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How to store items during a home renovation

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    People renovate their homes for many reasons. Some want to stage it before selling while others simply wish to make a change. But in most cases, people renovate before moving in or moving out. In that situation, you must plan accordingly, pack, protect your belongings, and find movers in Bayonne NJ to help you out. Whatever the case is, the biggest problem is the fact that you must move your stuff around to make space for renovation. So, a proper plan is required and we will help you with it. Let us figure out the best way to store items during a home renovation. Let us begin!

    Store items during a home renovation with some professional help

    Begin your journey by inspecting everything and creating an inventory list. You must list down all your furniture you are relocating and other household items as well. If you are renovating your kitchen, you should pack everything nicely using cardboard moving boxes and label it right. It doesn’t matter if you are moving your stuff to the other room or moving long-distance. The goal is to protect your stuff adequately and keep it safe until the renovation is done. Keep in mind that this process can last for a week and in some cases, months. Therefore, pack properly and avoid unpleasant events. The same goes for each room in your home and all the furniture on the way.

    But shuffling your items around and packing all your belongings requires a lot of time and hard work. This would be the perfect moment to seek out professional help from one of the moving companies Hudson county NJ. Movers offer a variety of moving services that will come in handy in this situation. They can even pack everything instead. Moving services are affordable to anyone and useful beyond imagining. Therefore, think about this option and save yourself some money and a lot of precious time.

    Your friend can help you store items during a home renovation
    Ask your friend to help you out. It might prove to be the easiest solution.

    Ask a friend or a family member to help you out

    Depending on the number of stuff you want to relocate, you can always seek help from family members or friends. You can store items during a home renovation in their garage, attic, basement, or a shed if they have one. It is not an ideal solution because you are moving your items back and forth and such a trip will cost you. But if it is a short distance between you and your storage solution, then you should consider it.

    And if you decide on doing it, you still must pack your items the right way and protect your furniture. Also, you’ll need a proper vehicle to transport all your items. You can rent a moving truck and do it all yourself. Or, as we mentioned earlier, seek help from one of the moving companies NJ and complete this task in a matter of hours.

    Use one of the rooms inside your home to store items during a home renovation

    The easiest way to make your home ready for renovations is to relocate your stuff to the other area of your home. For example, if you are renovating your bathroom, you can fetch all the items that were there and relocate them to your spare room, basement, or garage. This is especially good for small renovations and if your items will be sitting there for a shorter time period. And this one is entirely up to you. You can even place all your stuff in one of the hallways or beneath the stairs. Possibilities are there just figure out the best way of doing it.

    Cardboard moving boxes under the table
    You can put your boxes beneath the table, in a hallway, or in a guestroom.

    A storage container can be a good solution

    Another great solution to how you can store items during a home renovation is to rent a storage container or a storage pod. There are many companies out there renting these beauties and you can easily find one if you browse online. What is really good here is that they will deliver the container to your home. The only tricky part is to choose the right size. But after inspecting everything and if you evaluate the whole situation beforehand, this shouldn’t be a problem. Choose the unit most suitable for you and have it installed in front of your home. Then simply put all your stuff there until the renovation is done. And don’t worry for a second, those containers are designed to keep the content inside safe and untouched by weather conditions. Most importantly, they are well-secured and protected against burglary or something similar.

    Rent a storage unit

    Renting a self-storage unit is the most viable solution. Especially if you are moving to another home or staging your previous one to fetch a better price. Hence, you must know what is out there before renting one. Let us list down a few commonly used and most affordable choices and what to consider when renting:

    Size – There are outdoor storage units and those that are a part of a bigger storage facility. And sizes vary depending on the items you want to store. You have small, medium, and large ones. A small storage unit can fit up to 20 moving boxes and almost no furniture. A medium-sized one can store the whole apartment while the larger one can store your entire home and your vehicle. So, you should browse your options and prices before renting one.

    Storage containers on a loading dock.
    Renting a storage container is a viable option. Think about it.

    Location – Storage units located on the outskirts of the city are up to three times cheaper than the ones located in the city. Of course, if you want your storage near your home, you should prepare to pay a bit extra. But it will pay off because you won’t spend hours driving to your unit and you can always visit it on foot if you need something.

    Safety – As far as it goes for the items inside the unit, you will prepare your items for storage and shield them from pests, humidity, mold, dust, etc. And for the potential threat coming from the outside, there is a solution as well. Some storage units are protected by a simple steel door, lock, and key. But you can rent a unit that has a guard on site, 24hr surveillance systems, alarms, and a reinforced steel door. But it all comes at a price.

    Downsize if possible

    Now when you are shuffling through your possessions anyway, you should declutter your home if you have time for it. While inspecting your items, figure out if anything is unused or if you do not need it anymore. Gather all those items and maybe a few pieces of furniture and organize a yard sale. Or you can sell it all online, give it away to your friends, or donate to a local charity organization. Decluttering will reduce the moving cost and you will use all your storage space much better now when you have fewer items to handle.

    This was it, a few simple solutions on how to store items during a home renovation. It seems hard at first, but you will have this one done in a matter of days. Ensure you have the whole plan written down and execute it once you are ready. Take care and stay safe.

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