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How to Organize a Last Minute Move from NJ to NYC

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    Organizing a move from one place to another can be both difficult, and easy. It all depends if you make the right decision at the time. Are you going to do it on your own or you are going to ask for help from professionals? Whatever you decide to do, there are things you need to know before you organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC. Last minute organization is a nightmare, especially if you are moving long distances and if you have a lot of stuff. Sometimes we don’t have a choice and we must move as fast as possible. One of the reasons is usually a new job in another city or state. If you decide to go with a mover, which is a really good option, movers NJ has to offer are a great choice!

    Why Are People Moving to NYC?

    It is a city where dreams come true, literally. But, this is not a city for everybody. For some, it is a complete disaster. Fast life, a city that never sleeps, noise, traffic jams, and a big crime rate is for a lot of people too much. Opportunities for making money and for a big career are enormous. It all depends on you if you are going to swim in this pool with sharks or if you are going to drown. People are ambitious and they want this fast life full of opportunities. And a lot of people are coming from New Jersey as well.

    The view on NYC
    NYC is a phenomenal city

    New York City VS New Jersey

    The best way is to compare these two cities. New York is much larger and that is why it is easier to find a suitable place. But, you need to act fast. Soon as a free apartment pops out, you must call and schedule a meeting with a real estate agent or an owner. But, the cost of renting a home in NYC is more expensive. The average rent in New York is at the moment $3,000 per month. That is expensive.

    However, the opportunities to earn good money are enormous compared to New Jersey. The median home income in NYC is $70.663. If you are smart and qualified, then the opportunities are enormous for earnings. If you decide to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC with a mover, always request more than 3 moving quotes NJ and compare them. You don’t want to lose money on moving with rogue movers. You will need that money for New York City.

    A traffic jam on the road
    Traffic jams are common in NYC

    Prices in These Two Places

    You are probably thinking that NYC is expensive. And that is correct. Not for all things, but for most. We will compare them and talk about prices.


    Getting by car in NYC can be a disaster. That is why there are other kinds of transportation like the metro that you can use to get where you want. A monthly pass is 24% more expensive in NYC that in NJ. Gasoline is 4.8% more expensive and a one-way ticket is 4% more expensive.


    Utilities are important in everyday life because they can change up and down and they affect our budget. And they are 102% more expensive in the city of New York. You should be prepared for this. The average utility bill is $178.54.


    There is a good thing about moving to NYC when you compare it with NJ. It is cheaper by 18.1% and it is easier to find an adequate kindergarten for your child. On average a family should give $2.264.


    When it comes to food, which also takes a lot of money from our wallets, NYC is a disaster with prices. Everything is more expensive. For example, rice is 75.7% more expensive, eggs 42%, and beef 1kg 60.6%. And the list just goes on. If this is too much for you, plan one day a week to go outside NYC and get what you need. Places around NYC are cheaper. This way you can spare money. You just need a good plan.


    For an inexpensive meal in NYC, you will need 25$, and in NJ 15$. The difference is 66.7%. Imported beer is $10 for a 0.5l bottle in the big apple city. South in New Jersey it is $7. Whatever you compare, NYC is more expensive.

    Keep Your Mind Sharp and Control Your Anxiety

    It is easier said than done. But, the chaos that goes with last minute moving is not going to work for you in any way. That is why you work first on calming yourself down. When people are calm, the decision-making process is much better. If you have a family that is also moving with you, control their nerves if they can’t do it on their own. Talking and good approach is always a path to solving problems that people have. If you are not the kind of person who deals well with anxiety and panic, there is a solution. You can avoid all the stress by hiring movers NJ to NYC, who will gladly organize everything and make your move much easier.

    Focus on your goals

    Whatever the reason for moving, there is always a goal. To make everything easy on you and your family, focus is important. It will be hard because you are leaving your family and friends and you may be going to feel nostalgic. Homesickness will probably also be present. All that can cause stress before you even start packing. When you get in a situation like this, the goal is important. When you have a goal for doing something, it becomes easier.

    The First Step When You Organize a Last Minute Move from NJ to NYC

    The first step is always a good plan. But, we are talking here about organizing a last minute move from NJ to NYC. There is no time for perfect planning. What to do then? The first thing is to find an apartment or a house in New York, pack everything that we need, and move quickly as possible. Sorting things out takes time and it is a boring process. Skip that! Move everything that you have, but only essential things go in your new home. Things from the garage like tools, spare parts, and old forgotten things that we don’t use move to a storage unit. After you finish moving and when you make more time, you will return and separate everything. It is usually done before the move, but these are not regular circumstances. Renting storage is on the list of moving services NJ provides.

