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Moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget

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    Moving requires a lot of planning, especially if you are on a budget. If you take time to plan your move, your moving costs will be significantly lower than expected. A lot of people think that moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget is only possible if you do it on your own. However, this is not true. If you do a bit of research you will see that the moving with moving companies NJ can be done on a budget. Moreover, before you hire any moving company you can do a free estimate and check if it fits your budget. So several things affect the prices of a move, by knowing them you may be able to try to lower the cost of the move. To learn how to effectively move on a budget read the article.

    Why move to Cedar Grove?

    Before we discuss moving to Cedar grow on a budget let’s see why you should move here in the first place. Cedar Grove is hands down one of the best places to live in New Jersey. If you are looking for a calm place but with many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks nearby this is the right place for you.   You have a big choice of sports activities here in Cedar Grove.  There are tennis courts for public use, Community Pool, basketball courts, etc.  One of the most important facts is that Cedar Grove is a safe place to live. Moreover, this small township, located in Essex County, has one of the finest Police Departments in the state. Furthermore, you will make many friends here. People are lovely and always ready to help you in need.

    When moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget, volume matters

    The volume of your belongings factors in the relocation cost quite significantly. However, that volume can be reduced. To reduce it, take only the essentials. The less furniture you have to move the more your moving bill will reduce. You can donate or sell your furniture through online sites. They will always be more useful than left abandoned in your cellar! However, if you are planning on moving all your furniture with Essex County movers, try to reduce the number of boxes of clothes and other smaller items.

    Two hand s holding a phone screen with written budget on it.
    Moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget is possible even when hiring a moving company.

    Downsize as much as you can. Go through your stuff and see what are you not using anymore and decide how to get rid of it. You can always give some things to your friends and family or give them to charity. Furthermore, if you already have the accommodation available, you can start bringing some of the boxes to the new place on your own. This will help you reduce the total volume of your belongings that need to be moved.

    Moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget is possible during the week

    And yes, the date of your move can also influence the price of your relocation. A piece of advice for moving inexpensively, opt for a weekday. The demand to move on the weekends is higher which automatically results in higher moving prices. Try to get a day off during the week and avoid high prices and dense traffic. Since the traffic is more fluid during the week, the transport of your stuff with movers Cedar Grove NJ will be way faster than during the weekend. However, don’t forget to avoid rush hours during the week, you don’t want your stuff to be stuck in traffic.

    In addition, certain periods such as winter or autumn are more economical. Also, try to book your move mid-month. This period of the month is the cheapest because most rental leases are up at the end of the month. This results in a higher moving demand. Booking a move in the middle of the month, when movers have fewer reservations, will get you a good deal.

    A man and a woman packing before moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget.
    Get your friends and family to help you to move from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget.

    Get your friends and family to help you

    This is particularly useful when moving locally. Since you are moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget this could be the best option for you.  Your friends and family might not be as experienced as movers Caldwell NJ are, but with a group effort, you will be able to conduct the move. Moreover, when you are in good company the time flies. When everyone knows their assignment relocations get done very fast.

    Use your social media to find someone from your list of friends that can lend you their truck. It is very common that one of your friends knows someone that can do that for you in exchange for the fuel of course. Helping each other is one of the keys to a cheap move.

    Save money on packing materials

    To pack your belongings inexpensively, why not use what’s lying around in your drawers? You will certainly find a pair of scissors, tape, or markers there to label your boxes. On the other hand, you can use blankets to protect your furniture. You can also use sheets, bubble wrap, newspaper, to wedge your things in the boxes.  Furthermore, you can save money on boxes. There is no need for you to buy them. You can get free boxes:

    • Supermarkets get delivered almost daily. Ask the manager to tell you the next delivery day and wait for them to finish unloading everything to take the boxes.
    • Bookstores have the best boxes; they are pretty resistant which is great for packing your belongings.
    • The most economical and practical solution is to ask your moving company to deliver your packaging to you. Most of the moving companies give out boxes for free when you book a move with them.
    • U-Haul – People leave their used moving boxes here. All you need to do is to walk in and ask the manager for the free boxes.

    Since you will need a lot of boxes to pack everything, getting them for free is going to save you a lot of money.

    cardboard boxes in an empty room
    There is no need to buy cardboard boxes when you can get them for free!

    Avoid wasting your food

    When you are moving from Caldwell to Cedar Grove on a budget you want to avoid wasting money on groceries during that period. In order to avoid wasting and buying food before moving, we recommend that you prepare a menu for the week before departure. Organize your menu according to things you already have in your fridge and freezer. Buy only necessary groceries that you will be able to finish before the moving day arrives. Moreover, don’t forget that nonperishable food can be transported in the moving truck while perishable food isn’t allowed.  All these small things will help you save money when moving on a budget. 

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