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How to transfer utilities when moving from Bloomfield, NJ

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    When you’re moving, the thing that you’re most looking forward to is probably getting to your new home and leaving everything else behind. But in order to be comfortable and happy in your new house after the move, there’s one thing you should do beforehand. You want your house to be warm, cozy, and fully-functional, right? Well, in that case, you need to remember to transfer utilities when moving. But even if you’re not excited about adding yet another thing to your to-do list, not to worry. We’ve prepared some tips that will tell you how to set up utilities before the move and make sure everything is in order. It’s not too demanding, so you’ll have time to focus on other moving tasks like finding movers Bloomfield NJ and packing. So, let’s see what you’re supposed to do.

    Don’t wait until the last moment to transfer utilities when moving

    Procrastination is your enemy, no matter what you’re delaying. The same goes for transferring utilities when moving. Because your moving checklist is probably pretty long, you want to make sure you have enough time to cross everything off it. Hiring movers NJ to NYC, packing, decluttering, cleaning, transferring utilities – it all takes time. So, don’t leave everything for the last moment. Instead, start preparing for the relocation a few weeks in advance.

    A personal organizer
    If you want everything to run smoothly and to be able to get everything done, you should start the preparations on time.

    When it comes to utilities, this means it’s best to start calling and notifying your service providers a few weeks before the move. Our recommendation is to call about 2 weeks before your moving date and let them know about the change of address. And when it comes to the services that require scheduling an installation appointment, call even earlier – a month ahead. This goes for services like cable and the Internet.

    Update your address with the utility providers

    Obviously, changing your address is an important thing to do when you’re moving house. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple task that you can even do online via the USPS website. But there’s something else you should remember. You need to notify your service providers about your new address. This is a must because it’s the only way to receive your bills at the right address. So, don’t forget to provide the utility providers with your new home address when you call them about transferring utilities when moving.

    When to disconnect and connect utilities?

    A big part of transferring utilities when relocating is letting your providers know when you want them to disconnect the utilities at your old home and connect them to your new one. It’s important to choose the dates well, to make the process of moving easier on yourself.

    When you’re scheduling a cancellation date for gas and electric, be mindful. It’s best to schedule the disconnect date a day or two after your move. This will ensure that you’ll still have the lights on if you need to come back and pick up something you’ve forgotten. On the other hand, we suggest scheduling the connect date a day before the move so you can arrive at a warm home.

    Woman writing a list
    Making a list of your utilities and writing down the contact info of your service providers will be of great help.

    It’s time to get organized

    Now, if you want to transfer utilities before moving efficiently and without forgetting anything, there’s one thing you’ll need – organization. That’s why it’s important to get acquainted with your utilities and utility service providers.

    • Write a list of all of the utility services that you’re paying monthly. Usually, this includes gas, electricity, water and sewer, cable, Internet, phone, trash, satellite, and maybe even a security system.
    • Once you have a list of all the utilities, find the contact information of your utility providers. Add them to the list of utilities.
    • If you’re planning on changing any of your utility providers, find the contact information of the ones you’re interested in.
    • Consider if you want to change any of your deals. Maybe you’d like a different phone deal or a faster Internet connection. Write all this down and make the changes when you’re transferring utilities before the relocation.

    Check if the homeowners association covers utilities

    Now, if you’re relocating to a place with a homeowners association, you’re probably that you’ll be paying a monthly bill to the association. Well, other than knowing the monthly fee and the rules of your association, there’s one more thing you should find out. Namely, sometimes your HOA bills cover the costs of certain utilities. So, before moving, check if by paying the HOA you’re also paying your trash pickup, water, gas, water, and sewer. This will make paying monthly bills much easier as you’ll be covering multiple costs in one go.

    Pay any overdue bills when transferring utilities before a move

    As you know, moving comes with quite a few expenses. Paying for moving services, renting a storage unit, getting insurance, buying packing supplies – it all adds up. Unfortunately, there is one more thing we have to add to the list.

    Woman counting money for bills before transferring utilities when moving
    Before you move out, make sure you have paid all of your bills and that there are no overdue ones.

    Namely, before you move out and transfer your utilities, you should check if you’ve paid all of your bills so far. If not, it’s time to take care of any overdue bills and make sure that everything is in order. While you’re calling your service providers and notifying them about the move, ask them if there’s anything you owe them.

    Check the meters before moving

    The last step you need to do to properly transfer utilities when moving is to have your service providers come over and do a final reading of your gas, electric, and water meters. This is important because you don’t want to one day wake up to a bill claiming you haven’t paid all of your dues. So, keep the reports of these official final readings as evidence, just in case.

    You’re all set!

    After you’ve taken all of these steps, you’re pretty much set and ready to take care of the rest of the move. You can be sure that your new home will be ready and warm once you move in, so you can start going through the other things on your to-do list. It’s time to find movers in New Jersey, pack, and mentally prepare for this exciting change. You don’t have to stress about how you’ll transfer utilities when moving. You can get it done easily and quickly – now you know how.

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