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List of Top 7 Cities For Singles in NJ 2022

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    There are plenty of reasons why people tend to move. Also, there are so many reasons why single people think about moving. Especially nowadays, this situation is even more frequent, as the number of Americans who are single is growing, according to some studies. Therefore, many singles think about moving to New Jersey either to find their match or to just change their perspective. The reason is that New Jersey has a lot of singles and therefore offers many opportunities. Sure, one of the aspects of moving is to hire All Season Movers NJ and avoid any possible moving-related problems. The other aspect is to choose among the top cities for singles in NJ 2022. But fear not, as we’ve gathered a useful list of these places to make it easier on you. So, sit back, read on, and find out what are your options.

    Where exactly are all the top cities for singles in NJ 2022?

    If you’ve thought this one through properly, you’ve made your decision to make a big change. And do not worry, as you cannot go wrong with moving to Hudson county NJ. In this particular county, you can find many different cities perfect for singles living in NJ in 2022. Here’s our list and we’ll elaborate on some of them to help you prepare for your new life in new scenery.

    • Bayonne
    • Hoboken
    • Guttenberg
    • Harrison
    • West New York
    • Passaic
    • Asbury Park
    • Edgewater
    • Red Bank
    • Palisades Park.

    Remember, as soon as you start researching these top cities for singles in NJ 2022, remember that you ought to hire the best moving companies Hudson County NJ. Only after, you’ll be able to fully commit to exploring your potential new city ideal for singles in NJ in 2022.

    Woman writing down some of the best cities for singles in NJ
    Before you make a list of some of the best cities for singles in NJ in 2022, make sure to hire the best movers for the job.

    Consider Bayonne as one of the top cities for singles in NJ 2022

    One of the best cities for singles in NJ these years is Bayonne, such a charming city. But before we get down to business, let’s not forget to mention the importance of hiring only the best movers in Bayonne NJ. We find it necessary to emphasize the importance of getting the best professionals for this type of job. As for Bayonne, one of the facts you probably already know is that it’s very close to NYC, especially Manhattan. And for some single people, this fact alone would be enough to choose this place as their new city. That way, by living in Bayonne NJ, you could take a part in the Big Apple’s life. But at the same time, you would have an option for escaping that Manhattan speed when you feel like it.

    Traffic and people crossing the street in NYC
    Choosing Bayonne NJ for your place of residence as a single will bring you so close to NYC.

    Activities in Bayonne NJ

    Another fact that makes Bayonne one of the best cities for singles in NJ 2022 is that it’s surrounded by water. Hence, you’ll have plenty of beaches at your disposal. Especially if you don’t’ like to travel a lot, but love water and the peace it brings. However, there is so much more to this charming city than just the proximity of NYC or the beaches. This gorgeous city is beautiful by itself, so make sure to pay a quick visit to ensure it fits you. But generally, it’s a fact that Bayonne NJ is on all the lists of top cities for singles in NJ 2022.

    Green areas in Bayonne NJ are beautiful

    If you are having doubts about moving to Bayonne NJ, you should know that it has more than 25 beautiful parks. After hiring the best commercial movers NJ, many singles appreciate this fact about Bayonne. Because once you move to this city, you’ll be able to spend your free day reading your favorite book in nature. Or you can just enjoy meeting new people after moving to one of the best places for singles in NJ in 2022. But let’s not forget to mention that these parks are not meant only for this kind of relaxation. If you are a little bit more of an active person and an outdoor sports enthusiast then you can enjoy other activities. For instance, you can use an enormous skate park which is always full of skaters. Also, if you are a bike person, you can go and visit a similar bike park.

    Two friends sitting on grass in a park in one of the cities for singles in NJ
    Bayonne NJ is appealing for singles as it offers many parks where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

    Activities to enjoy in Bayonne NJ parks

    Besides enjoying skating and biking, if you are single, you can also engage in some of the outdoor sports activities Bayonne parks offer. For instance, you can enjoy a game of soccer, baseball, birdwatching, hiking, and jogging. Also, you can enjoy swimming after you move to Bayonne with help from movers in Kearny NJ, as it’s one of the top cities for singles in New Jersey. You see, there are a lot of activities which make this place so appealing to singles and all other categories, as well.

    Hoboken- another great city for singles in NJ in 2022

    Compared to Manhattan, Hoboken is a relatively small town. However, many people who decide to move to Hoboken work in New York City but prefer a more quiet place to live in. Also, another thing that makes Hoboken appealing to singles is that, from a safety standpoint, it is about as safe as any other urban area in this part of NJ. To clarify, Hoboken has relatively slim instances of violent crime, which is another appealing fact. As for the climate, if you decide to move to Hoboken as a single, you’ll be able to experience all four seasons throughout the year. And let’s not forget to mention that Hoboken is breathtaking during the fall. This is a fact you can use to add some romantic components to your new life in this beautiful city in NJ for singles. Of course, get help from the best local movers NJ.

