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How to organize your NJ storage unit for frequent access?

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    Once you make a decision that renting a storage unit is a good investment there are a few more things to do. First of all, you need to understand that you must organize your NJ storage unit for frequent access. Don’t worry, because it is not as difficult as it may sound. With the help from affordable movers NJ has you will be able to manage it without difficulties. For sure, you can also do it on your own. And for many people, it is even better this way. But, it won’t hurt if you get some piece of advice from professionals like your movers are. Figure out a plan for storage organizing, and then you can start. realizing it. Without a good plan, you won’t be able to manage everything as you should.

    The first rule when you are trying to organize your NJ storage unit for frequent access is to make it spacious

    The main key for every storage solution is the space you live inside. We are talking about storing some valuable items for a long period of time. They will probably be packed inside boxes, and these things won’t have that much fresh air to flow around. That is only one of the reasons why you should leave your storage as spacious as possible. So, the fresh air can flow. And at the same time, another reason why you want to make space is so you can come inside and not worry about breaking anything. You want to be able to access each box that you stored.

    Storage units with orange doors.
    Make sure you organize your NJ storage unit for frequent access.

    Of course, the best solution for this would definitely be leaving a clean path or row in between all boxes. Or maybe even simply store things along the wall, and in the middle leave it empty. Whatever you decide in the end to do, you need to make it spacious. However, you should definitely consider asking your Essex County movers for a piece of advice. They will explain to you what is the best way to keep that storage of yours spacious.

    The most important equipment you will need, are definitely storage racks for placing your boxes at

    Having a storage unit means you will most likely have tons of boxes with your belongings in there. Normally for a longer period of time. And most likely, when you use storage services NJ has, they come in completely empty. So, you are the one responsible for the organizing and the appearance of it. Don’t leave your boxes on the floor at any cost. You will need to either buy or make storage shelves for this purpose. This is mostly in case of some floods or leakage. You don’t want your belongings destroyed and damaged because of water and you not placing them properly.

    There is also one solution for the beginning. Until you get those storage racks, you can use wooden palettes. It is on a higher level than the floor. In other words, your boxes won’t be directly on the floor. And it is just for a short period of time until you make everything and organize it in the way you should. Also, when you start organizing your boxes, it is important that you put the heaviest ones on the bottom shelf. And as you move above, place lighter ones. Definitely keep an eye on the boxes with fragile items. Make sure if you have fragile items that they are secured, so they don’t fall down or something.

    Storage units with white doors.
    You also need to be certain that you chose a suitable storage solution.

    Packing your belongings for storage plays a big role when you organize your NJ storage unit for frequent access

    Packing is important for a few reasons. The first one is to protect them properly. And so that they can last longer. Now, the other reason is accessibility. When you need a certain thing from your storage unit, you should know exactly where that thing is. Or in other words, how to get it without making a mess around. There is no need in going through every box you have in that storage unit until you find what you need. So pack those things properly. Sometimes, you can check out what kind of moving services NJ movers can provide you with. Because sometimes, packing services might be included in this one. Which is exactly what you need. But if you want to do it on your own, you will need a few supplies first.

    • boxes
    • wrapping paper
    • duct tape
    • scissors
    • styrofoam balls
    • newspaper
    • markers and stickers

    Firstly pay attention to fragile items. And pack them carefully. After that, you will need to pack according to a plan. This also depends on the things you are storing. But, for instance, pack all electronics next to each other. And put them in the same row of a shelf. Make sure you label those boxes with stickers so you know which row is for what.

    In addition, to prevent mess and save time, you will have to declutter often

    Make sure that you don’t neglect your storage unit. You should make frequent visits there and declutter from time to time. Firstly, cleaning is necessary. Just wiping dust often can make a big difference. Also, make sure you keep track of the expiration and usage of your belongings. Or as it is in other words, if something is broken or not in a good condition anymore, simply throw it away. This way, you will be able to add new things to your storage when and if needed. You can take a piece of advice from your residential moving companies NJ has and ask them how to maintain this. They probably know the answer and have a solution.

    Empty storage unit.
    You are the one organizing your storage unit, so make it right.

    You should get a proper lighting solution

    Spending time at your storage unit is normal. And to make sure you organize your NJ storage unit for frequent access in the best way possible, you can’t forget this detail. Even though it seems like a non-important one. But, the light in your storage unit is important. For sure, when you are not around, your things will be in dark. But when you spend your time there, you want it to be in good lighting condition. Some people like doing work, or even reading books in their storage units. Imagine doing it with bad lights. It can affect your sight. And also, more importantly, when you search for something, you won’t have to struggle. So, find a proper lighting solution and prepare your storage.

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