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How to move to NJ from NY as a senior

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    Moving when you’re over 70 and out of your familiar home – many older people are uncomfortable with this thought. Often a move to NJ from NY as a senior is a chance to leave behind all the things that increasingly get in the way of everyday life. That can be steep stairs, a crowded city, or long distances to the doctor or the grocery store. The new apartment will be much better suited to your needs in terms of size, furnishings, and surroundings. To ensure this, you should think about how you would like to live in the future in a good time. Therefore movers NJ West Orange NJ are here to help you relocate as a senior.

    Preparation: Move to NJ from NY as a senior needs to be well planned

    When the moving date approaches, it’s time to start packing. And to the basic question: Do you want to move with the support of family and friends only, or do you let a moving company do everything? There are moving companies that specialize in senior moves. But the thing you need to do before moving from NY to NJ is sorting out. When moving at an older age, the new apartment is often smaller than your previous home. That means you have to sort it out. Familiar furniture, dishes, cutlery, and decorative pieces – not everything can go. Remember: the less you have to move, the cheaper the move will be. Start sorting out a few months before moving day. This way you can look through one room at a time at your leisure. That way, you’re more likely to be able to part with things without filing pressure.

    Brown cardboard boxes
    You need to plan your move to NJ from NY as a senior in advance.

    Organize help with packing, renovation, and carrying

    You should not be afraid to ask your family for help. It is quite normal that in old age you can no longer effortlessly hop up and down the stairs thirty times and you are overwhelmed with the entire effort of such a move in old age alone. If perhaps renovation work in the old or new apartment is pending, the family will certainly be happy to help with the execution of the work. Children or grandchildren will also find great pleasure in helping to pack the moving boxes and listening to a story or two about the respective memento (as long as it is not too long-winded). Therefore moving as a senior can be quite exciting. Also, you can contact movers Jersey city NJ for help with packing and carrying moving boxes.

    Move to NJ from NY as a senior – assistance for seniors

    People in old age are often no longer able to cope with the stresses of organization and coordination of a move. They are dependent on advice and help. Usually, relatives and acquaintances step in and take care of everything that is needed. This often includes comforting and convincing them that the change of residence is necessary and will improve their living situation. Seniors and their relatives can get help from residential moving companies NJ who know this situation and offer appropriate services, which are often gratefully accepted.

    Finding the right type of housing – important tips on the subject

    Before it goes to a change of residence, older people should ask themselves the question, what you can not do without in everyday life under any circumstances or particularly attach great importance. While for one person as much peace and quiet as possible is the most important thing, another appreciates an optimal selection of public facilities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and more in the immediate vicinity. It is therefore impossible to make a general statement about where a senior citizen should move to in New Jersey. However, a good infrastructure should still be a criterion, since doctor’s visits, in particular, are not uncommon in old age. At the same time, it must be clarified whether the person in question needs care or whether this could be the case in the future.

    Move to NJ from NY as a senior
    An outpatient care service should therefore also not be too far from the place of residence.

    The same applies to accessibility

    Rollators, wheelchairs, and other aids for independent locomotion may already be commonplace in the near future. Therefore, when selecting the new apartment, an elevator should be available or the apartment should be located directly on the first floor.

    Consider what items you need to can bring with you and what you  need to leave behind

    If you are moving to a new, smaller home, figure out how much space they will have. Then make a floor plan of the new home on graph paper. Cut out pieces of paper to designate furniture and other important household items. Sit down and sketch out what can go where. Deciding the fate of belongings is one of the biggest challenges seniors face when moving as they age. Deciding whether to keep something is often emotional and not rational. This can easily lead to conflict if you are not moving alone. Therefore, you need to be very careful. Respect your partner’s emotional attachment to their personal possessions.

    The right moving company for a smooth process

    Moving to a new home requires one thing above all: trust in a good moving company. This investment is worthwhile in any case because especially bulky furniture such as closets, beds, refrigerators, and the like can not possibly be transported by older people alone. Some companies have therefore specialized specifically in the needs of seniors and look after their demanding customers from the planning to the implementation of the change of residence.

    Man carrying boxes
    The moving company also provides advice and assistance with the disposal of old items.

    All that effort can be well worth it. After all, when you have to move to NJ from NY as a senior, there are almost always practical considerations behind it, designed to make life more pleasant. Contact moving and storage NJ and make your move easier.

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