    View of a building in Hoboken, NJ
    There will be plenty of options to choose from regarding housing in Hoboken.

    Housing options for your new place in Hoboken, one of the best cities for singles in NJ

    Logically, Hoboken is a lot more affordable than nearby Manhattan from a cost-of-living standpoint. And that would be another plus to add to our list of appealing things Hoboken has to offer to single people. It’s the price of living and housing that draws many people to this town in the first place. However, we should mention that still, the cost of living in Hoboken as a single is quite high. That is compared to the national average. Even though this place has many things to offer, we have to get you prepared, as you’ll surely pay more for everything. From goods and groceries to housing, so you should be prepared for this scenario. But fear not, you can always get help from reliable packing services in NJ for the belongings you plan on moving.

    Housing options for singles moving to Hoboken NJ in 2022

    As for the forms of housing in Hoboken, it comes mostly in the form of condominiums and apartments. As a single moving to Hoboken, you should know that even smaller condominiums can easily start at around $250,000 for those who are interested in buying. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about renting a flat in Hudson County, the median rental price is $2,725 per month. In comparison, this amount is significantly less than the median rental rate for Manhattan, which is around $3,400 per month. However, due to Hoboken’s small size, no matter where you live, there’s a good chance that you’ll be relatively close to nearby nightlife and entertainment.

    Key in a keyhole of the front door
    Whether you wish to rent or buy, Hoboken has many great housing options for singles.

    What about Guttenberg, NJ?

    Another great city to consider if you are single wishing to move to New Jersey is Guttenberg. This is a municipality in New Jersey’s Hudson County with a population of approximately 12,017. In fact, Guttenberg is located in the northern area of Hudson County, on top of the Hudson Palisades. Also, just across the Hudson River, Guttenberg borrows with the New York City borough. To the east of Guttenberg, there is the Upper West Side of Manhattan. So, while Guttenberg is not the biggest of towns, its location is rather convenient, especially for singles. This means you can enjoy the proximity of many amenities and entertainment options, while you can enjoy your peace at home.

    View of Hudson River
    Guttenberg is quite appealing to singles and one of the reasons is the proximity to Big Apple.

    Residents in Guttenberg

    With the whole town that fits in 10 blocks by 4 blocks area, Guttenberg is among the smallest towns in the area. But it is quite interesting that the number of residents there is quite high. For instance, in 2010, 11,176 people were living there. Therefore, we can freely say that the municipality of Guttenberg is the most densely populated in the whole United States. But also, Guttenberg is one of the most densely populated municipalities in the world with more than 57,000 people per square mile. And this is the number you must have in mind if you plan on moving to Guttenberg and starting a new life there. But make sure to prevent clutter after moving to NJ.

    Economy and connections in Guttenberg

    Moving to Guttenberg NJ as a single is appealing because of the situation with the economy and connections. Most residents find everyday economics to be in great shape. Also, one of the most important things to remember about Guttenberg is that it’s a small town in a big area. Thus, it means that, as a smaller town, it has a specific level of a calmer vibe. Alongside, it is also close to much larger urban areas such as NYC. Therefore, you’ll be able to spend your days in NYC, exploring your options as a single. So, all these reasons are more than enough to rank Guttenberg as one of the best cities for singles in NJ 2022.

    West New York, NJ

    Another great option for you to consider is West New York. Especially if you are single and looking for fun and entertainment. Because there are so many things to do after you move to West New York NJ. First, you can enjoy many stunning restaurants. Without a doubt, you’ll eat nothing but great food in this town. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy various cuisines, from Italian to Brazilian and Peruvian. Furthermore, there are lovely coffee places to just sit back and enjoy alone or with a new friend. Another great thing about West New York is its parks and other lovely places. For instance, you can enjoy Donnelly Memorial Park. Surely, you’ll find something of your liking, whether you like late-night strolls or you need to walk your pet.

    Nightlife in West New York

    Logically, if you’re single, the nightlife is a must. Especially after your relocation is over and you’re ready to have fun. So, you would be pleased to know that West New York has some great nightclubs and bars. Also, there are many other places where you can go party or listen to some music. From sparkly and glamorous to jazzy and dimly lighted, there are numerous options for you to choose from. Maybe after your move, you can invite some of your neighbors for a night out in the town and get to know them. That’s the way to go and be a good neighbor, right?

    People sitting and talking in a bar in one of the best cities for singles in NJ
    West New York offers many exquisite bars and restaurants where you, as a single, can mingle and enjoy.

    Was our list of top cities for singles in NJ 2022 useful?

    After reading our article about some of the best cities for singles in NJ 2022, we are quite certain that you are prepared to make a good decision. Because there are a lot of factors that will influence your decision whether to move or not. But we are happy that you now have in front of you an elaborate guide to help you prepare for this endeavor. Also, we’re convinced that, if you listen to your needs and preferences, you will make the right choice. All we’re left to say is good luck in your new NJ city, whichever you decide on.


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