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Make international moving with kids easy

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    An international move is a big venture even for the people who are used to moving. Looking at it from this perspective, it is understandable that kids find it even a greater challenge. Especially if the move is not properly addressed. Luckily, with this guide in front of you, and the help from NJ movers and packers, you will be able to make international moving with kids easy.

    How to make international moving with kids easy?

    We will start of with some good news: moving overseas with kids can be made into a wonderful adventure, and that is just the way you should address this process. There are steps you can take to help alleviate your child’s fears, and turn them into true excitement. All it takes is a bit of thought and planning.

    Father with his two kids laying on a bed
    With a bit of planning, you can make international moving with kids easy.

    Have the visual approach

    Kids are notorious for their wild imagination. However, depending on their age, they can struggle with picturing your new home overseas. And getting them excited about the process of relocation can be hard if you don’t have a strong selling point, so to say. For this reason, it would be smart of you to take a camera or video recorder with you when you visit your new country and neighborhood. Footage and pictures of the new home and surrounding area will be a great way to introduce your kids to the splendors that await.

    Make sure that the video has your child’s room, their school, and parks that are nearby. It would be great if you could find some international foods and traditions that you feel would be important to your kid as well. If you get your child to enjoy looking through the photos and videos you bring back, it will make the world of difference when it comes to their transition.

    Use the Internet

    As luck would have it, the stone age is behind us, and we have computers and the internet we can use to take us anywhere in the world. Use the advantage of the age you are living in, and find and an interactive map where your kid will be able to understand their new country and city surroundings. Show them the routes you are going to take to their new school, kindergarten, park, playground, etc. You know best what your kid likes and what makes them occupied, so try to make it fun. Include some highlighting with colored pens and stickers, try to learn some new songs, and so on.

    A little girl looking at a book with pictures
    Get them excited before the move by giving them ideas of your future life.

    Another activity that you can consider, having that your kid is old enough and that you have enough money to allocate, is to purchase a disposable camera. Give it to your kid and let them take photographs on moving day. We bet they will love playing the reporter for the day, capturing all the ‘action’. Once your relocation is complete, and your movers Bloomfield NJ have finished their job, you can sit down with your kid and go through those photos. Take some time to create a ‘moving story’ in their scrapbook, journal, or the family photo album.

    Celebrate the occasion and look forward to the new beginnings

    If you have older kids, expect that they will have a particularly hard time saying goodbye to their friends, sports teams, and favorite hangouts. It is, after all, the biggest hardship of international moving with kids. It is important that you realize how big of a change this is to them, as their life is mostly made of memories that contain these people and places. One of the ways to help them say goodbye is to make a goodbye party and invite all of their friends. Instead of regarding it as a sad event, you can turn it around.

    Show them all that keeping in touch is not that hard these days, especially with their phones and social media. Besides, it’s not like they will never ever see them again. All of them will have another home to come to wherever you are moving to. And your kid will also have a place to stay whenever they wish to visit your old town.

    Give your kid some control

    It is safe to assume that you were the one to pick the new country, town, and home. But, you are not the only one leaving your life and moving there. Let your kid have at least some say in this big change for all of you. Perhaps they can choose their room, or at least the color of the walls. Proven that they are of appropriate age, you can let them pack their own things. And, most importantly, ask them if they have any wish, need, or requirement. An open and honest conversation will go a long way. It will let them know that you do think about their well-being and happiness. Not many things feel as bad as not having your voice be heard. Make sure your kid does not experience this sensation during your international move.

    A father and his daughter hugging.
    Let your kid have a say in this big change that concerns all of you.

    Hire a professional moving company to help you out

    If your financial situation allows you to, hiring a professional NJ local moving company would make the world of difference in this complicated process. For one, you will not have to worry about the packing and transportation of your goods. More importantly, you will have all that time to devote to your kid. And, as you can see, they will require quite a bit of your attention. So, hiring an experienced moving team will save you plenty of nerves, and give you a lot of time as well. Do consider this option as it will most definitely help with your international moving with kids.

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