    School and utility transfer

    If you have kids that are going to school, a problem can occur. They need to continue going after your relocation. That means the transfer of school records. That is something that you need to do right away after you decide to move. Your kids don’t have to suffer and miss classes or a whole school year because of this. The next thing is your utilities. If you don’t do this, the bills will continue to come to this address and you probably won’t have all that you had in your previous home. Remember that for utilities transfer a few days may pass before they finish everything. That means that you maybe won’t have cable, internet, or something else in the house.

    Help from the people you know

    Many call their friends and family when they want to relocate. You can’t do everything on your own. Some things are just too heavy. When you are in a hurry and you want to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC by yourself, this can be a good idea. Remember to organize them well! Help is always important when moving at the last minute. Usually, the best option is to let professionals like interstate movers NJ take control and do everything on their own. You still need to be involved in all this because movers don’t know what you want to bring with you and where to go. The hard work is on them!

    A moving truck

    This is something that you are going to need. You need to put stuff that you are moving inside something. Again, you don’t have to worry about this if you hire movers. Namely, moving companies Bergen County NJ have the best and latest trucks that are well-equipped for the transport of different things. A truck can also be rented or you can even borrow if you have from who to borrow. But, the truck is always needed. For movers to know what kind of truck they will need, you need to specify the load and what are you bringing. When you request a moving quote, you need to give that information.

    A moving truck is necessary to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC
    A moving truck is always needed!

    Include your family

    When you are in a hurry, your whole family must contribute. You won’t know better than your children what is important for them to bring. That is why you need a good family meeting and then start packing. Everybody is responsible for their stuff. This way everybody will give their best to hurry and do everything right. It is possible to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC if you are an organized person and have skills for managing people. Not all people have that ability.

    A family dancing after organizing a last minute move from NJ to NYC
    Your family can contribute a lot and help organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC

    A Packing Station

    Packing takes a lot of time and it is an activity where you lose a lot of nerves. We mentioned that you should forget about sorting things because you don’t have enough time. You can do that later and throw away unnecessary stuff. But for all those things you are packing, you will need some packing solutions. Some you already have and you can be creative with them in order not to lose time searching for them. Here is the list of things that you are going to need:

    • Boxes
    • Packing tape
    • Scissors
    • Packing paper
    • Bubble wrap
    • Old towels and blankets
    • Markers
    • Color-coded stickers (one color for each room)
    • Plastic bags for screws

    Be creative with packing solutions

    If you are a creative person, when you want to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC, include things like drawers from wardrobes and other furniture to stack things. When you pull out the drawer, just wrap it up with paper or bubble wrap to protect the things from falling out. This way you have spare time and you just put the drawer back with all the things that used to be there. Hire local movers NJ who are experts when it comes to packing. You always have a solution to hire movers for the job.

    Bubble wrap is important for packing when you want to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC
    Get enough bubble wrap

    A moving essentials bag

    This is a bag that contains things that you may need during your move. The content of the bag can be different. For example, if you have a small baby, you will need diapers, spare clothes, baby wipes, creams, milk if you are not breastfeeding, water at 50 degrees Celsius, and so on. If you don’t have a baby, you won’t be needing this kind of thing. But you will need:

    • Passports/IDs
    • Insurance documents
    • Water
    • Spare clothes/shoes
    • Food
    • Mobile phone
    • Other important documents

    Always have this with you. You don’t know when you are going to need it! There are Hoboken movers who can help you and tell you what you need and how to pack the bag.

    An essentials bag
    Always have an essentials bag with you

    Rest before the move

    Because you are in a hurry and you have a lot on your mind, rest before the move. This way you will make fewer mistakes. Rest is important for every aspect of our lives. A good way to stop thinking about moving and causing stress before bed, play white noise on your speakers or headphones. White noise is a constant noise like fan noise, vacuum cleaner noise, and range hood noise. It helps you put yourself to sleep and stop thinking. This is mostly used on babies to calm them down, but it also helps grownups as well.

    Everything Is Easier With Movers

    When you want to organize a last minute move from NJ to NYC, call movers! It is the cheapest, and the best way to move. Everything can be done by ourselves, but at what cost? Think about this before you make your next step.


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