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How to pack your book collection before moving abroad

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    There is nothing better than a good book. And if you love to read, then you probably have a large home library. This is wonderful, but in case you are planning to move, it can become a problem. Because books might look sturdy, but that is not the case. They are fragile and need to be protected. Especially older and more valuable pieces. And when they are stacked together, they can be quite heavy. Since not many people know this, they make mistakes when packing that can cause damages. Movers West Orange NJ have a lot of experience on how best to pack your book collection before moving abroad, which they would like to share with you. With these simple tips, you will be able to safely transport them to their new home.

    To pack your book collection before moving abroad easily, you will have to declutter

    Not many people realize this, but a lot of moving companies charge per weight. So if you have a bunch of heavy items, you will have to spend more money on moving them. And there is nothing heavier than stacked books. So before you choose one of the moving companies NJ to help you relocate, you should thin out your library. However, if you are a true book lover, this might not be so easy. Therefore start by going through all your books and deciding which ones you can live without. But do not throw them away. There are plenty of people that will enjoy them. So pack a separate box that you will not keep and gift it to your friends and family. Also, you can always donate it to the local public library or a school.

    tied books on the floor next to the box labeled Books
    Before you pack your library for relocation abroad you should get rid of some of them

    If you intend to move your library long-distance you will need boxes for packing

    Books separately are not that heavy. But together packed, they can weigh a ton. Therefore to pack your book collection before moving abroad, you will need sturdy boxes. One of the options is to rent them from a moving company Jersey City NJ. Or if you want to save money, ask your neighbor and friends if they have any. However, be careful secondhand boxes might not be so sturdy anymore. And they might break, especially when you put too many books in them. Also, make sure there is no mold or dampness in them. Which can happen if they were in the basement. It is particularly dangerous for books to spend any time in a humid environment. Because they can get damaged. Because books are heavy, choose only medium size boxes. It will be easier to carry them.

    You need to stack the books so they are safely packed for your move abroad

    There are many types of books and proper ways to stack them inside the boxes. Otherwise, they might get damaged during the transport. Therefore do not make a mistake and just randomly pack them. Because they are more fragile than they look. It is why moving companies always advise you to stack hardcovers vertically if you wish to professionally pack them. If their spines are in an upward position like in your library, it will protect them from all the bumps during transportation. Also, if you have older or more valuable books, it is a good precaution to wrap them individually. On the other hand, stack paperbacks on top of the other. If you stack them vertically, there is nothing to hold them, and they will bend and get damaged. Also, always pack them tightly, so there is no space in between.

    man putting book into a box
    To properly pack your book collection before moving abroad you need to make sure they are stacked right

    Always secure the boxes once you are done with packing your book collection

    You never know what might happen, so you should always secure all the boxes properly. Once you put all the books inside, seal them with duct tape. It will keep them safe from opening during the relocation. Also, if you are using secondhand cardboard boxes that are not so sturdy anymore, you should double secure them. Before you put anything inside, tape the bottom seam of the box. That way, your books will be properly packed and secured for transport. Since you will have a lot of things to pack besides the books, always label the boxes. That way, you will be able to find anything you need once you move into your new home. 

    Properly put the packed book collection into a moving truck

    Unfortunately, not many people know how to pack their belongings into a moving truck. And they end up making mistakes that can cause damages and end up costing a lot of money. Therefore once you have all your books packed, put them on the bottom of the van. Because they are heavy and tightly stacked, they can withstand a lot of weight on them. So you do not have to worry that they will rip or get bent. However, you need to properly secure the boxes for the move. If they fall on something fragile, it will break. So tie them down and secure them to the walls of the truck.

    woman putting a box into a van and a man carrying a box
    Books are heavy so you should always put them on the bottom of the van

    With these tips, you will be able to properly pack your book collection before moving abroad

    Wheatear you have paperbacks or old books, they are all valuable. And you should properly pack your book collection before moving abroad. So that they are protected and safe for transport. However to save some money on the move you should lighten your library. You can donate the ones you do not need anymore to a charitable organization. Also, gather all the materials for the packing. Sturdy medium size cardboard boxes are the best. Tightly pack them and do not leave any empty space in between. Seal the boxes with duct tape and label them. Once they are ready to load into a moving truck, make sure they are secured. And do not put them on top of fragile stuff. With these simple tips, you will move your library to their new home quickly and damage-free.

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