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Moving timeline – week by week moving tips

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    In moving, planning is everything. Relocation is not a simple nor straightforward process and it is understood that planning needs to start early. However, not only is it not always clear how early but you may not even know where to start and where to finish. What should you include in your moving timeline? How should you go about making gone? Furthermore, what are your priorities? At what times should you focus on what things? When should you look into moving companies in Fort Lee, into packing supplies, into storages? How are the budget set and the timeline made? We are here to help you set this right, week by week. We will cover the planning process from the first weeks of planning, around 8 before moving, to the last week’s things. Therefore, let us begin!

    Setting a budget and finding a moving company

    As you are beginning your planning, around 10 to 7 weeks before the move, you should focus on two main things: setting up a budget and finding a good moving company that will execute the move. Considering the first bit, you really have to concern yourself with two steps. The first one is figuring out just how much money you have, and the second is how much you need for your moving timeline to be a success.

    A wallet being squeezed.
    Let’s set the budget.

    The first of those steps is not something we can model where, everyone’s finances work differently, but we can definitely help with the other one by explaining the types of costs in the move. A moving estimate is largely based on distance, a number of items, and approximate hours of work needed. If you are moving more than 4 hours away, you will be co considered a long-distance relocation and the number of items will be the main thing that will dictate your price. If you are moving a little less, it is a local relocation and the main part of the cost will comprise the time needed to get the job done. Be sure to ask for a moving estimate, even if it is non-binding. After all, licensed moving companies will refrain from taking more than 110% of the original estimated price.

    But how to find good, honest local movers in NJ? Well, you first make sure that they are licensed. That will ensure that they keep to the industry standards in many regards, especially basic insurance and reliability. Furthermore, check online reviews. Are they on time? Is their crew cordial? All the info you could possibly need can be found on sites like Yelp! Finally, make sure that they are affordable while not being impossibly cheap.

    The second step at a moving timeline – special requests, preparing paperwork

    Within 8-4 weeks, you should be dealing with the paperwork included within the moving services NJ. This is the period when you inform your mover of any special requests for additional services you might have. Furthermore, this is the time to prepare the paperwork. Going to the DMV, getting insurance, changing your address, your doctor, your gym, all that “fun” stuff has to be done. The soon the better!

    Writing paperwork as one of the things you should include in your moving timeline.
    Let’s deal with the most boring part of it.

    Preparing for packing

    As the 4-1 week until the moving approach, you should prepare for packing, impending the arrival of residential moving companies NJ. You might have hired professionals to help you pack. if this is the case, this step is to be passed and the previous two are to be perfected during this time. However, if you are doing it by yourself, this would be a good time to decide what goes where to mark the types of things and make some kind of system for making sense of it all. This is also the time to buy packing supplies.

    Downsizing, packing

    The best way to lower the cost of the move is to make sure you move as little as possible. The volume and weight of the items will have a pretty big effect on the way the cost of the move is calculated, especially if we are talking about a long-distance relocation. Therefore, a Packing checklist is definitely in order. This is something you should do in the last two weeks of the move. Downsizing is a good way to help with the packing process. You will, quite simply, move less and pack less, therefore the whole process will be streamlined and cheaper. Downsizing can be intensive, so don’t start it less than a week before the move, but also don’t start too early as you will still be in need of some of the possession you can later downsize.

    Stacked cardboard boxes.
    Let’s prepare for shipping.

    There are a few main ways downsizing can go:

    • SellingMoving timeline does make it clear that things will require money to be done, so why not recuperate some of the cost by selling some of your old possessions off? Well, you can do that in two ways. You can either sell the items online or in a more traditional garage sale. Whatever be your choice, we are sure that you will find something word selling for a small buck.
    • Donating – When you have something of use yet you don’t want to sell it, but neither to keep it, might you just donate it? Gifting items to charities is a really good deed. Charities all around the countries truly need everything from furniture, to clothes, to toys. Call them up and explain what you want to give away.
    • Storing – Finally, you can store an item in a storage unit as long as you need to.

    You, now, have an organized moving timeline

    If you follow this guide on setting up your moving timeline, you will be ready. Just remember to do things on time. You don’t want to be overwhelmed in the latter wakes, feeling as the walls are closing in together with the impending date. Make sure you plan methodically and that you stick to your plan. Sure, it might fail. Actually, some aspects almost must do so, statistically speaking. However, while plans are nothing, planning is everything, so keep doing it.

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