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How to prepare your car for a move

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    Are you thinking about moving or shipping your car? Scared about the prospects of transporting your vehicle and damaging it in the process? Are you looking for good car shipping companies in New Jersey but nothing seems up to par? It’s time for all of your worries to end! All Season Movers NJ are here for you with another amazing article full of moving tips! Today, we will help you prepare your car for a move! If you want to transport your precious vehicle without any stress, hassle, or damages to your car, then you are in the right place! Strap on your seatbelt cause we are ready to go!

    Clean up your car to get it ready for the transport

    For some, cleaning up the car before shipping it might seem like an obvious task. Others, meanwhile, might be puzzled by it. Why do you have to prepare your car for a move by cleaning it? Do you not expect it to get dirty while it’s in the transport? Well, the reasons for this are plentiful!

    a puppy in a car
    Get everything out of your car before moving it!

    First, any dirt and dust covering your car can hide and cover any scratches and dents that your vehicle might have. When you wash it, you will be able to notice these with ease. You can note down the shape your car is in, which will then help the insurance company and Hoboken movers as well. What’s more, dust can stick to the car and then damage it this way. Specs can cause scratches, or destroy the paint. So, a good wash before you send your car going is a must!

    But it’s not only the outside of the car that you need to worry about. You should also clean up the inside of your car as well! The reason is simple. Your car can get shaken around during transport. If you leave something within it, then things can fly around and damage or stain your car. So, remove everything that’s not secure. Do not forget about your air freshener or spare change – these can hurt when bouncing! The same applies to cables and electronic devices – anything that can suffer damages.

    Think about the gas when you prepare your car for a move

    There are two things that can happen to your car during the move. First – you will drive your car around yourself. Here, you will want to fill it up with all your boxes, and then simply sit in it and drive into the sunset. The other is to have a company like All Season Movers NJ help you with this. They will secure the car for you and then transport it. However, you will still have some preparations to do!

    car gas
    Make sure you have enough gas for the move!

    When you are driving your car, you will want to fill it up with gas. Plan to have enough gas to get to your destination. If it is further away then your tank can cover, then plan for gas stops. Motel stops might also be a smart idea – but you will need to figure out a way to secure your car and your boxes in the meantime.

    Conversely, if a company will take care of your car, you will want to completely empty the tank. First, you will not drive it, so there is no need for the car to be full before the move. Secondly, a full tank will make your car heavier. This means that you will have to pay more for the move. Also, more weight means more risk to the shipment – so you want to avoid it! In order to prepare your car for a move like this, try to ensure that your tank is as empty as it can possibly be!

    Things to check before you ship your car

    Before you are transporting your car, there are two things into which you will want to take a look. First, ensure that there are no leaks in your car. Before it gets into the truck, ensure you have checked the undercarriage. There are some items movers won’t move, and a leaking vehicle is one of these things!

    You should also think about checking for leaks some time prior to the move. You do not want to discover a leak on a moving day! If you find out something’s wrong before, you will have ample time to get your vehicle to a repairman. Remember, you want your car in an optimal condition in order to best prepare it for a move!

    car tire
    Check your tire pressure before you move!

    The second thing you want to check is the tire pressure. Tires can be risky to transport if they are under-inflated or over-inflated. A lot of people are temp to go for either one of these, but finding the right balance is the best bet! Otherwise, you can raise up the odds of tire damage – which you will not want to happen. This usually happens when movers are loading or unloading the car – but it will not happen if you check the tire pressure before the move!

    Prepare your car for a move by locking it

    When you have to prepare your car for a move, there is a lot to think about, obviously. But, finally, after you are done cleaning up your car and checking the leaks and tire pressure, there isn’t much to do! All that’s really left is to contact us! Then, we will come over and load your car on our transport truck. From there, all you need to do is lock up the car. Since the next time you see your vehicle will be when we deliver it to your new home, there is no need for it to remain open. This increases the safety of your car and protects it from theft. With that, your car will be ready for the move!

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