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Ideal NJ locations for newlyweds

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    When talking about the relocation of newly married couples we must consider the best places for their new adventure called life. Basically, all couples are in search of the ideal NJ locations for newlyweds. What do they expect to get from their new destination? Well, all they need is a good place where they can experience excellent job opportunities, affordability, good social life, entertainment, and culture, among many other things as well. Whatever place you opt for All Season Movers NJ are there for you always ready to satisfy all your needs. If you are still in doubt about where you should relocate our suggestions might help you make the right choice.

    What makes NJ a perfect place for newlyweds?

    In general, life in New Jersey is absolutely outstanding for all married couples since it offers the possibility to live in an urban area with a lot of space and great opportunities. Experience the pleasure of enjoying lovely beaches, preserved natural areas, easy transportation to other cities, great entertainment, and many more. Thus, have no doubt that hiring long distance movers NJ is your best decision.

    Liberty State park in New Jersey
    Search for the ideal NJ locations for newlyweds and start enjoying your new life.

    Opt for the ideal NJ locations for newlyweds

    Since we do believe that NJ is your finest choice you are left to choose the best city for your new home. Believe us, NJ truly deserves your attention. Thus, have a look at some of the most ideal places in New Jersey for those who are newlyweds.

    • Bloomfield
    • Caldwell
    • Nutley
    • Verona
    • Summit 
    • Kearny


    Are you searching for a place with charm, friendly people, great neighborhoods, parks, and entertainment? If you do, come to Bloomfield with the assistance of movers Bloomfield NJ and be one of the many people who are in a hurry to become a resident of this lovely place that is just 15 miles away from midtown Manhattan. This is definitely a place with great restaurants and parks.

    a couple walking together in the park
    Make sure to use every free moment of your time for outdoor activities.

    In case you are a nature lover, you’ll definitely enjoy Bloomfield. Spend each free moment of your time in one of the many local parks away from the city bustle. We could point out Brookside Park, Brookdale Park, Clark’s Pond South, and Pulaski Park as some of the most beautiful ones. What matters most is that you are so close to New York City and you can find affordable homes and an overall cost of living of about 28.5% higher than the national average. With housing costs 45.5% higher you can find a home with an average value of about $424,500. You must admit that this is quite decent in comparison to NYC.

    No wonder Bloomfield is considered to be one of the best locations in NJ for newlyweds since life here tends to be simple and accessible. Everything you need is right near Busy Bloomfield Avenue and Broad Street. Hence, if you need dry cleaners, grocery stores, the bank, and bakeries you will find them right here. Numerous restaurants offer diverse cuisines from Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese, and Italian. Moreover, if there’s something you can’t find in Bloomfield then go to the neighboring Montclair.


    Newlyweds will surely find Caldwell as one of the best places for the beginning of their life together. After all, this is an excellent suburban town about 16 miles west of New York City and 6 miles northwest of Newark. Being an amazing place for families this is the right choice for you. Just contact your movers Caldwell NJ on time and make sure to organize your relocation meticulously. Generally speaking, what will you like most about living in Caldwell? Well, among many things we can say that a variety of restaurants, many walkable shops, greenery, sports activities, and proximity to NYC are the things that make Caldwell so attractive for newly married people.

    What can Caldwell offer?

    By coming here you will soon notice numerous small businesses such as local restaurants, bars, bakeries, boutiques, grocery stores, and hardware stores. Enjoy some amazing ethnic restaurants that offer Italian, Filipino, Thai, and Japanese cuisine.

    a ball for gold on a a field
    Enjoy sports activities and numerous green spaces in Caldwell.

    When it comes to entertainment believe us, you won’t be bored here since there are many things you can do and a variety of places to enjoy. If you as a couple like sport then Caldwell will be a perfect place for you. Visit some of the best gyms, yoga studios, and recreational facilities. As for sports, some places do stand out.

    • golf – Visit Green Brook Country Club or Mountain Ridge Country Club.
    • tennis – Make sure to visit Grover Cleveland Park.
    • swimming and basketball – Remember to come to The Caldwell Community Center.

    In case you plan to spend quality time enjoying nature and green spaces, we suggest Grover Cleveland Park, Rumsey Park, or neighboring parks in West Caldwell such as Memorial Park, Richard Park, and Wrensch Park.

    Is it expensive to live here?

    We have mentioned earlier the importance of a city being an affordable place. Still, unlike Bloomfield, we can’t say that Caldwell is so cheap. The overall costs are 40.8% higher than the national average, while the housing costs are 88.4% higher which results in the median home value of $549,500. Hence, the prices are a bit more expensive but when we observe what Caldwell offers you will surely be pleased with your life here.


    A cheaper place than Caldwell is here waiting for newlyweds with all its beauties and opportunities. That is Nutley with the overall costs of living 32% higher than the U.S. average. The housing costs are 58.8% higher which makes the median home price $463,300. Now you can freely contact one of the best moving companies Nutley NJ and let them transport your belongings to the new location.

