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Moving safety tips everyone should know

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    You need to be careful when moving your house. A lot can go awry during a process, and there are many things that you will want to look out for. And although movers in Fort Lee NJ can take care of a huge chunk of the process, there is a lot more than you can do all by yourself. All it takes for a safe relocation is a good moving plan and a lot of forethought. Luckily, we are here to help you. In this article, we take a look at some of the ways in which you can make sure nothing bad happens during your move. Read these moving safety tips, and you will have an easy and problem-free relocation.

    Be careful how you pack

    One of the first things all reliable Bergen County movers will tell you is not to go crazy on packing. This is a temptation many face during their moving process. You might want to try and “be efficient” and pack as much as you can into as few possible as possible. However, this can only lead to you damaging your items – and even injuring yourself.

    Injured fingers.
    Make sure you avoid all injury by following our simple tips.

    There are clear rules that you need to follow when packing up your home. First, each size of the moving box is meant to contain only certain items. This is why you should never pack all your books in a large box, for example. It might seem like a convenient thing to do – but who will lift this monstrosity of a box? Instead, you will need a couple of small boxes for your book collection. What’s more, it’s not only the heavy lifting that you need to think about. All boxes have a weight limit that you need to respect, too. If you cross it, they can break during the trip and damage your items.

    That’s why you can (generally) pack no more than 50 pounds in a small box. It is meant for heavy items – but in smaller quantities. Then, don’t go over 65 pounds on a medium box, and 70 pounds on a large box. When it comes to extra-large boxes, you should use them for bulk items. However, the example above is something to think about. Make sure you only pack light items there – linens and comforters, or clothes, cushions, and pillows.

    Our moving safety tips include your wardrobe, too

    A thing that many people do not really pay attention to – even though they should – is what they wear during the move. If you are not dressed like professional movers, not only will you make the moving process tough on you – but it can be dangerous too. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when picking what you will wear on the moving day.

    First, your clothes need to be comfy. You will be moving quite a lot (pardon the pun) during the day, and you need to wear something you can be active in. So, anything restrictive for your movements should not be an option. Additionally, you should also not wear anything too big or baggy. These items, while quite comfy, can also impede whatever you are doing. You might not be able to pack things in baggy clothes or squeeze through tight places.

    So what should you wear? Well, your clothes should be flexible and breathable. It is likely that you will sweat during the process, and you do not want to feel uncomfortable because other clothes are in the back of the moving truck. Also, make sure you check the weather forecast too. You need to wear clothes that will be weather appropriate. Layers are always the smartest choice here.

    High heels.
    Heels are not your friends during the moving day.

    Finally, you cannot forget appropriate footwear, either. You will want to be able to freely walk around in your shoes, but you also need support and protection. So, make sure you are not wearing flip flops or anything with heels. These affect the way you move – your balance and stability – but they expose your feet too. If you drop something, you will hurt yourself in these. Thus, stick to sneakers or boots.

    Consider how you pack sharp items

    Another thing that should be on your mind is how to pack things properly. It’s not only what you put in the moving boxes – but how you put these items in there, as well. When you are moving sharp objects – knives, gardening supplies, tools, and similar – you will want to wrap them up and secure properly. Otherwise, you can cut yourself while packing and unpacking, or the items can cut through the boxes and damage other items this way.

    Bubble pack, which is necessary in all moving safety tips.
    Packing paper, bubble pack – anything to keep your sharp items secure and away from other things.

    Use a lot of packing paper and bubble pack to protect your items when packing them. You might even want to use things like dish towels or similar items for extra padding. Just ensure you secure them in place with some rubber bands, and you will be good to go. If you are unsure about the proper packing procedures, then make sure to use our packing services. We will tackle the task instead of you.

    Create a plan which includes moving safety tips

    Finally, know all of these moving safety tips will not do much if you do not have a proper plan in place. You need to know exactly what’s happening at every single point in time. There are a lot of moving parts during the process, and knowing what is happening will help you stay safe and secure during the move. Use your moving checklist and follow our tips, and you should be ready for your next adventure.

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