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Living in NJ vs NYC – pros and cons

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    Anytime you move to a new state, you have to be ready for changes. The same goes for moving from NYC to NJ, and vice versa. Living in NJ vs NYC comes with many differences. NYC is diverse, and vibrant, while in NJ you can expect a more suburban way of living. The borders between some of the NJ cities and NYC are not always clear. And, in some places, they are divided just by the Hudson River. Still, the way of living, and habits, and very different. However, you may decide that NJ would be a much better place for raising a family. If so, with the assistance of the moving and storage NJ, you will move your kids to a calmer environment.

    Changing Golden State for Garden State

    Usually, New Yorkers are not very eager to leave their city. They don’t mind that their city is the most populated one. And the most expensive city in the entire US. For them, NYC is not the Empire State. They love the city’s rich history, as well as its natural wonders. They also love the possibility to enjoy world-class art and theaters. And, they also love the tempo of the city, and all that it has to offer to them.

    Brown Concrete Building Under the Blue Sky - Living in NJ vs NYC.
    Jersey City is adjacent to New York City.

    However, due to some reasons, they can decide to move outside the city. In case they want to stay close by, moving to New Jersey comes as a natural solution. The thing is that they will still be able to keep their jobs in NYC as commuting is easy. They will be also able to take part in many city events. Also, NJ will offer them more affordable housing. Still, they change their minds after some time. If so, they can hire movers NJ to NYC, to help them with relocating back to NYC. With such a short distance, the moving costs will be bearable.

    Reasons for moving from NYC to NJ

    The reasons for moving from NYC to New Jersey are various. And they will differ from person to person. It is an interesting fact that, despite the beginning resistance,  most New Yorkers are getting adjusted to the NJ lifestyle quite fast. Once they settle down, they can compare living in NJ vs NYC. And see the differences even more clearly than before.

    As we already noted, people can have their own reason for moving. However, there are some common reasons. Among them are:

    • cheaper housing costs in NJ
    • great job opportunities
    • lower taxes
    • excellent public transportation
    • the proximity of big cities
    • NJ is known for its excellent education
    • NJ’s beautiful scenery

    In case some of those reasons resonate with you, you can easily organize moving from NY to NJ.

    Living in NJ vs NYC

    Overall, living in New Jersey is much cheaper than living in NYC. Although New Jersey is known as a very expensive state, it is still cheaper than NYC. Also, in case you are moving to NJ, keep in mind that the two wealthiest counties are located in NJ. Those two are:

    • Hudson County
    • Somerset County

    The two NJ cities closest to Manhattan are Newark and Jersey City. Literary, they are so close that they can be mistaken for Manhattan neighborhoods. Still, they are both considerably cheaper than NYC. To illustrate that, we can make a quick comparison of the costs.

    High-Rise Buildings in the City - Living in NJ vs NYC.
    The NJ is located just across the river from NYC.

    Manhattan vs Newark

    Overall, Manhattan, NYC is 80.3% more expensive than Newark, NJ. Checking the indexes, we can see that the biggest disparity in living costs comes from median home costs. They are 225% more expensive in Manhattan.

    We will also make a comparison of the other costs, such as:

    • groceries & food
    • utilities
    • transportation
    • health care
    • miscellaneous costs

    In all categories, prices are higher in Manhattan. So, that is showing us that the cost of living in Manhattan is far higher than in Newark. Therefore, by using services moving services NJ, you will not only ensure cheaper real estate purchase prices. Or renting the property. You will also have all other costs much lower. Thus, your income will last longer. And, you will be able to afford more for your kids.

    Manhattan vs Jersey City

    When we compare costs between Manhattan and Jersey City, we also see that Manhattan, NYC is 53.3% more expensive than Jersey City. Compared to housing costs in Jersey City, we can also see that the median home cost is 99% more expensive in Manhattan. The same is the situation with the other costs. From food, and utilities, to medical care, all other costs are higher when you are living in NYC. 

    Taxes when you are living in NJ vs NYC

    State income tax

    New Jersey has a similar structure of income taxes, as the federal tax. This means that it is based on the tax brackets. In total, there are seven tax brackets. The top marginal rate in New Jersey is 10.75%. It is the highest one in the US, but applicable only to those making over $5 million in taxable income. New York’s top marginal income tax rate of 8,82% is also among the highest in the US. However, like in New Jersey, they apply only to several taxpayers. But, in the case of living in NYC, you will be subject to some additional income taxes.

    Tax Documents on the Table.
    Living in NJ vs NYC, you will be charged different tax rates.

    Sales tax NJ vs NYC

    Living in New Jersey, you will be obligated to pay a flat sales tax rate of 6.625%. So, this sales tax applies to all NJ territories. There are just two exceptions to this rule. In case you are purchasing in “Urban Enterprise Zones” in New Jersey, as a qualified business owner, you will have to pay a reduced sales tax of 3.3125%. Also, if you are purchasing in Salem County, your sales tax will have the same reduced rate. Living in New York City, you will have to pay 4% of the base sales tax. This is among the highest in the US. The bottom line, your final sales tax will reach 8.875%.

    Property tax NJ vs NYC

    Living in New Jersey, you will have to pay annually 2.42% of your home’s market value in property taxes. In case you are living in NY, the property tax you have to pay will differ from county to county. And from city to city. So, it can range from 0.7% to as much as 3.5%. Having in mind all the other taxes that you have to pay to live in NYC, it comes as a surprise that your property tax in NYC will be only 0.88%.

