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How to protect your belongings from the rain while moving

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    Moving day itself can be a very stressful endeavor. Just thinking about all that you have to do and everything that can go wrong, is enough to give you a headache. Rain is just one of the many things that can go awry on your moving day. However, it is very much manageable if you’re well prepared in advance. One way of doing so is hiring experienced movers like All Season Movers NJ. Experienced movers have many rainy-day moves under their belts. That being the case they can certainly help you if such circumstances should arise. However, there are things you yourself can do to prevent your belongings from getting soaked on your moving day. Just prepare yourself in advance, and you too will be able to protect your belongings from the rain on your moving day with ease.

    Getting to know the weather is the best way to protect your belongings from the rain

    If there’s no rain, you don’t have to worry about it, right? Exactly! Avoiding rain is arguably the best way to protect your belongings. You can do that by getting to know the weather in your area. For example, if your area is known for rainy weather in spring, try avoiding scheduling your move in the springtime. However, there are always exceptions. You can’t control the weather 100% percent. You also can’t really be sure if the particular season is going to be alike to all previous seasons, especially with drastic weather changes we’ve been having in the last couple of years.

    Nonetheless, you can still do your best to avoid the rain. Your best bet is to stick to the generally rainless seasons and keep close track of the weather forecast. If there’s a longer front of bad weather incoming, you’re much better off postponing your move if you can.

    Rain falling in New Jersey.
    Rain as a nuisance on your moving day can be overcome with proper preparations.

    However, sometimes there’s just so much you can do. There are times when you simply can’t postpone your move. This can be due to multiple reasons. You might have already scheduled your whole move, or you might have to evacuate your home just to name a few. When that’s the case, your best bet is to hire skillful movers with loads of experience, educate yourself, prepare yourself, and hope for the best. If you’re moving from or within Jersey City, there are some movers Jersey City NJ has to offer that fit all those criteria. To ensure the best possible moving scenario even in rain hire only the most diligent and reliable movers. Movers like that will be happy to extend their helping hand and guide you through your rainy moving day.

    Rain or no rain, the move still stands!

    What if, however, your move must happen in the rain? What can you do? The answer to that question depends. If you know it’s going to rain, there are ways to pack your belongings differently so they stay unharmed even in rain. Even though sometimes it’s not possible to move your possessions completely dry in rain, there are sure ways to minimize the effects. Adding some extra packing supplies on top of basic packing supplies can help you preserve your belongings from the rain. However, you can also utilize what you already have in your home, or other packing supplies you own for some sort of protection. That said, the rain can start unexpectedly. For that reason, it’s always best to keep a few safety net supplies that you can use on the go if needed.

    A eoman researching on her laptop to prepare for her moving day.
    Preparation is half the job when it comes to moving in the rain. Research the weather forecast and supplies that you might need.

    When packing your belongings and the weather is unstable, it’s best to prepare as if it’s definitely going to rain. Some of your possessions might not be sensitive to some rain. However, some things are extremely sensitive and prone to water damage. This includes primarily electronics, art, antiques, wooden furniture, and books just to name a few. These almost always require extra attention if there’s a chance of rain. Whether you’re moving long-distance from NJ to FL or moving from NY to NJ locally, keeping an eye on the weather forecast and preparing well in advance is advisable.

    But what can you use to protect your belongings from the rain?

    • Large garbage bags. It might seem funny but these can be very helpful for packing clothing when moving in the rain. Clothes are usually reasonably light and can withstand some water damage. Placing your clothes in plastic bags will surely keep them drier than cardboard boxes. These can also be used for lining the cardboard boxes to protect the contents of the boxes from the inside.
    • Plastic Wrap. This is perhaps the best tool for keeping your boxes and furniture dry. Investing in plastic wrap and wrapping all your boxes from the outside is a smart move if you suspect potential rain on your moving day.
    • Bubble wrap. This is another great tool for keeping your belongings dry. Even if it might not protect the boxes, it can surely keep the contents on the inside dry if used correctly. However, it is important to note that the boxes might get wet and fall apart. If that happens you’re risking damaging the contents of the box if the box falls apart while you’re carrying it.
    • Thick blankets. Thick blankets are great protection gear on the go. If there’s slight rain you can always toss a heavier blanket on top of your stuff. The blanket will keep your belongings dry for awhile. Just don’t expect it to keep everything completely dry for longer periods of time, especially in the heavier rain.
    • Plastic cover. The plastic cover serves the same purpose as blankets. However, being made of plastic, plastic wrap is a lot more water-resistant than blankets. Because of that, it makes a better choice for protecting your belongings in the rain. If you can get your hands on some plastic wrap, you’ll definitely have a safety net should any rain start.

    All of these options are great one way or another. You must decide what suits you best according to the items you are packing and everything else.

    A woman wrapping her couch in plastic wrap, to protect belongings from the rain on her moving day.
    Plastic cover and plastic wrap can keep your belongings dry.

    Moving – the good, the bad, and the rain

    Moving is a peculiar experience. It’s often loaded with both positive and negative emotions. It is filled with heaps of stress as well, positive and negative both. Adding rain to the mix is no good. It would be very surprising to find a person moving that would really wish for a heavy downpour on their moving day. For that reason, while you’re looking for experienced New Jersey movers, the best car shipping companies in New Jersey, or reliable Jersey storages, also look up the places where you can purchase all necessary supplies to protect your belongings from the rain as well. If you do so, your future self will thank you later!

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