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How to start planning an interstate move on time?

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    Moving to a new home is always a complex and interesting process. There are many factors that you need to think about, plan and think on. Depending on where you are moving from and to, different elements of your move and their complexity will wary, however some things you can always count on. Things such as hiring a moving company like movers West Orange NJ, making an inventory list, and planning the packing process are great examples of this. In situations when you are planning an interstate move on time, getting an early and a proper start is crucial and these things can help you with that.

    In order to begin planning an interstate move on time, you will need a couple of lists

    Planning something as complex as an interstate move requires juggling a lot of ideas, plans, and general information. That is why you need to put all of those things on paper if you want to do everything properly and on time. There are a couple of lists that you need to prepare no matter whether you are moving from NY to NJ or to Los Angeles. These are the to-do list, the inventory list, the essentials list,  and the ideas list. All four of these are going to be crucial in planning your move, so let’s get to know them all.

    a person writing in a notebook
    How else to plan a move than by sitting down and devising a plan in your notebook?

    The to-do list

    This is the one list to rule them all. It is an absolute must-have and you will be updating it a lot. Making it is quite simple – The moment you decide that you are going to move, sit down with your family members and start writing down all of the things that you are going to have to do during the entire interstate moving process. You will need to hire one of the residential moving companies NJ, you will need to deal with all the paperwork regarding leaving the old home and moving into the new one,  there is the whole packing planning, etc. All of these things you will write one by one on this list.

    To be most efficient, you can first write down all of the things that you can think of and then group them in the appropriate sections and subsections. While you are writing this list, you can start figuring out how long which of the tasks on it are going to last and what are the steps towards finishing them off. The key with this list is that you will have to prioritize which things are the most urgent. For example, hiring a moving company early can reduce the moving expenses quite a lot. Also, you are more likely to get the date that you desire.

    The inventory list

    This is the next most important list you need to create. You can use it for a couple of things. The first one is the pre-packing phase where you can decide which of your belongings you do not need anymore. There must be some things that have pilled up over the years and that you simply do not need anymore. Some of these you can throw away, some you can gift or donate and others you can sell. Once you are done with decluttering part, you can start planning the packing process. Depending on the size of your home and the time you have before the movers Jersey City NJ arrive, you can start grouping your belongings in groups for packing.

    Inventory lists are one of the key things you need when planning an interstate move on time
    Inventory lists are among the most important tools when planning an interstate move

    Once you do that you can create a moving timeline that best fits your schedule which is one of the crucial steps of planning an interstate move on time. Finally, you should create an inventory list for each room of your home. Then when you start packing you can label every box with letters and numbers. Once you put an item in the box labeled K1 or K2 (short for Kitchen box 1, Kitchen box 2, etc) you can mark that down for each item on the kitchen inventory list. That way once you get to your new home you can more easily unpack. If you have a lot of belongings then during the unpacking phase you prioritize which boxes you need unpacked first.

    The essentials list

    This is a sort of a spinoff of the inventory list. Interstate moves can take a while, and settling in your home is not always over quickly. Essentials list is the list of items that you will need for the first day or two in your new home. So, things you need for personal hygiene, your electronic devices, and their chargers, your medicine, etc all go on this list.

    The ideas list

    This is a bonus list. You should get some sticky notes on your fridge or some similar places. Then you and your household members can add thoughts and ideas that you have in regards to the move. This list is there to add the afterthoughts you will definitely have on all three of the previous lists.

    sticky notes
    Sticky notes on a fridge are the perfect place for sudden ideas

    Check which services are at your disposal

    Since moving to another state is such a complex task, then you really need to be as efficient as possible. Moving companies are one of the best ways to save time and energy. Now, most people think that they are there to merely load your things on their trucks, drive them to your new home and then unload them. However, that is not true. They offer all kinds of additional services such as moving and storage NJ or packing services. As you are planning an interstate move on time, by hiring your movers as soon as possible not just to move you but also to pack your belongings, you will indeed save a lot of time and get yourself some temporal breathing space.

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