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How to prepare furniture for your Livingston move?

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    Many people think that relocation is simple and easy. But in fact, it is not. You need to understand that it is not only about packing everything and relocating it from point A to point B. It’s in fact, much more than that. For instance, you need to know exactly how to prepare furniture for your Livingstone move. Hiring All Season Movers NJ will significantly help with the moving process, but there are some other things that you have to do on your own. But don’t worry. In just a few simple steps, you can prepare everything without stressing out much. Even if you are not experienced, you can do it with a small guide. Just make sure you follow each step thoroughly. Your movers are there so you can ask them for any help you need on the way.

    Prepare furniture for your Livingstone move – Where to start?

    A secret to every successful relocation is a good plan. In fact, almost every process requires a plan. You can’t just do things without following some steps first. It is the same thing for the furniture and how to prepare it. There are things you must consider and know first, in addition, to prepare it properly. Your movers Livingston NJ will help you out with the loading and unloading part, but everything else is depending on you. What you can do, is make a plan with them. They are more experienced in these things than you. So you can feel free to ask them for advice and help if you need some.

    Furniture placed in a living room.
    Prepare furniture for your Livingstone move on time.

    After you have discussed everything with them, you should write down everything that you need to do. Having everything written in front of you and following each step is easier than overthinking. This will also reduce the stress you can get and you will finish things much faster.

    • Think about what you want to move first. There might be some furniture elements that you want to sell, donate or store for some other purpose. There is also a big possibility that you will buy some new things as well.
    • You need to take measurements of every piece of furniture, door, and hallway. Sometimes it is not easy to take out a big sofa through some doors, so you need to be prepared.
    • Don’t forget that you will have to clean everything before you start disassembling and packing.
    • Get the needed supplies for smaller parts and tools such as small cardboard boxes, zip ties, plastic bags for the freezer, and so on.
    • Since you will have to disassemble everything, you need to prepare yourself with the tools and all the equipment you need to do that.

    Do you need to take all of your furniture with you when you are moving somewhere?

    No matter if you are moving very often or this is just once in a lifetime opportunity, taking all of your furniture makes no sense. There is no need in taking everything with you. First of all, you should know that there is a huge possibility that some of your furniture elements won’t even fit inside your new home. And you will just end up with a lack of space if you pack and relocate everything. Your movers NJ to NYC can confirm this fact. Also, depending on the look of your new home, your old furniture might not be suitable. There is a huge possibility that the colors won’t match and that it will be too colorful. You for sure want to avoid that. For this reason, it is better if you consider buying something new. For your new home, to give even more fresh feeling.

    Another interesting thing that you can do is that you can earn quite a lot of money if you decide to sell your previous furniture. You can earn enough to buy new and better furniture that will completely fit in with your new home. And, if you don’t want to sell or get rid of anything that you own, but you can’t find enough free space for everything, there is another solution. You should find a storage unit that is suitable for your needs. And you can store whatever you want there. It will be safe and protected. You will always have access to that, and whenever you need things from there you will be able to use them. And at the same time, you will have more free space at your home.

    Person measuring furniture
    Make sure to take measures for every piece of furniture.

    How to prepare furniture for your Livingstone move?

    After you have decided what furniture elements you want to take with you, and which ones you are leaving behind it is time to prepare furniture for your Livingstone move. It won’t be that hard as it might seem, but there will be a lot of work to do. So, the first thing that you should do as it is written above is to take measurements. Measure all of the furniture and write down everything so you for sure remember it. Measure all the doors, and hallways where you need to go through so you can take everything outside of your previous home. It goes the same for the new home where you are relocating.

    Together with the movers from the residential moving companies NJ has provided you with, make a plan on how to take everything outside and inside. In the meanwhile, start cleaning everything with a proper furniture cleaning cleanser, so you can start with the disassembling process.

    Disassemble your furniture before the move

    Since this is very logical, you probably already know that disassembling furniture is mandatory. It is not hard to do it, you just need the proper equipment. There are moving services NJ that can help you out with this as well. So don’t worry that much. First, prepare the right equipment and tools right next to you so you don’t lose track of the small thing that you are removing. All the nails, screws, and things that are similar to these need to be secured. Remember that you must remove all the legs from tables and chairs. The more things you disassemble, the easier it will be to pack them and relocate. Also, keep in mind that this part will take the most of your time for sure. So it will be better if you start on time and focus on this.

    Screw driver and tools.
    Make sure you have all the needed tools and equipment.

    Take care of your expensive furniture

    Many people forget that furniture can be quite expensive. It’s not like you change your sofa or dining table every now and then. That is the reason why you should protect your furniture when moving. You want to avoid every possibility for breakage or even damage. Just make sure you are careful and that you pay attention to everything that you are doing.


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