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Moving to Hoboken with kids

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    Relocations can either be the most stressful thing or the next best adventure. Moving to Hoboken with kids, on the other hand, can be a mix of both. While kids make everything even more exciting than it already is, sometimes they can add to the existing stress. Because of that, it’s important to arm yourself with all the information and patience that will help you get through the process as painlessly as possible. That is why we dedicate this article to all the parents who are unsure about their move to Hoboken or simply scared and don’t know what to expect. And especially to all the parents who don’t know how to navigate the move with their kids. If you fall into either of these categories, make sure to read all the information and tips we gathered. We are sure that you will make use of them.

    What to expect if you are moving to Hoboken with kids

    If you are moving with kids, the first thing you should do is research anything you can. Moving from NY to NJ,  can be unpredictable. Getting to know what awaits you in Hoboken can help manage the stress of packing and moving. Of course, predicting every single thing will be hard or even impossible. But what you can do is find out some basic information about living in Hoboken, which is helpful no matter if you are moving from New York City or from out of state. So let’s get right into it.

    Why you should be moving to Hoboken

    Even if you have already made a decision about moving to Hoboken with kids, it bears mentioning why Hoboken is a great place to raise a family in. Even if you’ve heard that Hoboken is not immensely popular with parents, it has a lot to offer. Children only make up a small percentage of the population in Hoboken. However, because of its relatively low cost of living, great safety, and even better education system, it makes for a perfect place to move to if you have children.

    mother and daughter packing for a relocation
    It is every parents goal to live in a place that has the best opportunities for their kids, and moving to Hoboken with kids can do just that for you

    Cost of living in Hoboken

    One of the first things people want to know about a place they are moving to is the cost of living. This doesn’t surprise them since most people prefer moving to a place with a lower cost of living than their current place. If you are one of them, this will be one of the most important pieces of information you can find. Especially since moves can be expensive, no matter how affordable the household movers NJ you end up hiring are.

    If you are moving to Hoboken from Manhattan (as many people are), you will be pleased to know that living cost in Hoboken is around 30% lower than in Manhatten. This is one of the crucial reasons why Manhattanites are crossing the river and moving to Hoboken. With easy access to the city, who wouldn’t want to move to a place with a lower cost of living?

    Real estate market

    While Hoboken may be one of the most popular neighborhoods in Hudson County, it is certainly not the most affordable one. New Jersey is considered to be one of the more affordable states. However, Hoboken tells a different tale. Before hiring  Hoboken moving companies, you should be aware of the real estate market there, which isn’t exactly affordable.

    A man in a white shirt with a key in hands before moving to Hoboken with kids
    Hoboken is not known for its low rent cost, however it is less expensive than Manhattan which is where most young families are moving from

    If you are moving to Hoboken with kids, you will certainly need at least a two-bedroom home. No matter if it’s a house or a condo. In Hoboken, if you are renting, you can expect to spend around $2204 on rent alone. That is a whole $600 monthly you will have to pay more if you are moving from New Jersey. A three-bedroom will set you back an average of $2724, and a four-bedroom an average of  $2988. We have to admit, that is a lot for any family, but not so much if you are moving from Manhattan.

    Job market

    Like any job market, it is somewhat hard to predict what sort of job opportunities you will have in Hoboken. Although there are some advantages to moving to Hoboken with kids when it comes to job opportunities, it makes some sense that if you are moving with children, you already have secured a job. Unless you are looking to move your business and are looking for commercial movers NJ, Either way, if you are on the job market, it wouldn’t hurt to know the most sought-after professions in Hoboken. Some of the biggest employers in Hoboken are in the industries of professional services, education services, and housekeeping. According to Zippia, these are the most frequently open positions in Hoboken:

    1. Nanny
    2. Registered Nurse
    3. Sitter
    4. Category Manager
    5. Student Assistant
    6. Housekeeper
    7. Senior Software Engineer
    8. Teacher
    9. Shift Supervisor
    10. Student Office Assistant

    Education and schools

    With over 30 high-quality schools, you can rest assured that your children’s education will be taken care of. When it comes to education, there are two important factors to consider. The first is student achievement on test scores. While it is the obvious one, it does not give a whole picture. The second, perhaps even more important, is the learning environment which in Hoboken reflects the multicultural character of the city.

