramapo Valley County Reservation
    • Paramus Fritz Behnke Historical Museum
    • Campgaw Mountain Ski Area

    Those are just some of the places that you will enjoy after moving to Bergen County. And, once you do, you will have ample time to discover many more beautiful and interesting places.

    Consider Hudson County When Moving to the Wealthiest Counties of NJ

    Hudson County nicknamed the “Gateway to New York” was established in 1840. It is the most densely populated NJ county. As the previously mentioned Counties, it is located in the vicinity of New York. Only the Hudson River is separating them, so no wonder that it is usually mistaken for one of the NYC suburbs. Also, many Hudson County residents are working in NYC and commuting daily. In case you want to move to this nice NJ area, you just need to give a call to Hudson County movers.

    Hudson County metrics

    • Per Capita Investment Income –  $9,666
    • Median Home Value –  $488,077
    • Per Capita Income –  $71,682
    New Jersey Memorial
    Empty Sky Memorial is located in Jersey City.

    The cities in Hudson County that you might consider when moving to the wealthiest counties of NJ

    Many cities in Hudson County are attractive and have a lot to offer to their residents. So, here are some of them that we consider some of the best places for living in NJ:

    • Kearny
    • Jersey City
    • Hoboken
    • Bayonne
    • Secaucus

    Interesting places in Hudson County

    Once you move to Hudson County, you will have ample time to go around and find a lot of interesting places. And to learn about some popular restaurants, bars, or entertainment places. However, we have to mention Liberty State Park, as this is an iconic place for Hudson County residents. From this 1,212-acre park, you will have scenic views of the Manhattan skyline along the Liberty Walk promenade. So, we will here present just some of the places that we find very interesting. And, we are sure that you will like them too:

    • Red Bull Arena
    • Bayonne Golf Club
    • Hoboken Historical Museum
    • The Hudson Bike Loop
    • LSC Planetarium
    • Bayonne Golf Club

    Moving to Union County

    Union County is yet another New Jersey wealthy county in the vicinity of NYC. So, moving in there, you will be able to enjoy a better work/living balance. That is why many NYC residents are deciding to relocate to this county. And, in case you are coming from some further place, long distance moving companies NJ will assist you to complete the move in the easiest and fastest way possible.

    Interesting facts about the Union County

    Union County was originally a part of Essex County. However, on  March 19th, 1857, it was officially proclaimed a separate county. Today, it is considered the most diverse NJ county. The county is known for its numerous parks and some interesting reservations.

    People on market in one of the wealthiest counties of NJ
    Living in the Garden State, you will enjoy the Farmers Market and always find fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Other Wealthy Counties of NJ

    Besides the described counties, there are several more of them on our list of the wealthiest counties of NJ. Those are:

    • Somerset – founded in 1688 it is one of the oldest counties in the United States
    • Morris – known as the military Capital of the American Revolution
    • Hunterdon – offers numerous outdoor activities and well-developed countryside tourism
    • Monmouth – best known for the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex
    • Mercer – in Mercer County Park is located the US Olympic Rowing Team’s training center
    • Cape May – it is the southernmost county of New Jersey

    In case you decide to move to one of those charming places, you could check the moving quotes NJ. And, regardless of which of the wealthiest counties of NJ you choose for your new home, we are sure that you will enjoy it.

    Choosing Among the Wealthiest Counties of NJ

    Many factors can influence your choice. You might be moving to join family members. Or you have an excellent job offer. In such cases, you will already know to which NJ county you are going to move. However, in case you are not sure which place would be best for you, we hope that we could help with this review. However, moving to the wealthiest counties of NJ, you have to keep one thing in mind. You will share your new place with many rich and popular people. And, we are sure you will be content with your choice.

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