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How to move house sustainably in Bloomfield, NJ

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    Handing a relocation can be a rather hectic undertaking. One needs to plan for a lot of things and coordinate obligations that take plenty of time and energy. That is why being eco-friendly falls short of being a priority during this process. However, in order to move house sustainably does not have to take that much of your time nor efforts. Especially if you hire movers Bloomfield NJ to take care of it. Still, you yourself can do a great deal, so long as you plan ahead. Here we will present you with some ideas for making your move easier and more sustainable.

    Opting for a company that is eco-friendly is a great way to make your move greener. Ask around about movers NJ to NYC that use green fuel options, biodegradable boxes, and other methods that are not as harmful to the environment. The company you choose is especially important if you plan on having a long-distance move. CO2 emissions leave quite a nasty footprint on the ecology, which is why fuel options are so important.

    A red moving truck in front of a white building.
    Find a company that shares your enthusiasm for green moving options.

    Other than that, here is what you can do in order to move house sustainably in Bloomfield, NJ.

    Opt for soft fabrics instead of newspaper for the protection of your fragile goods

    This method is not only zero-waste, but it is also a neat way to pack soft fabric items towels, blankets, and linens. Allocate piles for all of your fragile items that require extra support in the boxes. These can include plates, glassware, figurines, art, and such items. You would then lay out the soft materials you have that can be used for wrapping and cushioning. And, if you find that you will still need some newspaper for smaller goods, we suggest that you opt for re-using old newspaper or recycled paper.

    Use packing material that is biodegradable

    Chances are you won’t have as many towels, bedding, and clothing as is necessary for all of your goods that need protection. So, when you run out of the eco-friendly options you have lying around, we suggest that you find some biodegradable alternative to bubble wrap or newspaper. These days there are plenty of options that work just as well as bubble wrap but are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. So, see that you do your research, and stock up on any eco-friendly packing supplies you are going to need well before moving day arrives.

    Rent reusable moving boxes instead of purchasing new cardboard ones

    Boxes are a staple of each relocation. As the most important element of this process, this is only natural. However, boxes are also one of the least sustainable items. They create a lot of waste afterward. Not to mention that finding boxes to pack all of your goods can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

    Stacked cardboard.
    Single-use cardboard boxes are the worst thing ecology-wise when it comes to relocations.

    All of this can be avoided if you find a company that offers box rental options as a sustainable alternative. Luckily, there are plenty of such firms to choose from, and with the help of the Internet, their services are just a few clicks away. Many of them offer pick-up and drop-off services, sparing you the worry about getting the boxes back to them. All you have to do is look up what resources are available in your town or city for box rental, and plan ahead accordingly. Deciding to opt-out of single-use boxes for your relocation is one of the best ways to make this whole process much more sustainable.

    Sell and donate the things you don’t need

    In order to move house sustainably, you don’t have to focus solely on the packing materials. You can make your relocation greener just by donating or selling things you no longer have use of. And, since you will inevitably have to go through your inventory when packing, it would be great to do it before the said process begins. Decide what you are going to keep, and what you can get rid of. Clearing the space before you start moving will help clear the clutter and allow for a more seamless packing experience.

    If you have plenty of personal items that you would feel more comfortable selling, a garage sale is a great option. Organize it a few weekends before the move, and make some money along the process. And, if you would rather donate, you can do some research on the best places to send donations, thus benefiting people in your community directly.

    Think through the recycling process

    Let’s face it, regardless of how much attention you put to it, the accumulation of trash is unavoidable when moving. That is why you should be prepared and think through the recycling process. Chances are, between cleaning and going through boxes, cupboards, and closets, you will find a lot of things you would rather just throw away. And, you certainly don’t want to be responsible for pounds of trash going into the landfill just from relocating to a new house or apartment.

    Tons of boxed scattered around the place.
    This is not the sight to leave behind one’s relocation.

    See that you make a plan in advance for dropping off everything you are getting rid of. So, for example, if you have a ton of old electronics, find out where your local recycling center is for those items. If you are throwing out a ton of old documents and paper, locate a paper shredder and the best recycling center for paper. It would be best that you make piles of what needs to be thrown away and recycled, and plan for taking care of those drop-offs.

    Sustainable moving does require planning, but it is worth it

    We won’t lie, moving house sustainably does require planning, the help of professional movers, as well as patience and creativity. However, it really is worth it, as your effort is directly correlated to the health of our planet. So, we suggest that you try and enjoy this more thoughtful mindset when moving, as the Earth will thank you later and thank you plenty.

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