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How to Store Your Memorabilia When Moving to Essex County Locally?

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    The biggest problem when relocating is the fact that we have too many items. Most of them are keepsakes, memorabilia, family heirlooms, or simply items we can’t live without. There are serious cases of hoarding as well and when the time comes for decluttering, it can be extremely hard for you to do it. So, today we will help you prepare your items for the relocations. And to store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally. Do not worry, it is possible to keep everything only if you organize it adequately. Your All Season Movers NJ will help you immensely, but you must do your part as well. Let’s dive right in!

    Which items are considered to be memorabilia?

    Memorabilia is everything you hold dear and you can’t part from. It is a keepsake from our past and it is tied to precious moments we had. They are there to remind us of the good times as well as the sad ones. Usually, those are family heirlooms but memorabilia can be a pencil, a keychain, as well as a piece of clothing. Not all keepsakes are valuable or unique. They hold emotional value primarily. Although, many people have valuable memorabilia that must be handled with care. So, the question is, how to handle your memorabilia while moving? Or better yet, hot to store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally?

    American football memorabilia
    Anything can be memorabilia. A collectible item or a piece of clothing.

    We will provide answers to this question further down the line. More importantly, we will go through each step on how to prepare your memorabilia for relocation and storage.

    Why should you store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally?

    As we said before, hoarding is not a good thing at all. Over time, you will accumulate a large number of precious items you call memorabilia. Those items will clutter the space no matter how valuable they are. If you do not have an extremely large house, you should think about storing them. One way is to rent a storage unit from a regular storage unit provider or from your local movers Livingston NJ. And in case you do have a large home, you can find storage space inside your garage, in the attic, basement, or shed.

    Although why would you clutter your entire home when you can have a tidy one? We understand it is hard to part from it but some of it surely has a different purpose. No matter if this is a piece of furniture or a collectible we are talking about. Everything can be reused, gifted, sold, or kept in a different place for future years to come. Whatever you choose, just do not keep it lying around and do something about it. If you neglect it, those items will grow and over time swallow your home. So, get rid of the emotionally valuable but unnecessary items. We all have those somewhere around the house. And we do not mean you should part from those items for sure. Just find them a great place or better use.

    Locate your memorabilia first

    If you decide to declutter and sort out your memorabilia, you must locate it first. Obviously, you have all your cherished items like family photos, old toys, clothing, figurines, etc. all over the place. And you know exactly where they are. But what about all those items you have stashed behind the bed, in the wardrobe, or in the dark corner of your attic? So, the first step is to locate everything and make a nice checklist. You must sort all those items into categories to figure out what is their purpose and how to handle them. At the same time, you will recall where you obtained them and how. It can be an emotional process but it must be done. Especially if you are moving into a smaller home.

    prepare them and store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally
    Locate all your memorabilia first so you can organize the packing process better.

    Once you locate everything, you should start preparing for the packing process. Indeed some of the items need refurbishing, repairing, or cleaning. And this is the perfect time to do it. After all, you do not want to bring any dust and dirt into your new home. Therefore, locate everything, sort it out, list it down on your packing checklist, and start packing. Once you are ready, call one of the residential moving companies NJ to help you relocate everything safely.

    Prepare and organize

    If you want to store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally, you must find a good storage unit first. Your movers Verona NJ provide a fine choice and arguably one of the best on the market. But whatever you choose, you must inspect the storage unit first. Now when you know how many items you are bringing in, you know what size of storage unit you must rent. You should know that there are several choices ahead. Check out the following:

    • Small, medium, and large storage units.
    • Indoor and outdoor storage solutions.
    • Climate-controlled storage space.
    • Highly-secured storage facilities.

    Now, depending on the nature and the value of your items, you will choose what suits you the most. Or should we say, what suits your budget the most? Usually, this is the problem when searching for a unit. If you want to have an indoor climate-controlled unit with 24/7 surveillance and a guard on-site, you’ll have to pay extra. Moreover, if your storage is located near the city center or in a popular neighborhood, then you’ll pay even more. Therefore, you must consult your storage unit provider and figure out the best combo for you. Maybe you do not need all those tempting perks that are out there. Then again, you surely need some kind of storage service. Hence, find a healthy balance and find a new home for your memorabilia.

