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How to Protect Your Fine Art When Moving to Bayonne NJ

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    When you move from one place to another you want your stuff protected. You want to protect your fine art when moving to Bayonne NJ. A lot of our stuff is breakable, and some are priceless for us. They can cost a lot of money. How to protect them from breaking? The best solution to this issue is by hiring movers. They understand and know how to cope with these kinds of items. As one of the All Season Movers NJ has, we will provide the service of moving sensitive stuff. Fine art can be really expensive, and items from famous artists can be sold for millions of dollars. If you decide to move on your own, there are ways to protect them and avoid unnecessary damage that can happen. Be smart, and follow these rules.

    Avoid or limit direct sunlight

    Pictures for example can be sensitive to light. Colors that artists use can change their tone or they could even melt. It all depends on what kind of color was used. To protect them from direct sunlight, you can use packing paper. Wrap it around a picture or item that needs protection from direct sunlight and you will be fine. Packing paper is cheap and easy to find. Movers in Bayonne NJ have all of the packing supplies for moving sensitive items like fine art.

    Pictures on a wall
    Protect your fine art when moving

    Pay attention to humidity if you want to protect your fine art when moving to Bayonne NJ

    Humidity is another killer of fine art. Some things are sensitive to humidity, some are not. For example, jewelry is not sensitive to humidity. Precious metals, diamonds, and gold are not sensitive. But pictures are. If you live somewhere where humidity is high or moving to a high humidity place, you need to consider putting your stuff where humidity can’t reach. You need to seal them inside something like a box. Plastic is preferable because humidity can’t reach threw plastic. Plastic is a cheap and strong material that will do the job. Don’t forget to put styrofoam packing peanuts inside after you wrap it with paper or bubble cushioning. Moving companies Hudson County NJ will do this for you if you are not sure how to manage the task.

    Disassemble furniture if you want to protect your fine art when moving to Bayonne NJ
    Disassemble furniture if you can


    This is maybe the best solution for your issue. Glassine is a smooth paper that is known for being air, water, and grease resistant. It may be a little more expensive than regular packing paper. This should properly protect anything from blemishing the fine art, print, or glass. Search around for glassine, or you could ask your movers in Kearny NJ for help. Or you could let them do all the work and pack for you instead.


    Antiques are something that we all want to save as much as possible for a longer period. Furniture for example can be really heavy. For moving this sort of stuff, you will need help and moving blankets. If you push or pull your antique furniture you risk scratching the floor and making damage to your furniture. If you can disassemble the heavy furniture, do it. And you can easily wrap every piece of furniture with bubble wrap. If you are not ready to risk damaging your furniture, use the moving services NJ that movers provide and let professionals do the job.


    We highly recommend hiring movers when you need to protect your fine art when moving to Bayonne NJ. They know how to manage this issue, and they have all the necessary tools and packing supplies. If you want to do it on your own, you need to be extremely careful. You need packing supplies that will protect your fine art and you need a lot of it.


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