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Making friends with new neighbors in Bloomfield, NJ

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    After much time and work, you have finally settled into your new home in Bloomfield, NJ. All of your boxes have been unloaded by your movers Bloomfield NJ, you have even unpacked some essential items, and the entire family is just ready to embark on this new journey as soon as possible. And you know what would be a great start? Making friends with new neighbors as soon as your move is finalized! People are social beings, and we need human interaction. If you have moved far away from home, then you have no one to talk to in your new neighborhood. The good thing is that this can easily be solved. All you have to do is make an effort and follow our tips.

    Say hi on the very first day

    We completely understand that your moving day will be so stressful that the last thing you will want to do is socialize. But you need to understand how important those first impressions are. Imagine if your moving and storage NJ company did not leave a good first impression? You definitely want to appear friendly and open to communication. This doesn’t mean that you should go from backyard to backyard looking for neighbors to greet. But you could wave and smile to the neighbors that are passing by your house. Who knows – some of them might turn out to be great friends in the near future.

    A close-up of a white picket fence.
    Make sure you are making friends with new neighbors you see walking past your home.

    Give yourself plenty of opportunities for making friends with new neighbors

    Oh, how easy it was to make friends in high school and college. With all the mingling, there were many different chances for you to get acquainted with new people. But the grown-up life is completely different than those youthful days. We spend much more time cooped up in our homes, and that’s the last thing you want to do after your residential relocation in New Jersey. What you DO want to do is go out and about and explore your new community.

    You don’t have to go above and beyond to do this. A simple morning or evening stroll will provide you with plenty of opportunities for meeting new neighbors. You can have a small chat about the local cuisine, good restaurants, and hip coffee shops. Who knows, by the end of the chat, you might already find yourself with one more friend in your corner.

    Give friendly and honest compliments

    You would be surprised to know how big of an influence a few nice words could have on a person. Not only will a compliment be a great conversation starter, but you would also earn some points with the person you are talking to. If you see your neighbor growing petunias in their garden, don’t forget to mention how pretty they are. In case your next-door neighbor is always immersed in DIY projects, let them know you have noticed. Trust us – try this approach and you will start gaining friends by the minute.

    Feel free to exchange emergency numbers

    Exchanging emergency numbers is a responsible and grown-up thing to do. There are many things that can go wrong, and it’s always advisable to be ready once something bad happens. By sharing phone numbers with your neighbors, you will not only protect your property but also show that you have faith and trust in your future friends. It won’t be long now before you start becoming great friends with your new neighbors.

    A red telephone.
    By showing that you are trusting your new neighbors, you will have a much easier time gaining a friend.

    Don’t feel bad about making future plans

    So you have met a person in your neighborhood that you think could be your great friend. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to ask them out for a cup of coffee or see whether they want to catch a game next Saturday. This will be great for you for a couple of reasons. For starters, you’ll get some much-needed break from your long-distance relocation tasks and obligations. And, secondly, you will be on a great path to making a really good friend. Don’t get discouraged if the person refuses at first. They might be busy or just very cautious since you are a stranger for the time being. In case you see resistance when it comes to making individual plans, you can always resort to a great option.

    Throw a housewarming party to make friends with your new neighbors

    Did you have a farewell party in the days leading up to your move? A farewell party is the best way to gather all of your friends and family members one more time and say your goodbyes. And a housewarming party is the perfect opportunity to get to meet your new neighborhood and make a couple of friends in the process. The reason why housewarming parties are such a success is that everyone is together, relaxed, and talking to each other. You can go from person to person, greet them, and exchange pleasantries.

    So as soon as the last moving box has been unpacked, order some food, buy enough liquor, and personally invite the entire neighborhood. And don’t be anxious! It’s okay to be nervous, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from being friendly and welcoming. That’s the whole point of the party.

    Cheers to making friends with new neighbors.
    You would be surprised by the positive effect a couple of drinks can have on a person.

    You will be making friends with new neighbors in no time

    What would be the best-case scenario? You would be successful in easily making friends with new neighbors and would hopefully have a friend by the end of the week. Sometimes the process will be so quick and easy, other times it will take more time. What you can do is do your best and hope for the best, but do not exasperate if the best doesn’t happen. At least not right away. You have years to form these friendships, you are bound to get it right.

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