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Meeting your neighbors after the move

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    The move is finally over. You are all settled in, and if you used the services of professional moving companies, you have plenty of energy left for exploring and socializing. The only problem is – you know no one in your new neighborhood. Well, no problem! With these tips, you’ll be making friends left and right in no time. So put your smile on and head outside. Meeting your neighbors is easier than you think.

    Meet the neighborhood to meet the neighbors

    This might seem obvious, but you’ll hardly meet new people in your own home. It is understandable that after a move, you would want to spend time unpacking what your professional packers delivered. Tweaking every little detail to make your home a perfect place to live is great. However, it offers little to no opportunities for socializing. Therefore, make it a priority to take a stroll around the neighborhood. Have a coffee at that cute little cafe at the corner. Take your kids to a nearby playground. Or even just walk around and soak in your new environment. Even if you don’t meet anyone right off the bat, you will certainly spot something interesting that will make a good subject in the coming conversations.

    A man on the floor with a box.
    It’s quite understandable that you’d like to rest and do nothing after the move. However, meeting your neighbors is a much better option.

    You’re not the only one with the intention of meeting your neighbors

    That’s right. Your neighbors will want to meet you too. Do you know how in movies after a new face shows up on the street, someone starts baking cookies right away? Well, it’s not only in the movies. If you used moving services to move into a small town or a suburb, we’re happy to say that this tradition hasn’t died out. So don’t be surprised if someone knocks on your door only minutes after the moving truck leaves your front yard. Although this might seem a bit pushy (we won’t say “nosy”) it is also a great opportunity. This brings us to the next point.

    Ask friendly neighbors to introduce you

    People who come to your door with cookies (or pie, don’t be picky) usually lived in the neighborhood for quite a while. They can be a treasure trove of useful information. Therefore, accept the cookies (or pie) and strike up a conversation. Ask about the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Let them recommend good restaurants or interesting venues. These can all be a good basis for casual conversation. If they like you, and we’re sure they will, they might even offer to introduce you to the rest of the community. And that will certainly make meeting your neighbors easier.

    Even an awkward introduction can be great

    On the other hand, if no one shows at your door with cookies (or pie), that’s no reason for concern. It only means that you’ll have to take the first step. Of course, you don’t have to do it right away. Remember, a hearty “hello” and a warm smile go a long way. It lets people familiarize themselves with the new face. That way, when you approach and introduce yourself, they will be more welcoming.

    A woman in a yellow sweater waving at someone.
    Even an awkward greeting can be the start of a beautiful friendship.

    However, a lot of people are hesitant to walk up and introduce themselves out of the blue. It’s usually because they think it will make them look awkward. Well – it’s not. You will be living next door, you will meet those same people every day. It is only understandable to get to know them, and vice versa. And, admit it – awkward introductions can lead to some pretty funny stories in the years to come.

    The best way of meeting your neighbors – housewarming party

    You knew this one is coming. Throwing a party is a great way of meeting your neighbors. And all at once. So after you’ve settled in, and moving boxes are out of the way, print out some invitations and slip them in your neighbors’ mailboxes. Choose a time and date that will work for everyone. Friday afternoon or Saturday are good choices. Just but be sure to avoid holidays and workdays. It doesn’t have to be anything gala. A casual meet-and-greet with some refreshments and cookies (or pie) will work just fine. And if you have a yard – even better. Hanging out outside on a sunny day is a surefire way to make friends. Throw in some barbecue, and the neighbors will love you.

    Meeting your neighbors will be easy and fun at the community events

    Every neighborhood hosts different community events and get-togethers. These are an excellent opportunity for meeting your neighbors and making friends. Take a walk and you’re bound to find some flyers or posters announcing a concert or art exhibit. Aside from meeting like-minded people, visiting these venues is a great way to have fun and recharge your batteries after the move.

    Many people on the street,
    Community events and gatherings are an amazing way of meeting new people.

    The Internet is a great place to find opportunities for socializing

    If you’d rather head into the unknown prepared, there is a way to do that too. In the era of information, organizing meetings online is nothing new or strange. It won’t take you long to find a gathering of like-minded people in your vicinity on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There are also websites specializing in promoting local community gatherings all over the USA. It won’t take you too much time to find them, and they can be an excellent source of information.

    It won’t take long before your neighbors become your friends

    Meeting your neighbors isn’t difficult nor scary, you just have to be friendly and kind. All it takes is a bit of will, a wide smile, and some cookies (or pie). And after you break the ice, there’s no doubt you’ll be making friends for life in your new neighborhood.

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