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How to pack your garage before the move

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    Once you decide to move, you need to start planning. Because even packing can take time, and cost you money if you do not do it properly. Yet out of all the rooms in your home, the garage is one we usually leave for the last. For not only is it full of tools and car parts, but we also often use it as a storage space. Thus it is probably filled up to the brim, making it hard to decide where to start first. However, once car shipping companies in New Jersey transport your vehicle, you should not delay. We have a few tips that will help you pack your garage before the move.

    Before the move gather all the necessary supplies for packing

    The materials for the packing are essential if you wish to have a stress-free move. They will help you sort everything in individual boxes and keep it secured for transport. Without them, you are in danger of ending up with an injury or damage that can cost you a lot of money. Movers Jersey City NJ always recommend investing in the best quality materials because they will last longer. But if you are looking for ways to save money, second-hand will do. Therefore ask your family and neighbors if they have any leftovers from their last relocation. Such as cardboard boxes, duct tape, bubble wraps, and plastic sheets. Also, you can check out local stores, markets, and bars. They usually have a few extra boxes they do not need.

    two boxes
    Pack your garage before the move with high-quality cardboard boxes.

    Once you decide to pack your garage before the move you need to declutter

    Since the garage is the most convenient place to store everything, it is usually full of items that you do not need anymore. Therefore, once you decide you are moving from NY to NJ, you need to get rid of some of the clutter. But keep in mind that you will probably need a few days to declutter everything. So start by going through all your belongings and throw away everything broken and too old. Make two piles, one for everything you will keep and the other with things you do not need. And if you are looking for a way to profit, the best thing you can do is organize a garage sale. Invite your friends and neighbors and have a fun day selling everything. But do not forget to advertise few days in advance, so it reaches a lot of people.

    Pack your garage and label everything before you relocate

    A mistake many people make is not labeling their boxes. The problem with this is that once everything arrives at your new home, you have no idea where anything is. Therefore before affordable movers NJ relocate you, you need to ensure that everything has a proper label. So once you start to pack your garage before the move, make sure you have a good labeling system. For example, you can use different colors for different items. But whatever you decide, it must be easy to read for you and the team moving you. Also, do not forget to write a warning on breakable items. A sign that says fragile will ensure that they handle it with care. Likewise, always put a label in a visible place.

    in a raw two markers and three stickers
    Do not forget to label every box so you know what is inside.

    Items to avoid when picking a garage before the relocation

    Certain items are too dangerous for transport. Some of them can explode. Others, if there is a leak, can damage the vehicle. Therefore before you start packing your garage for the move, ask residential moving companies NJ for a list of these banned substances. For instance, items like fertilizers, propane tanks, motor oil, and fuel are deemed too dangerous. And by law, moving companies are forbidden from transporting them. Unfortunately, there is a big chance you have some of them present in your garage. So before you start packing, put these materials into a separate pile. You need to properly dispose of them because most of them are toxic and highly flammable. The worst thing you could do is throw them in the garbage or pour them down the drain.

    How to pack your garage tools before you move

    With some items in your garage, you need to take extra care when packing them. Things like tools and garden gear, if not properly secured, can cause injury and damage. So before you start packing them, you need to make them safe for transport. Firstly, secure all the small tools inside a toolbox and tightly seal them. Make sure there is no way it can accidentally open during the move. Secondly, large garden tools like rakes, brooms, and shovel wrap tightly with a blanket so they can not move around. For extra security, wrap them with duct tape. Lastly, all the sharp items individually wrap with bubble wrap. Ensure that all the sharp edges are covered and secured.

    Row of different tools
    When you start packing your garage be extra careful how you pack the tools.

    With proper planning, it is easy to pack a garage

    To pack your garage before the move properly, you will need a few days. But with the right planning and a system, you will be finished in no time. Because this is a place with the most junk, you should declutter first. Everything you do not need, you can sell or donate to a charitable organization. Next, gather all the supplies you will need, boxes, plastic sheets, and duct tape. Start packing everything but be careful to not overload the boxes because you can injure your back like that. Also, once you pack a box and seal it, always write on the side what is inside. By labeling, you will have an easier time unpacking.

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