    Living in NJ vs NYC and job opportunities

    It is a known fact that you can secure really good employment in NYC. And that the City has a rich and fast-developing job market. However, moving to New Jersey, you will realize that it offers great job opportunities too. 4.5 million New Jersey residents are working across a variety of industries. Among the big companies which are located in New Jersey are:

    • Citigroup
    • MetLife Insurance
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Pfizer
    • At&t
    • Verizon
    • Quest Diagnostics

    Besides them, New Jersey has numerous universities and medical institutions. So, depending on your vocation, you can easily find well-paid jobs in these branches of the economy. Moreover, many attractive jobs are available in small businesses and various organizations. Once you decide to look for a good job opportunity in NJ, give a call to the long distance movers NJ. They will make your relocation a fast and easy endeavor.

    Cheerful multiethnic students with books sitting near the university.
    NJ schools are always ranked and listed among the top schools in the US.

    Living in New Jersey, you can easily reach many big cities

    One of the greatest advantages of New Jersey is that you can enjoy the charms of small-town life. But, at the same time, you can have easy access to several big cities. So, after moving to New Jersey, you will be able to easily reach:

    • New York City
    • Syracuse
    • Boston
    • Washington D.C.
    • Pittsburgh
    • Philadelphia

    All that you will need to do is to take a ride and go around exploring. That way, you will be able to enjoy various cultures and food. And to visit, along with your family, the attractions in the listed cities. And, after all the excitement, you will go back to your peaceful city.

    Living in NJ vs NYC – differences in education

    Education in New Jersey

    When it comes to education, it is well known that NJ schools are always ranked among the top in the US. Besides, NJ has several highly ranked public school districts. Also, NJ has the second-highest graduation rate in the US. And, when it comes to higher education, the state of New Jersey is dotted with excellent universities and colleges. So, in case you decide to ensure excellent education for your kids, household movers NJ will gladly help you.

    One of them is the prestigious Princeton University. Besides Princeton, several other NJ universities are listed among the best US universities in 2022. Those are:

    • Rutgers-New Brunswick
    • Stevens Institute Of Technology
    • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    • Rutgers-Newark
    • Rutgers-Camden
    • Seton Hall University
    • Stockton University
    • Montclair State University
    • Rowan University
    People Standing Across Glass Building.
    NYC is one of the cities that you can spend a lifetime exploring.

    Education in NYC

    On the other hand, NYC can also offer a lot when it comes to education. That is a reason why many students are moving in annually.  NYC has around 110 colleges and universities, and about 594,000 university students. The top Universities in NYC are:

    • Columbia University
    • New York University (NYU)
    • Cornell University
    • Fordham University

    Many students, living in the dorm, have to vacate during the summer holidays. To avoid transporting belongings back home, it is much easier to use storage services NJ.

    Living in NJ vs NYC – places to see

    Interesting places in NYC

    NYC is one of the cities that you can spend a lifetime exploring. And, maybe even that wouldn’t be enough to see all the interesting places that this incredible city has to offer. You can spend time wandering the streets. Or, visiting some famous theatres, buildings, and expos. Or, you can visit its numerous parks, each of them being a world for itself. And offering exciting performances, concerts, or other entertainment. Or, you can spend days just walking along the Hudson River and enjoying the views. One would need a book to describe all kinds of attractions that the Big Apple has for its residents and visitors alike.

    Interesting places in New Jersey

    On the other hand, living in New Jersey, you will be surrounded by incredible nature. It will be just enough to watch through the window and spot the magnificent mountains. And, year-round, you can enjoy visiting them, either for hiking, or skiing. The NJ mountains are also offering numerous possibilities for biking, camping, fishing, jogging, bird-watching, etc. If you have moved to one of the South Jersey places, you will enjoy the summertime. Namely, there are many popular beaches where you can go for some maritime sports. Or, you can simply walk around and take sunbathe.

    New Jersey’s most popular cities for New Yorkers

    Moving to New Jersey, New Yorkers mostly like to stay in:

    • Newark
    • Jersey City
    • Hoboken

    If so, you won’t be moving too far. However, in case you are having too many obligations, you can seek help. And, who could be better for preparing your move than packing services NJ?

    Clear Sky over Brooklyn Bridge - Living in NJ vs NYC
    There are numerous ways to commute between NJ and NYC.

    Living in Newark, NJ

    This is the NJ largest city, and you will need just eight minutes to reach NYC. However, in case you need the services of furniture movers NJ to bring your possessions to NJ, they might need a bit more time, due to traffic. Newark has a rich history, that you might find interesting once you move there. Also, you will be able to enjoy its great food and specialty dishes that they serve in restaurants. And, if you are not resting after a long day in the office, you will find many interesting things in your new city.

    Jersey City

    You will find Jersey City an excellent choice if you love NYC, but can’t pay the high cost of living in it. Jersey City has excellent public transport. And, you can also use it for commuting. However, it is also very walkable. So, you may find walking around the city very relaxing. And, you can always stop in some of the cafes, rest, and enjoy the view.

    Living in Hoboken, NJ

    Located in the Hudson County, this small city will also enable you easy access to NYC. The city, although small, has excellent schools, and a thriving job market. It is also one of the cities where the millennial population is growing very fast. Many of them are coming due to the lower costs of living in NJ. And, they still feel as being a part of the NYC community.

    How to access NYC from NJ?

    In case you are working in NYC and living in NJ, you won’t have a commuting problem. Namely, there are several ways how to easily travel from one to another place. We hope that we could give you an overview of the pros and cons of living in NJ vs NYC. And, regarding the best transportation, we are sure that you will find the one that will best suit you.

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