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How to store musical instruments in Bergen County

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    Trying to find a storage solution is not as easy as one may think. Especially if you want to store something as important as an instrument. Of course, when trying to figure out how to store musical instruments in Bergen County, the first thing you should do is simply contact reliable movers Bergen County NJ. They will know the answer to all your questions and they can help you find the best storage for your situation. But before doing so, take a look at our guide, we have some instructions you will find useful.

    Where to find a place to store musical instruments in Bergen County?

    If you are wondering where to store musical instruments, simply check online for some of the most reliable storage services in Bergen County. You can always call the storage support team and ask if they offer extra insurance, video surveillance, climate-controlled units, etc. You can find many options if you start looking on time. Once you find a solution that suits you the most, you can find more about what is the proper way to store your instrument. The storage support team can also tell you what is the right type and size of the storage unit depending on your instrument, and that is an important part.

    Instrument - store musical instruments
    When trying to figure out how to store musical instruments in Bergen County, the first thing you should do is to contact your local movers and ask them for professional advice.

    Things to consider before renting a storage services

    • Insurance- If you think your instrument is priceless, we recommend that you make sure you get some insurance before you take it to storage. If you paid or invested in your instrument, know that relocation and storage may damage it.
    • Smaller instruments- Those instruments can be carried in boxes or luggage so you may just not need storage at all. In this case, packing services can be really helpful. Experienced movers will know how to properly pack and store musical instruments.
    • Protect your instrument well-No matter if you take your instrument to storage or move it with you, Find a suitable box and try to find a strong protective material because storage workers are not responsible for damage if the instruments are not packaged properly.
    • Storage conditions- What are the conditions of the storage in Bergen County you will rent? You always have time to think and explore your options if you’re not moving in a rush. Instruments can be heavy but they are fragile, do not expose them to something that can damage them.

    Once again, storage options differ from company to company, so we advise you to consult the storage in Bergen County about the conditions of transport of the instrument, as well as storage dimensions.

    Little girl with a musical instrument.
    No matter if you take your instrument to storage or move it with you, protect your instrument as well as you can.

    Additional tips on how to store your musical instrument

    Before storing it, try to find its original box. This will help your movers NJ or your storage workers to know that they are moving and storing an instrument. Plus, the box was made especially for that instrument. If you know how to take your instrument apart, be sure to do this also. That way, it is even more protected from damage. As long as it is in storage, it should look more or less the way it did when you bought it. If you are unsure how to do it, try searching for an online tutorial or call professionals.

    Cleaning is crucial

    Clean your instrument before you put it in storage by using a cleaning solution and a cloth. If the instrument is wooden, make sure you use a chemical suitable for wood. This goes for every instrument. There are cleaning supplies that are made especially for certain instruments and their parts. Besides the packaging, you should also wrap and cover your music instrument with thick and heavy fabric. This will keep the instrument much safer. It will also help avoid dust, mildew, and pests.

    A piano.
    Apart from careful packing, you should also wrap and cover your instrument.

    Think about where you put it in storage

    Besides everything else, you also have to think about where exactly are you going to put the instrument.  Keep your it away from doorways and vents – or any type of moisture. Carefully think about this. You will not be checking on it every day and a little moisture is enough to ruin the instrument completely. Most of them are made from very expensive materials and are fragile more than you think. If you want the instrument to be in the same condition you left it in, it would be best if you could take all means of precautions and protect it in every possible way. Do not be lazy about this.

    To sum everything up

    Now that we have explained how you should store musical instruments, you can get to it. Remember that it does not matter what is your instrument made of or how big it is, it is very fragile either way. They all are. Be extra careful when handling anything regarding packing and cleaning. Your instrument is going to be stored for some time and you do not want it damaged. We hope that this was helpful and that you will follow our tips and suggestion. As long as you do, your instrument will be just fine.

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