    Decide what to throw away

    This part is surely the hardest one. Throwing regular stuff away is hard, let alone your precious memorabilia. But you can’t have it all. As we said before, either rent a storage unit and keep everything there or clutter your home no matter how big it is. And after sorting your memorabilia, you will straight away know what to keep. Those items that you want to remove set aside and do one of the following. You can sell everything online or organize a yard sale. Maybe you can give those items to your friends, relatives, neighbors, or coworkers. Your neighbors will highly appreciate it if you offer to give them something of emotional value as a parting gift. Lastly, you can donate everything to charity organizations. There are people that still need those items which is better than having them lying in your garage forever.

    workshop with stylish hats
    Even if you love them all, you do not need this many hats. Donate some of it for a better cause.

    Finally, if you want to throw any of those items away, do not do it. You can recycle them and throw them back into circulation. Simply donate everything you do not need. Your precious memorabilia does not need to be destroyed. And you will surely feel warmer if you know someone is still using them. Hopefully, you will rent a big storage unit and keep everything. Decide later in life if you want to part with it or pass them on to your grandchildren.

    How to find the best storage solution?

    To find the best storage services NJ you must either look on the internet or find referrals. Firstly, seek out word of mouth as it is the best way to find a good service. If your friends and family do not know any good storage providers in the area, then you should check online. Simply scout the internet until you find a match. What you want to look for is a fair price, a good location, and some of the perks we have mentioned earlier.

    But what is also important is for your provider to be legit and licensed. You want to avoid incompetent and fraudulent companies at all costs. Simply because you do not want your memorabilia stored somewhere where they won’t be taken care of. Or god forbid it be stolen or ruined. Therefore, before you hire a company and rent a storage unit, you must be sure that the company is reputable and licensed.

    Obtain packing materials to store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally

    Now when you have sorted your memorabilia and have found a storage unit, it is time to pack everything. Firstly you must obtain all the supplies required. Find everything you need online or at the local home depot. You can even purchase a complete packing service from your moving company if you like. It can be more convenient if you have no time to do it yourself. Hence, search for the moving services NJ available and figure out if you want packing materials only or a full packing and unpacking service. Although, if you decide on covering this task by yourself, then be prepared to invest time, money, patience, and energy.

    mover using a trolley to move boxes
    Your items will sit in storage for a while. Make sure you pack them in high-quality carton boxes.

    Everything begins with a cardboard box. Make sure you obtain enough of them to pack your entire household. Then, you’ll need packing paper, adhesive tape, labels, and bubble wrap. Also, there are more materials out there than you can think of. You can use Styrofoam, packing peanuts, padded dividers, corner pads, customized boxes, or plastic bins. Those are just a few among the many. And they are a bit more expensive than basic packing materials. Although, they provide better protection as well. So, you’ll have to figure out which items need better protection and purchase packing materials accordingly.

    Who will help you transport and store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally?

    We focused mainly on your memorabilia today. But there are other items in your household that you must relocate. And it matters greatly who will do it. So, you should search for moving companies, in the same manner, you did for the storage unit. Surf the internet, compare prices, read moving reviews, and find the moving service you like. Once you have a few companies listed down, start calling one by one. Figure out if they have all the tools, equipment, and knowledge to cover this task. More importantly, they must be licensed and permitted for work. Last but not the least, you should check their reputation. You can do it on FMCSA or on one of the social media groups. There you can find enough intel about a specific company in a matter of seconds.

    After you find your company, schedule a visit to obtain moving quotes NJ. Yes, you can do it online but this is much better. Free onsite estimates are the best way to obtain the precise moving price and create the safest moving plan. Utilize this free service and ensure your belongings are safe and sound in hands of reliable movers.

    Scout the Essex County before you relocate

    Whether you are moving to Newark, North Caldwell, Millburn, or Livingston, you can’t make a mistake. These towns in Essex County are among the top 100 wealthiest in the entire US. And Newark is the 3rd oldest in America. So, this can tell you that this place is rich in history and it has a steady and blossoming economy. Just like the cherry blossoms that you can find all over the place. Yes, Belleville, the Cherry Blossom capital is located in Essex.

    You will love all the green areas, parks, and playgrounds you can find here. It is truly a diverse and family-friendly place. But it is not all about peace, quiet, and raising a family. You’ll find many shopping places, cozy coffee spots, live gigs, and bars. Nightlife is abundant as well so you will never get bored here no matter if you are going out with your entire family or with friends only. All in all, a promising place for a brand new start. And we are glad you have chosen this one.

    Now all that is left is to call your Essex county movers and start heading there. Now you know how to store your memorabilia when moving to Essex County locally as well. So it won’t be a problem to secure your items and relocate them safely. But do not worry, your movers will help a lot and if you have found a good storage unit, you shouldn’t worry about storing as well. Good luck.


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