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Hudson County places that will take your breath away

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    Hudson County is one of the most sought out areas for relocating because of its beauty and variety. If you are considering moving here, All Season Movers NJ offers professional help with local, international, or any other type of moving. Our moving company has many years of experience in New Jersey and beyond. We give you a list of Hudson County places that will take your breath away.

    Take a look at Hudson County places that will take your breath away

    Since Hudson County is such a big area and offers so many beautiful places, it is not easy to sort out only a few.  However, some of them are famous for things like breathtaking nature or amazing views. The whole County is positioned near the Hudson River, in the vicinity of New York, which gives its inhabitants a big advantage. There are also many natural beauties such as parks and hills. Make sure to search for reliable and well-known moving companies Hudson County NJ if you plan to move to the area so that you could avoid moving scams. With hopes that you too will be delighted by the locations, here is our list of Hudson County places that will take your breath away.

    a view of a big city from across the river, representing one of Hudson County places that will take your breath away
    The vicinity of New York City gives an obvious sightseeing advantage

    Welcome to Hudson County

    This NJ area has a wide variety of wonderful locations. If you are looking for beautiful views and a calm atmosphere, cities like North Bergen and Bayonne will fit your search perfectly. There are also many places near the waterfront which offer gorgeous views both of the river and New York City. Nature is at its best in many hiking trails and even some scenic byways for extra scenery. You only have to pick out what suits you best. Hudson County is known to live up to expectations.

    1. North Bergen and wonderful views

    Known for its lovely hillside, North Bergen is a mixture of calm natural areas and a vivid local lifestyle. What is especially enticing about this place is the Guttenberg/North Bergen Waterfront Park. Here you could enjoy the wonderful view, amazing restaurants, a simple walk or even an open space concert. Enjoying a meal by the riverside, especially in the evening, makes for an experience that will truly take your breath away. Also – did we mention that the view here includes Manhattan’s Upper East Side? Don’t forget about many parks with their rich wildlife. Look for movers North Bergen NJ that are experienced with this particular location, as it may help greatly with the process.

    a bridge in a park surrounded by autumn trees and river
    Hudson County places that will take your breath away often include astonishing parks

    2. Bayonne – a sidewalk of memories

    The city of Bayonne gives many opportunities – from the lustrous parks to the romantic waterfront. Our movers in Bayonne NJ can help you out with residential, commercial, interstate, or even international moves to the area. The city includes a very long sidewalk by the river, with the Stephen R. Gregg park on the other side of it. This is a pavement known to bring breathtaking sights and a cool river breeze to everyone who visits it. You might also like to enjoy bird watching or kayaking down the river. Bayonne truly is a city of magnificent sites and views.

    3. Dine by the river in Weehawken Township

    This delightful township welcomes all those who want to see how amazing a waterfront can be. A welcoming, cozy atmosphere is in no contrast with the sites of New York City. Here, everything comes together in beautiful harmony: the warm tones of the low-rise buildings, the wide streets that look upon the Hudson River, the gorgeous architecture, and even the greenery of the small parks. The atmosphere here is unique and not like anything else you can experience in New Jersey. Weehawken is also well known for its restaurants, many of which offer a view of the river and the rich New York City skyline. The Chart House restaurant is a widely recognized example of such a restaurant. It is also one of the most important reasons for Weehawken to be among Hudson County places that will take your breath away.

    4. Lincoln Park is among the most famous Hudson County places that will take your breath away

    Whether you are new to the area or have more contact with New Jersey, Lincoln Park is a place you most probably have heard of. It is one of the landmarks of Hudson County and with good cause. Here we have a park, unlike any other Jersey park in terms of its size and variety. What is truly breathtaking is the way the park is arranged – a very wide space with an amazing amount of fields (21 tennis courts!) for various sports and activities alike. There are numerous places where you can sit down and enjoy a good book or a friendly conversation over some coffee. Of course, one can’t forget about the Hackensack River waterfront either. Here you can enjoy awe-inspiring views and unforgettable sunsets.

    a view from a coffee shop window
    Enjoying the view from the inside of a cozy or elegant restaurant is a beautiful option

    5. Historic Downtown in Jersey City

    Perhaps an unexpected choice, the Historic Downtown is on this list with good reason. If you like walking down well-arranged streets with tree blossoms surrounding you or going for a warm cup of coffee in cozy local cafes, this is the place for you. The detailed architecture, astonishing city beauty, and urban feeling are part of the experience. There are also some unique features of the place, including:

    • Art and culture – with ballet, theatre, art galleries, and even the Powerhouse Arts District available
    • Manhattan is nearby – so you can easily enjoy one of the most popular locations in the world
    • Good public transportation – which is also well connected to nearby locations such as Hoboken
    • Popular residential areas – with both luxurious and more affordable places for sale and rent.

    As if this wasn’t enough to be amazed by this lovely place, both the view of New York and all of its perks are available to its inhabitants.

    Come and see many more Hudson County places that will take your breath away

    If you aspire to see as many breathtaking places as you can, you can rely on Hudson County to inspire you further. It offers so many wonderful sites and locations that you will have a hard time choosing. For example, you might want to visit the hiking locations such as the Palisades Interstate Park. The amazing Hudson Waterfall is also a popular location. It could be a good idea to check for organized hiking tours online or to check out the astonishing variety of parks in Hudson County.

    There are also many reservations to choose from. The cities located on the riverside are a common feature of the County, with places such as Waterfront, West Side, and many more. The nightlife is vivid and promising of a lovely time, but the urban/suburban mix that many cities have gives off a calm family ambiance. You are always welcome in Hudson County places that will take your breath away.


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