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Most popular places for military families in NJ

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    There are many military bases located in New Jersey. And, that is good news. It means that living in NJ, you will have opportunities to meet many military families. Even to make friends with some of them. So, you will have someone to understand you fully. The lives of military families are specific. You must always be ready for changes. For example, you may easily get short-notice redeployment order. If so, you can always count on All Season Movers NJ assistance. Also, the active member of your family can be deployed to a combat zone. When such a case happens, only other military families will understand you. And will give you support. So, let us see which are the most popular places for military families in NJ.

    New Jersey military bases

    There are several important military bases in New Jersey. Although, some of them have been decommissioned lately. Still, many of them are still operational. And, being deployed to one of them, you will bring the family along. Of course, you will have to accommodate your family in some of the NJ cities. Luckily, NJ is a nice state. And has many cozy cities where your family will enjoy. Besides, NJ is known for its excellent schools. So, if you have kids, they will be fine in any NJ city. And, you will naturally try to accommodate your family as closest to the base as possible. That way, you will easily commute to work. And, you will be able to use your free time to dedicate it to your family.

    A family with a soldier

    Military families in NJ usually stay close to military bases

    First, being part of a military family, you understand the importance of national defense. And how your family members keep you and US secure. And how dedicated they are to the country’s freedom and safety. Due to that, you will follow them and support them. In case they are moving to New Jersey, you may find packing services NJ helpful. This is especially a good idea if you have to move often.

    The base where your family member is deployed will influence the choice of your new home. The list of the main bases can help you to check the closest cities. And what amenities you can expect in them. So, here is the list of New Jersey bases and installations:

    • Fort Dix
    • Picatinny Arsenal
    • Loran Support Unit
    • Training Center Cape May
    • Naval Weapons Station Earle
    • NAES Lakehurst
    • McGuire Air Force Base

    Impact of military presence on the NJ economy

    Before we continue, let us shortly see how the military presence impacts the NJ economy. According to the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, military bases employ about 70,000 NJ residents. Also, the military is the second largest employer in the country. And, it brings income of about  $6 billion to the state. The categories of employees of the military are:

    • active duty military
    • reserve forces
    • military civilians

    Besides, many small businesses are very dependent on the presence of the military. And, without them, they will have to close down. So, being a member of the military family, you will be welcome to any NJ city.

    A soldier with his family
    Family support is very important for military personnel.

    Rights you have as a military family living in NJ

    Living as a military in New Jersey you should inform yourself about the right that you have. In  NJ the military monthly income is taxable. However, the subsistence and mustering out payments are not taxable. Also, as of 2021, the monthly payments received in the combat zone are tax-exempt. The same case is with payments to the military person hospitalized due to injuries sustained in the combat zone. During the hospitalization and recovery period, their income is not taxable.

    Most popular places for military families in NJ

    Now, we know a bit about the military presence in New Jersey. We can also see that the whole state is dotted with various military institutions. So, you won’t make a huge mistake choosing any city for the family. Still, as we already noted, being close to loved ones means short commuting and more quality time with the family.

    And, we have also learned about several benefits that you can count on. So, it’s time to see which are the most popular places for military families in NJ. And, what you can expect moving to one of them. We have also to emphasize that this is our choice since we find those places the most attractive. Therefore, you can feel free to continue exploring. And maybe finding some places more suitable for your family. If so, just give a call to household movers NJ.

    Could Hoboken NJ be one of the most popular places for military families in NJ?

    Hoboken is an NJ city located at the banks of the Hudson River. It used to be an important port. Today, it is a place with beautiful parks, connected with a waterfront walkway. And, from the walkway, you can have stunning views of Lower Manhattan. Besides numerous restaurants and bars, you can also enjoy the Hoboken Historical Museum. The most important military installation in the city is US Marine Corps Junior ROTC. And, if you decide to live there, you can easily find Hoboken moving companies to move you to your new home. Hoboken is also known as the birthplace of the famous singer Frank Sinatra.

    Living conditions in Hoboken NJ

    With a population of 53,283, Hoboken is located in Hudson County, NJ. It is a very urban area, where 63% of the residents rent. The median household price in Hoboken is $718,500, and the monthly rent will cost you $2,360. The resident’s median age is 31.8. And, you can expect a median home income of $106,875. Safety in the city is high. And, the crime rates are far below the national average. You should also know that Hoboken’s cost of living is 60.8% higher than the national average.

    Children Clapping Together.
    NJ is known for its excellent educational system.

    Hoboken NJ attractions and places to see

    Hoboken has numerous attractions that you will enjoy. Also, keep in mind that the city is walkable. So, you can simply walk around and discover things. And, some of the most popular among them are:

    • Hoboken Riverside Park
    • Hoboken Waterfront Walkway
    • Barsky Gallery – where you can enjoy contemporary art
    • Hoboken Historical Museum
    • Carlo’s Bakery – famous bakery from the TLC show-Cake Boss
    • Pier A Park – located at the waterfront it offers a stunning view of Manhattan
    • Hoboken Arts and Music Festival – an annual festival with live music, vendors, photographers, etc.

    The list of attractions that you will be able to see is much longer. However, one thing is for sure. Living in Hoboken, you will never be bored. 

    Lyndhurst NJ could possibly be one of the most popular places for military families in NJ

    Lyndhurst is a small and quiet town. Soon Lyndhurst NJ movers bring you there, and you will feel welcomed. This is a  closely-knit community where people know each other. So, no wonder that the safety in the township is so high. Living in this nice place, you will feel relaxed. And being a walkable place, you will easily visit local restaurants, parks, and family-owned shops.

