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Long term storage tips for antique furniture

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    The process of storing items might seem like a pretty straightforward thing to do. However, when it comes to antiques and long-term storage, there are a few important things you have to take into consideration. That is why we are here to help you out. In this article, we are going to cover important tips for the long-term storage of your antique furniture. Furthermore, aside from the long term storage tips for antique furniture, we will also mention the importance of enlisting the assistance of reliable and affordable movers NJ.

    Tips for storing antique furniture

    Have an inventory checklist with you

    Creating an inventory checklist is really not that difficult and yet a lot of people skip this crucial step. An inventory checklist is there to tell you exactly which items you have in your storage. Therefore, go through your entire inventory before storing your furniture, and write down everything categorically. Furthermore, an inventory checklist can be used for insurance purposes as well. If you have time, you can also take a photo of each of your antique items and add it to the checklist. Essentially, an inventory checklist is there to tell you exactly what you have in storage and provide you with a nice overview of your inventory and its specifications. Moreover, an inventory checklist will help your Essex county movers know which items need to be handled with extra care.

    Creating checklist as one of the long term storage tips for antique furniture.
    One of the most essential long-term storage tips for antique furniture is to have an inventory checklist.

    Clean each piece separately

    This one is one of the most important long term storage tips for antique furniture. Before storing your antique long-term, clean each piece. By cleaning each antique piece before storage, you are keeping the debris and dust away. Of course, the entire process of cleaning antique furniture will vary depending on what kind of furniture you have. However, regardless of the type of your furniture, make sure you do it properly and safely. The last thing you want is to accidentally damage it before storage. Consider wooden polish spray for wooden furniture pieces when preparing them for long-term storage. 

    Disassemble what you can

    Are you worried if everything is going to fit inside storage? Do you think some of your items might take up a bit more space than you would like? If so, make sure you disassemble very large or very weak antique furniture pieces before storage. Since they are going to be stored away for a long time, it is best to have them disassembled into smaller pieces that can be protected properly. Fragile furniture is often difficult to move. Therefore, lower the risks by safely taking them apart and making sure you can easily put them back together once you need them again. Additionally, be sure to contact reliable residential moving companies NJ to help you transport this fragile furniture to your storage.

    Carefully pack each antique furniture piece

    Long-term storage means your items will be in storage for a significant amount of time. During this time, you will want to make sure they are safe and protected. The process of packing plays a crucial part when storing your antiques. Packing efficiently but carefully is important. If possible, pack each piece separately and make sure it has all layers of protection. This can include,

    • wrappings,
    • protective materials such as bubble wrap and packing foam,
    • moving blankets,
    • high-quality boxes or plastic containers.

    If you are struggling with the packing process, contact reliable professionals who can offer you quality moving services NJ, including the packing services, to help you out.

    Couple packing items.
    Carefully pack each antique furniture piece to ensure maximum safety during storage.

    Chose the right storage unit

    There are all sorts of storage units out there. You need to do a lot of research and find the storage unit in New Jearsey that fits the needs of your sensitive inventory. Luckily, with the assistance of professional movers in NJ, you can quickly find the right storage unit. What exactly should you look for in storage units? Well, considering the fact that you plan on storing likely expensive, antique furniture, safety should be your number one priority. Choose a storage unit that has good CCTV coverage, a fence, and proper security measures. Furthermore, look for a well-maintained storage unit. A well-maintained storage unit is a pest-free storage unit. Therefore, your items should be safe during the long storage process.

    Hire professionals to help you with the right storage services

    You likely have different antique furniture item pieces in your inventory. All of them need to be properly packed, transported, and stored away. This can quickly become very stressful if you are doing it on your own. Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution. Enlist the help of reliable moving professionals who can help you with storage and there is nothing to worry about. Professional movers can help you with a ton of different moving and storage services NJIn addition to this, they will save you both energy and time not just with your storage process but with your overall relocation.

    Movers in a van.
    Store your antique furniture with the assistance of reliable moving professionals.


    To sum up, what we have said so far, the process of storing your antique furniture long-term is not always easy. You will have to complete a ton of different tasks before you can successfully store everything. However, with a few simple long term storage tips for antique furniture, you should be able to do it efficiently and smoothly. Remember to always have a clear plan and an inventory checklist with you. Careful packing is a must when it comes to antique furniture. Furthermore, make sure your potential storage unit has all of the important safety and maintenance elements. Finally, enlist the help of professional movers NJ to NYC and you will easily transport your sensitive furniture in no time!


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