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How to store your antique furniture safely

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    Probably the biggest problem that people face during moving is the way of protecting things from various damages. And when it comes to antique furniture, it’s even more delicate. That’s why it’s important to hire the most reliable furniture movers NJ you can find. That’s why today we’ll show you how to store your antique furniture safely as even the slightest carelessness can lead to catastrophic damage.

    What to do before you store your antique furniture

    Before you even start to think about how to store your antique furniture, you need to protect it. In order to avoid the possibility of scratches on the furniture or various other damages, you need to apply the appropriate protection of the furniture. Calling relocation company can help you out. Most of the professional Hoboken movers will know exactly what to do in this case. They will know which material to use and how to store your furnishings in the best possible way.

    watches - store your antique furniture
    We’ll show you how to store your antique furniture safely to avoid damages.

    How to protect your antique furniture

    If you are not sure how to protect your furniture with special types of foil, it is best to leave that job to the experts from the moving company in NJ. Any professional relocation company that cares about the quality of its business will send its workers to your address at the agreed time. Once they arrive, they will protect your furniture with a special, protective foil and make any additional protection. In that way, your furniture is protected from all possible damages.

    If, on the other hand, you want to do it yourself, you first need to get a sufficient amount of protective foil. Then you can slowly, with someone’s help, carefully cover all the furniture you want to move from one place to another. Be aware to wrap it well and know that you will need to clean antique furniture again once you move. It is especially important to pay attention to the protection of any parts that stick out. When it comes to, for example, items with glass parts, it is always good that you protect these parts in an adequate way. Otherwise, it may happen that they are get damaged during transport, as they are more sensitive.

    Preparing furniture before moving to another location

    Once you decide you are storing your antique furniture you need to make detailed preparations. It is not enough to just get a protective foil and hire a moving company, but you need to do a couple of things that will help you with the process. Let’s see what these are.

    Measure your furniture

    Before you start packing and moving furniture, it is necessary to invest a little of your time and measure the dimensions of your furniture that you plan to store. You should do this for several reasons. The first one is that you will know how much protective foil and material you need to pack the furniture.

    The second one is to make sure that all the pieces will fit into the storage. It would really bad to move your furniture without some parts fitting through the doors and hallways of your home. Measure the width, depth, height, and diagonal dimensions of each of your large pieces and take all these measurements into account before moving.

    Invest a little of your time and measure the dimensions of your furniture.

    Check the furniture in detail

    This is perhaps the most important step in preparing antique furniture for relocation. Checking your furniture before moving has several very important purposes. The first one is that by inspecting all pieces of furniture in detail, you can determine all the existing damage so that any possible damage to parts of the furniture would not surprise you when it arrives to a new location. Also, in this way you can be sure that the relocation company has done a good job and that any potential damage was there before they picked it up.

    Checking the furniture will also help you decide which pieces are easy to take with you and which to leave behind. Of course, do not move those pieces that are too old, too worn out, and too damaged. Also, think twice before you pay for the furniture moving services just to keep it in storage and never use it again. In that case, a smarter solution would be to sell it.

    Storage “buys” you time!

    Selling a house and buying a new one can be quite a long process. Very often there is a period of time in which you have to move out of your old apartment. However, you cannot move into a new one. In order not to burden your relatives and friends with your furniture, the best solution is storage. Also, when it comes to antique furniture, you most likely need special temperature – or special storage conditions.

    Another great advantage of this service is that in the case that the transport of things cannot be done at once. Then you would have to pay the rent or lease of both new and old apartments. And that will additionally burden the planned budget for moving.

    Look for special storage conditions, not just any type of storage units

    Also, most storage spaces allow owners to inspect their items whenever they want. And in case of emergencies, a friend or family member can get access to the warehouse as your representative. Besides this, if you have maybe an antique shop, the relocation due to the volume must be done in several parts. And during that time it is necessary to store your items carefully.

    Storage protects your belongings

    Do you really want to take your valuables with you to your new home before you unload and unpack all the boxes? In that way, you risk being the target of local robbers or getting these pieces damaged. The transportation of valuables is a special item in planning. Whether it is a matter of moving in the country or international moving. That is why experts suggest that you move works of art, as well as the fragile items separately from other furniture. If you are financially able to do so, of course. Since these are pieces of exceptional not only material but also emotional value, they need additional attention, special boxes for moving, and safe transport.

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