    Living conditions in Lyndhurst NJ

    With a population of 22,453, Lyndhurst is a township located in Bergen County, NJ. In this suburban township. Most of the residents, 58% of them, own their homes, although Lyndhurst’s cost of living is 27.9% higher than the national average. The median home value is $408,400, and in case you decide to rent, it will cost you $1,488 a month. The resident’s median age is 43.1. The safety of Lyndhurst NJ is high, and residents have a median home income of $90,181.

    Most popular attractions and places in Lyndhurst NJ

    The most popular attractions that you will enjoy living in Lyndhurst NJ are:

    • attending Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
    • spending time in the attractive Lyndhurst Municipal Park
    • visiting Branch Brook Park

    Besides those most famous attractions, you will for sure find many more things that will be entertaining for the whole family.

    SWAT team behind the car.
    Military and police exercise together, and thanks to their cooperation NJ has high-security rates.

    Bergen County NJ could also be an excellent place for military families in NJ

    Located in New Jersey, this interesting county has 931,275 residents. This makes it one of the most populous counties in the US. The county is divided into 70 municipalities. However, there are no large cities in it. The seat of the County is Hackensack. According to various sources, the top Bergen municipalities for a living are:

    • Ridgewood
    • Haworth
    • Glen Rock
    • Ho-Ho-Kus
    • River Edge

    However, you may find that some of the other municipalities are more suitable for your family. If so, you can easily hire movers Bergen County NJ to move your family to the place they like.

    Living conditions in Bergen County NJ

    If you decide to move a family to Bergen County NJ, you may like to know that 65% of residents own their property. The median house value is $477,400. And, the monthly rent will cost you $1,557. Although living costs are higher than the national average, they won’t be a problem, as the median household income is $104,623. Besides, like many other NJ places, the crime rate is much lower than the national average. Knowing that you can be sure that your family will live peacefully and comfortably in any of the County’s municipalities.

    Most popular attractions and places in the Bergen County

    The origin of Bergen’s name is in the Dutch word meaning “place of safety. And, that is what the County still is – one of the most peaceful and safe places in the US. Also, it was one of the first four NJ counties, populated mostly with Dutch and English colonists. Nowadays, Bergen County is known for many interesting places that you will enjoy with your family. Some of the most interesting things in Bergen County are:

    • Palisades State Park
    • George Washington Bridge – Fort Lee
    • Hudson Drive
    • Palisades climb to the ranger station
    • Englewood Boat Basin
    • Hudson Terrace
    • State Line Lookout
    • MetLife Stadium
    • SEA LIFE Aquarium New Jersey

    Those are some of the popular places that residents of Bergen County like to visit. So, you and your family will have a lot of possibilities to enjoy spending time together.

    Jersey City NJ is a nice place for living

    Jersey City is located in Hudson County, just next to Hoboken. It is the second most populous city in New Jersey, just after Newark. It is well known for its panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island.  The park – Liberty Science Center, is located in Jersey City. It features interactive exhibits, live animals, and an IMAX Dome theater. In case you are moving your family to this part of the country, look no further than movers Jersey City NJ. They will ensure safe and comfortable relocation to your dear ones.

    Landscape Photography of Two Walls.
    The “Empty Sky”, a 9/11 memorial for lost NJ residents, in the Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

    Living conditions in New Jersey City

    Living costs in New Jersey City are 44.4% higher than the national average. And, the median household income in this part of NJ is $76,444. It has 262,664, and its median age is 33.9. The median home price is $572,300. Therefore, having all this in mind, no wonder that 70% of residents are renting. In case you are going to rent too, it will cost you $1,485 a month.

    Popular attractions in the Jersey City NJ

    We have already mentioned the most interesting place in this area. And, that is Liberty State Park, with its stunning panoramic views. Most of the residents love spending their spare time in this place. And we believe that it will become a favorite resting place for you and the family.

    Livingston NJ is another NJ nice place for living

    Livingston Township is located in Essex County and has 30,059 residents. The town was named after William Livingston, the first New Jersey governor. So, in case you decide to join this nice community, movers Livingston NJ will be at your disposal. With them, your family will have comfortable and safe relocation to your new home.

    Living conditions in Livingston NJ

    The median home price in Livingston NJ is $700,100, and the median household income is $168,120. So, no wonder that 85% of residents own their property. In case you decide to rent, it will cost you $2,472 a month. The safety in the town is excellent, and the median age of residents is 44.7.

    Family having a picnic on the terrace - in one of the most popular places for military families in NJ.
    You will be able to spend good quality time with your family.

    Most interesting things to see in Livingston NJ

    There are many interesting places that you will be able to enjoy in Livingston NJ. Here, we will present several of them. And, we are sure that you will find many more such places, to enjoy in them together with your family.

    • Turtleback Zoo
    • Riker Hill Art Park
    • Cedar Hill Country Club
    • Riker Hill Fossil Site
    • Northland Park Pool

    All in all, Livingston NJ is an interesting town that you and your family will enjoy discovering.

    Places for military families in NJ

    There are many nice places in the state of New Jersey. So, finding the most popular places for military families in NJ is not an easy task. Besides, there are many military bases in NJ. And, relocating your family may depend on the base you are deployed to. Or, you may move them to a place that is close but is offering the best conditions to your kids and spouse. Regardless of your final choice, it is good to know that NJ is one of the safest states in the US. Moreover, the proximity of NYC can also be very beneficial.

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