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How to safely pack and move collectibles?

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    Moving home can be a challenge, and you need time to prepare to do it right. But if you have collectibles, then it is double the work. For a lot of people collecting certain items is more than a hobby. And they spend years tracking the rare items. Others choose to spend their time creating objects. Once finished, these items have not only a sentimental value but become priceless too. Therefore you need to take extra care when the time comes to move them with the rest of the household items. Movers West Orange NJ have a lot of experience and would like to share with you few pieces of advice on how best to safely pack and move collectibles. These steps will ensure that your collection reaches your new home damage-free.

    Items made out of glass and pottery you need pack securely for the move

    Some collectible figurines are made out of fragile materials that are not easy to transport. But if you pay extra attention when packing them, you will be able to move them safely. So the first thing you need to do is wrap them properly. That way, moving company Jersey City NJ will have no problem moving them. Make sure that you do not put tape directly on the figurines. It will take ages to remove it, and you might damage them in the process. Once you finish, put them into a box in an upright position. When they are standing, they can better endure the relocation. However, do not forget to put at the bottom crumbled paper or styrofoam pieces. It will cushion the items and protect them from moving around.

    glas figurines in a shopping window
    Glass figurines and other fragile collectibles wrap with protective paper before you pack them

    How to safely pack and move collectibles that are still in the box?

    Professional collectors know that the original box is as valuable as the item inside. So whether you have a doll or a glass figurine, you need to protect the box properly for the move. You can rent a plastic box for transport from some of the moving companies NJ. Before you place your collection inside, you should carefully wrap each item. For this, you use acid-free paper. Because if you use, for example, newspapers, the color can leak and stain the box. Also, to safely pack and move collectibles, you can not put duct tape on them. It will get stuck, and once you start unpacking everything, you might rip a piece of the box. So pay extra attention when you start taping the wrapping paper. Once done, make sure there are no spaces between the items inside the big box.

    Stamps posters and letters are the easiest collectibles to pack and move

    Items made out of paper are easy to move, but there are certain precautions you have to take when packing them. Because they are so fragile and can easily wrinkle, you have to use a protective covering. To professionally pack them, it is best to use a simple photo album. Put everything inside and make sure nothing can fall out. It is an ideal solution for stamps, letters, and other small paper items. Once you are done, wrap the album with paper and tape it. Paper packed in this way is completely protected from all accidents that might happen during transport. However, for posters, you can get a poster tube that is ideal for transport. And if you have space, you can put it inside multiple prints.

    bunch of stamps
    The best way to safely pack and move collectibles like staps is to put them in a photo album

    To reliably pack and move valuable collectibles can be a bit tricky

    Coins and other collectible currency can have quite a value and should be kept safe. So to properly move them you should keep them close to you while you travel. However, if that is impossible, then you can pack them with the rest of your belongings. If it is a paper currency, you can safely transport it inside a photo album. Once they are all inside, protect the album with wrapping paper and tape it. Make sure that there is enough rumbled paper inside the box so it can not move around. But if you have a lot of coins, do not put all of them in the same box. It can overweight it, and when movers try to lift it, it can break. So you do not end up with priceless coins spilled all over, use several boxes.

    What to do if you do not want to bring with you collectibles

    If you want to get rid of your collection, there are a few things you can do. Firstly donate them. It is a great solution because donations are tax-deductible. So if your collection has historical value, you can give it to a museum. You can sell them. However, it might take some time because you will get the most money by selling them individually. If that is not possible, take a photo of the entire collection and advertise it on the internet. You will for sure find another enthusiast who would love to acquire the collection. Lastly, you can try going to a trade show. A place where collectors gather and sell their pieces. Here you will for sure find somebody who is interested.

    random items on a table
    If you wish to get rid of your collection, sell it or donate it to a museum

    Take all the precautions if you wish to safely pack and move collectibles

    Whatever you are collecting has value. Sometimes it is monetary, and other times it is sentimental. Whatever the case, to safely pack and move collectibles, you should not miss any steps mentioned above. Otherwise, they might not be properly protected and can get damaged during transport. Therefore make sure you gather all the packing materials. There are a lot of shops in New Jersey where you can find everything you need. But if you are thinking of getting rid of them before you move, you might want to sell them. There are always enthusiasts out there that would love to expand on their collections.

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