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How to pack your glassware for storage

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    There are many things one person must take care of when preparing items for storage. Generally, none of them are easy when you list them and they just look like a pile of obligations waiting for you. Yet, at some point, you decide that not all of them have to be done at the same time and that some require more time and patience while others do not. One of those tasks that will definitely take some time is packing and especially packing of fragile items for storage. In this article, we will help you as much as we can when it comes to glassware. Why glassware? Because it is extremely problematic when not handled properly and can get damaged over time as it stays in a storage unit, untouched. Let us see what can you do to pack your glassware for storage the right way.

    Is it really that complicated to pack your glassware for storage?

    Technically, packing is not complicated if you know what to do and how to do it. Yet, a problem can easily happen and things can go bad in many ways when it comes to glassware due to its obvious fragileness. On top of that, packing glassware for storage means you are packing it in order for it to stay safe for a longer period of time. Of course, you will have the help of movers West Orange NJ and they will know what to do in terms of transport. Still, the packing will be more or less up to you. There are numerous things to watch out for and many ways you can approach this. We will try to be concise and simple.

    Water being poured into and around a glass.
    Things can get very messy very fast if you are not careful.

    What to do and how to do it

    Again, you will have many steps but the first one is simple. Call and hire moving companies NJ to book your date with them. They will help you with the transfer and will be more than happy to follow labels on boxes that contain fragile items such as glassware is.

    Use only the best packing supplies you can find

    When you are packing something as fragile as glassware is, you must do everything you can in order to keep it safe. This is more than necessary, especially because it will be in storage for a longer period of time. Finding high-quality supplies and using them the right way is the key in this situation. We suppose that you already know what to get. From bubble wrap, cotton sheets, sturdy cardboard boxes, and similar stuff, to other protective supplies you think will be useful. Also, what people often fail to realize is the fact that you have to use all those packing supplies the proper way and not just buy and rely on the fact that they are new.

    Pack your glassware for storage the proper way

    When you gather up all the supplies that you think you need, you will have to use them in the appropriate way. Throwing newspaper everywhere will not help and just wrapping glasses in cotton fabrics will not help either. You need to be smart about this. It would be wise to cover all of your glassware with cotton if you can. After that, you can gently wrap it up into bubble wrap because of the transportation to the storage unit. Before you put any items into boxes, make sure that your boxes are filled with foam padding or with bubble wrap. Cardboard is great but an extra layer of protection inside of it will do wonders. Also, some newspaper between the wrapped glasses is also a good way of using extra protection, just in case.

    Hands packing something in brown plastic paper.
    There is a proper way to approach this and pack your glassware for storage. You cannot just put on tons of bubble wrap and think that you are finished.

    You can always hire professional help

    Another option you have, and one that many opt for, is hiring professional packers to help you. It might seem like too much at the moment but if you want to make sure that all of your glassware is completely safe, then this is the way to go. Packers will bring their own materials and professional packing supplies and will know what to use on what in order to ensure the safety of each and every item you own. Do not think that they will just take your money. They will surely save your precious items. Especially if some of the glassware you own is old and you want to preserve it in the best possible condition you can.

    Place your glassware properly amongst other items in the storage unit

    A common mistake and one that practically reverses everything else you did. Even if you protect your glassware completely and do everything that we have emphasized you should, placing your items wrongly can lead to damage and breakage. It is not a wise choice to put boxes full of glass one on top of the other. It not wise either to put them underneath other boxes. The best options are either for you to place the boxes in corners, on shelves, or on top of other boxes but only if they can be balanced well enough not to fall. Putting boxes full of glassware on the floor and in the corner is great because they cannot fall and because you will always know where to look for them. Placing them on shelves is also a good idea but you must make sure that they won’t fall at any moment.

    Black and colorful boxes stacked.
    You can stack boxes on top of each other but you have to very, very careful how you do it and what is in which box.

    Remember to be careful and you will be good to go

    As you can see, you can pack your glassware for storage without too much trouble but it will consume more time than you are probably ready to give. We recommend you to be careful and clean your glassware. Other than that, follow our instructions and you will be just fine. Good luck! 

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