    A toddler with round black glasses sitting in a classroom
    Researching schools rather than the school district will help you find the best one for your kids

    There is 10 public elementary school served by the public school district which is the Hoboken Public School District. The motto of this district is “Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.” If we are to judge by the motto, schools in Hoboken will surely bring out the best in your child through perseverance and competition. Since education is one of the most important things for a child, before you start searching for furniture movers NJ, it is crucial to research the prospective schools thoroughly. Finding a program that fits your child’s needs won’t be a problem in Hoboken because of the wide range of options it offers.

    What to do after moving to Hoboken with kids

    Once you have settled in and finished all the unpacking, the best thing to do is to go sightseeing. Hoboken isn’t exactly a big city, however, it does have a lot to offer to families with kids. From kid-friendly park playgrounds to parks and other outdoor activities, you will have plenty to choose from. No matter if your kids are sporty, or enjoy learning, there are many activities you can do together in Hoboken. After you’ve moved, it is recommended to have a joint activity so you can help your children adjust and get to know their new neighborhood.

    Parents holding a child in the air
    Fun family activities will help your kids adapt to their new environments and it will create new pleasant memories

    For any family that enjoys sports and an active lifestyle, you should visit one of many indoor gyms for children. You can try Kidville, which even offers educational activities, or  MyGym with a great tunnel playground. After that, you can join an outdoor Zumba class that both you and your children will enjoy. You can end the day with a stroll along the Hudson river waterfront or a walk through Elysian Park.

    How to make moving to Hoboken with kids a great experience

    Moving with children is stressful. Changing their surroundings and what they consider their safe space can be challenging for them and for you as their parent. Knowing that there is a high chance of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions during this period is important. However, everything your children are feeling is normal. For adults, it’s easy to disregard moves almost as an errand to be done. However, children are much more sensitive than that.

    Although the move might be stressful for your kids, there are still a couple of things you can do to help them. The first step is, of course, to understand that whatever they may be feeling is perfectly normal and will pass. Secondly, reading through some useful tips on making the relocation easier on your kids is what you need to do after that. This is exactly what brings us to our next topic and some tips we gathered on how to make the relocation a better experience for your family.

    Talking about moving to Hoboken with kids

    Before moving, we recommend talking about the move with your kids. Talking about the move will help them understand what is going on. Make sure you tell them all the important information, like where and when you are moving, what it will be like once you move, and most importantly, listen to what they have to say. Of course, it’s normal for children to be wary about big changes. However, it is crucial that they feel heard and for you to be supportive. You and your children should know that negative emotions during this period are normal and okay. Being there for them is the crucial thing you can do. If they are feeling anxiety about the unknown, you can present the move as something exciting, a new adventure you will embark upon together.

    Explaining the process of moving

    This part is crucial. Each family member should have all the information about the move. Not only that, but each member should have a role in it. If you are not getting packing services NJ, you should tell your kids to try and pack their stuff. Maybe they shouldn’t pack their entire room, since kids aren’t famous for their packing skills. However, if they pack things that are important to them, it may be beneficial for their anxiety. Another great activity for them is to plan their new room layout. Surely, leaving their childhood bedroom will be a difficult thing for them. But if you frame that as an opportunity to decorate their new room and plan how everything will look like, then they will have something to look forward to once they move in.

    A small ginger girl sitting in front of a window with a phone in her hands
    Thanks to phones, your kids can easily keep in touch with their friends

    Keeping their roots

    Moves to children are almost always a stressful thing. They view it as leaving their school, friends, home, and everything that is known and familiar to them. For that reason, it is smart to have a plan in place to help them get over the feeling of being completely uprooted and trusted into unknown territories. Firstly, you should explain that they will keep in touch with their friends. Whether it’s through online contact or sleepovers, they should stay connected with their friends. Secondly, if you are looking to downsize when moving to Hoboken with your kids, but it’s proving to be difficult for you, you might want to think of moving and storage NJ, as a whole service. Moving services will help you keep your move stress free, while storage options will provide a safe haven for all the memories you want to keep.

    Exploring Hoboken as a family

    Keeping in touch with all your friends and family is important when you are moving to Hoboken with your kids. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make new connections. This is the most crucial thing your kids should know and expect from a move. Sharing all the information with your kids about moving to the city of Hoboken will help them know what to expect. One of the tasks you might give them is to find out everything they want to do after you move to Hoboken. Thanks to the internet, young kids will be able to find fun activities they like. That way you can make them even more excited about the move.

    Final thoughts

    Lastly, moves can be a stressful thing.  If you are moving to Hoboken with kids and want a stress-free move, you should hire only the best moving companies. To find affordable movers, you should compare moving quotes NJ. It’s important to understand that while stress is a normal thing when it comes to relocations, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything you can to make the move enjoyable for you and your kids.


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