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How to prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit?

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    One of the best solutions to put aside some of your items is to rent a storage unit. Even more, if you rent a storage unit for a longer period. Because that will get your household into order. However, not everything about renting a storage unit is perfect and easy. One of the bad things that can happen to your storage unit is to get attacked by rodents. Because not only they’re annoying, but they can destroy your precious items. That’s why it’s crucial to prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit. And one of the best ways to begin this task is to hire affordable movers NJ to help you with it. Only after you get help from the best professionals in this field, you can start with preparations to avoid rodent infestations.

    Prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit by not storing perishables

    As the best Essex County Movers will tell you, the biggest mistake you can make is to try to store perishables in your storage units. People who try to do it think this is okay, but they soon realize it was the worst possible decision. Hence, to prevent possible rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit, avoid storing food. The reason is that rodents will smell it easily and they’ll find their way into your storage unit. Then, once they’re done with your food, they will move on to other belongings you store. Soon, by the time you realize this, you’ll lose a lot of items or won’t be able to use them anymore. So, make sure to keep the food out of your storage unit and prevent possible rodent infestations.

    Man and woman picking the plastic boxes to prevent rodent infestations in their NJ storage unit
    One of the good tips to prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit is to go with plastic storage boxes.

    Use the right packing materials to avoid rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit

    When people move, they often get storage services NJ to make it easier. This step helps with handling everything in a matter of days instead of one. However, no matter what your reasons are for getting storage units, you must use the right materials for the job. So, first, one of the standard materials for storing your items in a storage unit is a moving box. However, it has some downsides, as the mice can sometimes chew them. Even if you own new cardboard boxes ready for storage. So, our advice is to think about getting plastic boxes. As they are impenetrable, you can be sure that they’ll prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit.

    Keep your stored items above the ground to keep rodents away

    After you decide what kind of moving services NJ do you need, it’s time to think about more great ways to prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit. So, one of the ways to do it is to raise your items about the ground. Because if you leave them on the ground, there’s a high chance you won’t see them anymore. Especially if the mice decide to finish their job. However, if you place your stored items above ground level, you’ll make the situation harder for rodents. They won’t be able to get to your stored items. Hence, you will have a higher chance of preserving your things and keeping them safe. As for raising items above the ground, we suggest you use wooden pallets. First, they are inexpensive, and second, you can find them on any corner. So, remember this way to keep rodents away from your NJ storage unit.

    Think about using pest deterrents

    Another great idea to keep your storage unit safe from rodents is to use pest deterrents. And that’s why you need to know some of the things that will keep the rodents away.

    As these items are the best, this is not the final list of things that will prevent rodent infestations in your storage unit. Those are some of the cheapest things you can do to keep the mice out of your storage unit. Also, it is quite easy to find a way to use all of those items, so that’s great.

    A bottle of essential oil
    Use strong essential oils to keep rodents away.

    Rent storage units from a reliable company

    When it comes to renting a storage unit, you must get it from professionals that care about their customers. So, as soon as you start asking around for moving quotes NJ, it’s time to find reliable professionals to rent a storage unit from. After all, you would want to keep your items in storage that cares about pests control, right? Because choosing the right place to store your items will help you with the prevention of rodent infestations. Thus, your pest problems will be minimized and you can be calm with your storage unit solution.

    A professional mover holding a cardboard box
    For your safety, choose only the best storage unit companies.

    Can the price play a role in rodent infestation prevention?

    Oftentimes, a higher price means a better product. However, that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to renting a storage unit. In fact, storage units weren’t affordable just a few years back. Therefore, the price was a limiting factor and people avoided using storage units. However, things are so much different nowadays regarding storage. There are so many affordable storages that will allow you to store your possessions properly. So, don’t think that you’ve made the wrong choice if you go cheap and affordable. But instead, commit to choosing a storage unit not only according to price but according to possibilities to prevent rodent infestations as well.

    Are you ready to prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit?

    Sure, rodents are quite persistent and that’s why there’s no universal answer on how to prevent rodent infestations in your NJ storage unit. But by following our simple suggestions and tips, you will be ready to keep your storage unit pest-free at all times.


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