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Items that require climate controlled storage

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    You really need to think about a lot of stuff when preparing to store your belongings. You need to separate all your possessions into groups and think about which groups they will be. Sometimes you need to divide them by size, from biggest to smallest. Separate them based on the fabric.  It’s work that takes time. However, sometimes it takes more than just time to do the job well. If we are talking about items that require climate controlled storage, you will have to properly inform yourself. These items belong to many different groups. It can wary from musical instruments, over documents, all the way up to the furniture. If you don’t recognize if any of your possessions belong there, the stuff that you store might get damaged or maybe even ruined. That’s why we’re here to help you learn about that and prepare yourself to do the job thoroughly.

    What exactly is climate-controlled storage?

    When someone says climate-controlled storage they are referring to storage units that have a specially designed ability to control their internal temperature so it’s never too hot or too cold. These units are supposed to regulate the climate and the humidity. Indoor storage facilities are usually the places to find climate-controlled storage units. However, a lot depends on where you live too. You will easily find climate-controlled units at some outdoor storage facilities. You can also find them at drive-ups. So, if you possess a lot of stuff that needs this kind of storage, better find the right storage before your move with affordable movers NJ begins.

    Temperature and humidity levels are the two main elements to maintaining a well-balanced climate. That’s because their combination is what usually leads to the presence of moisture if kept unchecked. If you keep temperature and humidity levels at the right level, moisture won’t create inside the unit. So, it won’t potentially destroy all the stuff you own. Items that require climate controlled storage are usually kept within 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, there is no chance they will get damaged.

    Someone is spreding paint over a palette.
    Paintings are items that require climate controlled storage so the colors don’t melt.

    Why do you need to control the temperature?

    As already mentioned above, the main reason is to keep moisture levels as low as possible. If a person lives somewhere where the temperatures can get to some really high levels, maintaining a steady temperature is of the highest importance to keep all the delicate stuff from being damaged out of all the things that Essex county movers transported for you.

    When thinking about whether you need to rent climate-controlled storage, think about what kind of stuff you’re storing. Think about how all of the items that require climate controlled storage. Leather and fabrics are the most common and they can be stained and even ruined by enough mildew or mold. Photographs and paper items could also become damaged, or break down if they are in a sustained moist environment for too long. Wood easily rots and cracks if it takes on even a little bit more moisture than it should. Electronics and metal items can also crack or even rust. The circuit boards will malfunction.

    There are a few questions to think about when choosing whether this is something you’ll need:

    • Is the stuff I own resistant to high heat?
    • How high is the sensitivity of my possessions to extreme cold or heat?
    • Was any of the stuff made to be kept at a certain temperature (paintings or wine)?
    • Would moisture cause any kind of damage, small or big to my items that require climate controlled storage?
    • Are any of the items I want to store sensitive to mildew or mold?
    • How big is the sentimental value of the stuff I’m about to store?

    If there is even one answer that is “yes”, you probably should rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

    documents that contain list of Items that require climate controlled storage
    Paper can easily catch mold if the humidity is not regulated.

    Which are the items that require climate controlled storage?

    You can find some great storage services NJ has to offer but it won’t help much if you don’t know what to put in them. Anything you put in storage will benefit from being in a consistent temperature, but there are some items that require a consistent temperature. Here are some of the most common ones:

    • Photos
    • House appliances
    • Wine
    • Drugs and medical supplies
    • Items made of wood, wicker, and metal, and, other natural materials
    • Media (DVDs, records, videos, etc.)
    • Collectibles
    • Musical instruments
    • Most Art pieces (pottery, paintings, etc.)
    • Antiques
    • Documents (IDs, passports, etc.)
    • Electronics
    • Furniture (including leather, wood, and upholstery)

    Other reasons to rent a climate controlled storage unit

    Of course, the primary reason to find good moving services NJ to transport your stuff to a climate controlled storage is protecting sensitive items. However, that’s not the only benefit of renting a climate-controlled storage unit.

    You’re storing your stuff for longer than one season

    If your stuff is stored during seasonal changes like from summer to fall, the temperature will fluctuate a lot. Always keep yourself informed about humidity in your area. If you are living in an area with extreme weather changes, you should really think about renting a unit with climate control.

    The place where you store your stuff has high heat or humidity

    If you don’t rent climate controlled storage unit, the contents of your storage unit will be susceptible to the outside climate. However, if you store your possessions in a place with high humidity or heat, there’s a pretty big probability that these conditions will affect your belongings and may leave permanent damage.

    You have irreplaceable items that require climate controlled storage and collectibles

    You might believe you’ve packed them well, but remember the famous saying: better safe than sorry. If you have stuff that’s of monetary or sentimental value to you, use climate control to keep them protected. The same rule applies to antiques or collectibles of any kind. Don’t lose your items forever just because you were stingy.

    A leather sofa is inside a room.
    Keep the furniture inside an environment with a low level of humidity or it will rot and crack.

    Price is not as important as the result

    If you understand the simple rule you’re ready. And that rule is, you shouldn’t think about the money when trying to keep the stuff you love safe. So, if you are ready, you can easily find residential moving companies NJ that will provide you with a store where you can keep items that require climate controlled storage without worrying that something bad might happen to them.

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