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Lifestyle differences between cities in NJ

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    People are constantly looking for new places where they will have a better life and better career opportunities. Education for their children is also very important. All that, they can get in one state on the East Coast. And that is New Jersey. Every year, more people are moving to New Jersey looking for these things. Because a lot of people live here, and the cities are different, there are some lifestyle differences between cities in NJ. If you are thinking of moving to this state, you need to find your place. Do you want a fast life or a slower one? A life full of job opportunities and career, or simple farmer life? We hope the next text will help you make a decision faster about your relocation here. When moving, look for affordable movers NJ that will make everything faster and better!

    Living in New Jersey is not cheap

    Living in NJ is 15% higher than the national average. The median home value for the state is $418,500, but fortunately, people can earn enough money here to sustain that life. The median wage for New Jersey residents is $85,245 compared to the national average of $54,132. This makes the cost of living reasonable. The cheapest place to live in New Jersey is Toms River and the most expensive is Englewood Cliffs.

    Another thing about this place is that it has everything. From beaches to ski resorts. It is heaven on Earth. When it comes to weather, it is important to say that winters here can be warm and cold with a lot of wind. Summers can be warm, but they are usually windy and not every day is for swimming in the ocean. And another factor to consider is hurricanes. They are wild and dangerous. Because of climate changes, American East Cost and South Coast are experiencing wild hurricanes that come from the ocean. They destroy everything on their way. Insurance is a must here if you want to have a home after a hurricane.

    New Jersey
    The state of New Jersey is amazing.

    Pros and Cons of noteworthy lifestyle differences between cities in NJ

    Every place on planet Earth has some good things and some that are bad. What is good for somebody can be bad for somebody else. Here are the pros and cons for NJ:


    • Beautiful beaches – When summer comes, visit them all. Small send below your feet gives an amazing feeling.
    • Easy transportation – It is easy to get wherever you want. Cities in NJ are well connected with the rest of the country and the USA.
    • Family-friendly activities – There are numerous things to do and see in New Jersey
    • Urban living – This means that you can find whatever you want, get help quickly, make friends easily, find a better job, etc


    • Expensive place to live – NJ is like that. But the good thing is that you can easily earn money here to sustain your life
    • Very long and cold winters – For some people, this is a big problem
    • Dense Population – A lot of people are living here

    Another thing when you decide to relocate here is cheap movers. Interstate movers NJ is there to relocate you wherever you want.

    Let’s start with the biggest – Newark

    Newark is the biggest in New Jersey. Over 308,000 people are living here. It is an overpopulated area. Before you decide to relocate here, you need to be aware of this. Living here can be expensive and finding an apartment that will suit your needs is a lottery sometimes. You need a good real estate agent! Education is important for young parents and this is something that you can find here for your children. Schools are above the average. It is quieter than NYC for example, so it is a good place to raise a family.

    How much money do you need here?

    To support the average lifestyle in Newark you will need 5,700$. That is on average for a family of four. The average cost of buying a property in Newark is $ $686,290. That is why many people don’t own their real estate and rent from other people. $1,382 is the price for renting 2 bedroom home. The good thing is that this city is full of good jobs that can support an average lifestyle here. Another good thing is that residential moving companies NJ are not so expensive, so your moving won’t be an issue to worry about.

    Lifestyle differences between cities in NJ are big, especially in NYC
    You should visit the Statue of Liberty – it is not far from Newark

    The city from the other side of the Hudson river – Hoboken

    NYC is on the east side and Hoboken is on the west side of the river. Hoboken is a little different than NYC. First of all, it is smaller. The lifestyle is different. People are more relaxed. Everybody is chasing around making deals, selling, and doing what they are doing, but people still find time to enjoy. You can see that a large number of restaurants and cafes in Hoboken are regularly full. If you prefer a calmer place than NYC, this is for you. You can still use the perks of working in NYC and living outside NYC. The city of Hoboken is not big, it is only two square miles. There are big lifestyle differences between cities in NJ. You just have to make a list of things that you want from the place.

    In Hoboken, everything is more relaxed than in NYC
    Always have a time for yourself to relax


    The lifestyle differences between cities in NJ and Essex county

    This County is located in the northeastern part of the state. About 855,000 people live in this part of the USA and NJ. The lifestyle here is a little different. The cities are not so big, there are a lot of villages and it is for people who don’t like crowds, traffic jams, fast life and all the things that go with a fast lifestyle. People are different and you will see a lot of friendly people here. For your relocation here, Essex County Movers are there to help you manage the moving in the best way possible. There are a lot of small cities that are worth mentioning.