    As with other places we have mentioned previously, Nutley guarantees good entertainment and social life. Therefore, revel in outstanding bars, restaurants, and numerous shops. If you prefer taking a walk, some of the most beautiful parks are surely close to your new home. Moreover, while enjoying the peacefulness of this lovely place, you are still close to many job centers. This will facilitate your life here in every way possible. The distance of about 16 miles from NYC presents some kind of safety for you. Whatever you need NYC is there to satisfy all your needs. Hence, you will get both an urban and suburban feel by making Nutley your new home.


    One of the top NJ towns for newlyweds which is perfect for raising a family is definitely Verona. Of course, it is expensive, but Verona is worthy of your hard work and higher prices in comparison to other cities. Expect the overall costs of living 40% higher than the national average. Still, what may be more worrying is the fact that the housing costs are  82.5% higher. Thus, the median home value is $532,300. With this in mind, be aware of this when hiring movers Verona NJ and consider putting aside a significant amount of money for your new home.

    What sets Verona apart from other ideal NJ locations for newlyweds?

    We must point out that nature lovers will find Verona an extraordinary place for new life. Verona Park stands out with its 54.32 acres and beautiful views and a 13-acre lake. Hence, paddle boating and fishing are something you can experience here whenever you have some free time. Furthermore, Verona Park offers you the possibility to enjoy a tennis court, a stage for outdoor concerts, a playground, sports fields, walking paths, and an annual craft show. Besides Verona Park, you can also relax at other parks, trails, and numerous everyday activities.

    people eating in a restaurant enjoying some of the ideal NJ locations for newlyweds
    Spend a wonderful time in some of the greatest restaurants in Verona.

    Take the pleasure of spending a lovely day with your spouse in one of the several cozy coffee shops and great restaurants with Thai, Vietnamese, Asian, and Indian cuisine. Moreover, remember to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at Hillcrest Farms Garden.

    Also, we must also mention the proximity to other big cities. It’s 14.3 miles away from Newark Airport and 20 miles away from NYC. Thus, here again, we must state the importance of being close to great centers. Not only for entertainment and pleasure but also for numerous job opportunities.


    One thing is certain, you will be delighted with life in Summit. Though a smaller place it has extraordinary parks, restaurants, recreational facilities, and outdoor attractions. Also, shopping opportunities are various. The famous Springfield Avenue welcomes you with amazing restaurants. The Roots Steakhouse is here to serve you the best steak, seafood, and wine in the area. On the other hand, enjoy spending time outside in some of the beautiful parks such as Reeves-Reed Arboretum and Brian Park. Therefore, some of the best residential moving companies NJ are waiting for your call.

    Where to settle?

    In case you have doubts about where to move exactly we are here to suggest some of the top communities in Summit. Whatever choice you make your Summit NJ movers will relocate your items with utmost care.

    • Northside – You can settle in the area of homes built in the early 1900s. Still, it is within walking distance from Downtown Summit. With this in mind, be sure you will enjoy the busy city and still come back to your peaceful neighborhood.
    • Woodland Park – In case you plan to have children any time soon this is a perfect part of Summit. Hence, enjoy a family and friendly neighborhood with numerous outdoor activities at your disposal.
    • Downtown Summit – Still, if you are willing to enjoy great cafes, restaurants, and shops, Downtown Summit is your choice. Practically everything is within walking distance.
    a couple sitting at the table drinking coffee in their home, which is one of the ideal NJ locations for newlyweds
    Settle in your new home and make the best of it. Enjoy every moment of what Summit has to offer.

    Are you ready to find out the costs of ideal NJ locations for newlyweds?

    Unfortunately, the costs are truly high. Thus, you are to prepare a lot of money for the start of your life in Summit NJ. Also, think about the job since you should find one that will allow you to live in Summit with no worries about the expenses. The overall costs of living are 87.2% higher than tha average while the housing costs are 243% higher than the U.S. average. Hence, if you plan to buy a home you should know the median home price is $1,000,800. Still, you can always choose to rent which will be much cheaper. Nevertheless, even though the costs are really high, it’s still cheaper to live here than in NYC which is around 20 miles only.


    If you are a newly married couple in search of ideal NJ locations we have a solution for you. Contact your moving company Kearny NJ and book your move to Kearny, an ideal place for new beginnings. Though small, it is a place full of amazing places and opportunities. With exceptional bars and restaurants, it offers tremendous fun and relaxation. Such proximity to NYC of around 11 miles creates certainty you will never be bored here since NYC is right there when you need it.

    Most importantly, be positively surprised by the overall costs of living which are 25.8% higher in comparison to the national average. Also, the housing costs are not too high. They are 43% beyond the average which means the median home value is $417,000. When comparing this with life in NYC which is so close to Kearny you’ll be delighted by your life here.

    Be ready for a new adventure

    Altogether, there are many ideal NJ locations for newlyweds. You just need to decide what is it that you need after moving to a new place. Nevertheless, whatever location you opt for you won’t make a mistake. All the places we have mentioned earlier truly deserve your attention. If you want a place that is full of opportunities, friendly people, and closeness to NYC have a look at our suggestions and choose one. Most of the places are quite affordable too. Still, even those that aren’t can compete with the high costs of living in NYC. Therefore, embrace new opportunities and move to the most ideal place where your new life may begin.



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