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How to protect wooden furniture from damage while moving

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    Wooden furniture is often the most luxurious, beautiful furniture in any room. These are the shiny, antique pieces that are the focal points of a room. Even when we are talking about shelves or coffee tables that are only there to serve their function, you should still care for them and keep them in good condition. This is especially true when in the process of relocating. When working with moving companies Rutherford NJ, you will want to figure out the best ways to protect wooden furniture from damage. There are many ways to do this and many risks your furniture will be under. We will help you solve this problem! Keep reading to find out more!

    Scratches will be your first enemy

    During the move, your primary concern will be not to scratch your wooden furniture. Bumps and hits can scratch and even chip off a piece of your wooden items. Not only can damages like these compromise your item, but completely devalue it, too. To ensure this, you will need to think about two things. How you should pack up your items for the move and how you should transport your items. Let us start with the packing.

    Plastic wrap can help protect wooden furniture from damage
    When it comes to packing, using plastic wrap to protect wooden furniture from damage is the first recommendation and a good one but not the only one.

    Get the best packing materials to protect wooden furniture from damage

    One of the first things that you need to look into is the packing supplies you will be using. There are many useful packing materials that will make or break your move – so make sure you pick carefully. You can also talk to your movers, maybe their moving services NJ include packing supplies which you will know are professional and reliable. For starters, you will want a lot of plastic wrap for all your wooden surfaces. All you need to do is to wrap up each surface and carefully secure it.

    Remember, do not put the plastic wrap directly to the surface. This can damage the wood just like scratches would!  After your wrap it up, you can grab some cardboard and use it to secure the corners of tables and similar items. This will protect them from being chipped off. When it comes to scratches, plastic can work fine. However, for extra measure, you can add some bubble wrap too! This will get your mind at ease and ensure that everything will be in optimal condition both before and after the move!

    Think about how you will transport your items

    The second thing that can help protect wooden furniture from damage when moving is how you handle the items. Once you look through long-distance moving companies NJ and find your pick, make sure you sit down with them and plan out the whole thing. By knowing the plan, you will know how to prepare for the move and what to expect. Think about how you can best transport your items. Sometimes, you can do it by hand, but sometimes, you might need dollies or other specialized equipment. 

    Planning that will help you protect wooden furniture from damage.
    Plan your route carefully! If you consider all the details, you will lower the chances of possible problems along the way.

    Then, consider any obstacles on your way to the moving truck. Is the driveway too long? Are there multiple flights of stairs to go through? All of these will pose difficulties for you and your movers. This is all avoidable with proper planning. Secondly, you should consider how you will pack the items on the moving truck. You do not need to worry about this when professionals like All Season Movers NJ are doing this for you. Items inside the moving truck bounce and jump around and damage each other this way.

    Protect wooden furniture from water damage too!

    As we already mentioned, water and moisture can also cause terrible damage. While you can still use a scratched item, mold can make it completely useless. Keep in mind that it’s not just mold. Humidity can lead to swelling of the wooden materials, too. This is why using that plastic wrap is so useful during a move. Sometimes, especially during longer moves, your items need to be kept in a storage unit. If there is mold there, or you didn’t pack a dry item, then this prolonged exposure will destroy your item.

    What’s more, you can also look into water damage insurance to give your items an extra level of protection. This way, even if there was any damage, you will get reimbursement. This might not be the best way to protect wonder furniture from damage, but you will at least protect your savings! At the end of the day, you might be able to get the same item, or an even better one,  if something goes awry during the move.

    Insurance calculations on paper and a calculator.
    Look into various insurance policies to protect your furniture! Be prepared for all possible situations, just in case.

    Now you can successfuly protect wooden furniture from damage

    Now that we have told you many different things you should keep in mind, you can protect wooden furniture from damage without any additional problems. Just do not forget that, even though wood is hard and seems indestructible, it is very fragile. Know that wooden items will be the hardest to relocate, especially since they are both heavy and delicate at the same time. So, we recommend that you reserve some time only for this particular situation. Follow our suggestions and everything will be just fine. 

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