    Living in the town of Bloomfield offers residents an urban-suburban mixed feel. It is a small place where people are happy. People who live here use the closeness of NYC to go to work. It belongs in the group of 5% of the most expensive cities in the world. 22nd in New Jersey. But not everything is that black. The houses that you can find here are amazing. Most residents own their house, so it can be difficult to find an adorable house for you. But, with the right real estate agent, everything is much easier. It is well connected with the rest of the state, so it won’t be an issue to go whenever you want even with public transport.


    Maplewood is just a town in an inner-ring suburban bedroom community of New York City. In Maplewood Township there are a lot of parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and clubs. People like hanging out and spending their free time in nature. South Mountain Reservation is just outside Maplewood. People use this place to run and have a picnic with friends and family. Nature is part of their everyday life. This is an excellent town if you want a different lifestyle. Lifestyle differences between cities in NJ are big. Be careful what you choose. Also, be careful when you choose residential moving companies NJ provides. Avoid rogue movers!

    You can see a lot of lifestyle differences between cities in NJ when you come to Maplewood
    People in Maplewood use their environment to enjoy life


    People around here appreciate the free time. You need to have a balance in your life. Some people are ok with working all the time and making a progress in their careers. Some have issues with that, and that troubles them a lot. This is a small city with a strong community. It has good public schools that are highly rated! Here you will experience a comfortable life with no stress. Caldwell’s cost of living is 39% higher than the national average. Housing costs are something that worries many people. They are 127% higher! For NJ and such a good place like Caldwell, it is not strange at all. Movers Caldwell NJ is there to help you with your relocation here. Their experience will help you through the process of moving.

    West Orange NJ

    This place is well known for its association with the inventor Thomas A. Edison. He lived there for 40 years. All the homes are unique, no cookie-cutter homes here. People are generally friendly. A lot of kids live in this county. This is a perfect place to raise children. Schools are great here. West Orange is largely a residential suburb of the New York City region. The town is well connected with the rest of the state and the USA. Some people live here and work in NYC.

    The city in numbers

    Like most of the places in New Jersey, this place is a little more expensive to live in. The index 100 is for the USA in the next comparison. Let’s see the numbers:

    • Grocery – 106.1 in West Orange, 105.8 in NJ. The difference is minimal.
    • Health – 99.1 compared to 96.9 in New Jersey. Health is cheaper than the national average.
    • Housing – 164.3. Housing is expensive! In the state, it is 136.4
    • Median Home Cost – $479,200. In NJ $397,200. USA $291,700
    • Utilities – 102.9. The same is in the state and it is only 2.9% more than the USA average.
    • Transportation – This is almost 50% more expensive than the USA average. It is 145,2

    West Orange is a great place to live in. You will experience the best in the USA. A quiet place to live in, and has a lot of opportunities. Some famous people live in this neighborhood. Movers West Orange NJ are there to help you with whatever you need when relocating.

    Credit card and a terminal for cards
    NJ can be a little expensive for some people

    Summit New Jersey

    This place has an above-average median household income. It is good for young professional families and enthusiasts. The median age of people living here is 40 years. Summit is conveniently situated near Interstate 78 and State Route 24. Approximately 22,300 people live in this city. A third of the nearly 100 homes that are on the market are listed for at least $1 million and upwards. It can be a little expensive to buy a house here. Find yourself a good real estate agent to help you threw the process. Moving companies in Summit can help you with all this. They can relocate you here, and also help you find a good real estate agent. They are all connected well.

    Sign that says House for rent, reflecting Lifestyle differences between cities in NJ
    Find a suitable real estate agent


    When it comes to this town, reviews from people who once lived here as youngsters or who were here for some time are all good. People describe this place as a place where people have a great childhood with great schools like Edgemont elementary school. Here, you can have everything that you ever wanted. The community is strong and people help each other every day. The lifestyle differences between cities in NJ show us that you can have both fast life and a good career, and quieter life and a good career. It all depends if you are willing to travel a little bit. There is everything for everybody! Moving companies Montclair NJ can explain everything that you want to know about this place and how to move fast here.

    You have some thinking to do

    We mentioned what are the lifestyle differences between cities in NJ and what different cities offer. Before you relocate, investigate everything. Visit the places if you can and then decide. You should focus on your needs. Think about what kind of city would be ideal for you (what kind of job you’d like to do, how you’d like to spend your day and so on). Furthermore, you should consider your family’s opinion. This is the kind of decision you can’t make on your own.


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