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How to include kids in your cross-country move

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    Kids make everything better. And the moving process is not exempt from this rule. Sure, they might not be able to take care of complex chores and heavy lifting. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a difference and make it more bearable. Having some of the best movers West Orange NJ offers can certainly make relocation stress-free. But if you include kids in your cross-country move, moving can become a fun and joyful experience. Not to mention it will help them cope with a big change.

    Safety First

    We’re aware that this advice is the complete opposite of “include kids in your cross-country move”. Still, we have to say it. Moving house is not a friendly environment for a toddler. It’s loud, it’s chaotic, and they will easily become upset and riled up.

    Most moving companies NJ accommodates know how to take precautions and work around rugrats. But there are still too many ways for your little ones to get injured while the hustle is on. Especially if they already discovered the wonders of running, love zooming around, and giving you mini heart-attacks. Even if they didn’t they will be a distraction, albeit a welcome one. Because you know you just can’t resist cuddling and smooching them all day long.

    Blonde toddler running excitedly
    Watching toddlers run around is adorable. However, it’s best if they don’t do it during moving.

    That being said, it’s best for you and them if they’re not around on a moving day. So remember to schedule daycare in advance. Even better – ask family or trusted friends to take care of them until you’re ready to go. We’re sure they won’t mind and it will leave you with one less thing to worry about.

    Why is it important to include kids in your cross-country move?

    Before you decide how you want to include kids in your cross-country move, you need to make sure they know what’s coming. To do this, first, you need to understand what it means for them. See the world through their eyes, if you will.

    At this point in life, you already have a lot of life experience. You can see long-term goals and know how they will benefit your kids. However, they won’t see it that way. They only know their little world – safe, familiar, cozy. And now, it’s all about to change.

    Make sure your kids know what is happening and why it’s happening

    If you leave them as bystanders, they can feel excluded, alienated, and can even think of it as some sort of punishment. Like they did something wrong, and now they’re paying for it.

    They mustn’t get this impression. And the best way to do this is to include kids in your cross-country move. And we mean every aspect of it. From planning to decision-making to packing.

    Familiarize them with their new environment

    How many times did you watch your kids play and thought: “How do they come with all these brilliant ideas?” Probably too many to count. Children’s imagination potential is infinite. And you can use it to make them love the very notion of moving.

    Let them fall in love with their new home – before they even see it

    Time may not be abundant when you’re in the middle of a moving process. But you know what is? Cardboard! And it’s an ideal medium to familiarize your children with their new home.

    Cheerful mom playing ukulele while daughter dances.
    If they can imagine the fun, moving to a new home won’t be a problem.

    Take some time to draw a blueprint for kids. Even better – make a cardboard cutout. Then, explain to them how you imagine it and make it a story. Make the house come alive in their mind. Describe the layout in vivid detail. Tell them of all the fun you’ll have once you settle in. Games you will play, nooks and crannies they will explore. Before you know it, they will be hyped about moving. So much so, that you won’t be able to get them to stop talking about it.

    Kids’ way of thinking can make decision making easier

    Ask for their opinion and advice. Not only as a courtesy, or just to make them feel included. But because they can actually help you. The mind of a child is a beautiful thing. They see the world differently. Unburdened by tough choices and devastating experiences. Their train of thought is straight-forward and simplistic, yet surprisingly effective. So don’t be afraid to discuss tough topics and important decisions with them. More often than not you’ll find yourself acting on their advice. And this outlook will be so refreshing and welcome in the chaos of moving.

    Planning is an amazing way to include kids in your cross-country move

    Having a good plan is critical for the success of the move. And your kids can help you with it. Although they might not be organizational masterminds (yet), they can be amazing helpers.

    Make a checklist that will bring a smile to your face

    If your kids know how to write, this is a perfect opportunity to use their masterful skills to make planning fun. Give them colored pencils and some paper and fire away! Let them take notes as you’re listing tasks and inventorizing. Even if they’re not proficient in writing, you can let them help you if you reverse the roles. Take on a mantle of a scribe, as your kids name household items that you’ll be taking with you. No matter which approach you take, it will be great fun and a job done.

    Mother and daughter drawing on a moving box
    Labeling boxes can mean tons of fun for the entire family.

    Kids can make packing fun

    Packing is one of the most boring, tedious, and time-consuming activities during relocation. That is – unless you have kids to help you. In that case, it becomes amazing and fun for everyone involved. Just imagine: there are boxes everywhere. And those boxes can be cars, planes, submarines, spaceships. They can be shooting hoops for excess packing materials. Of course, no move can be complete without the box fort. It just cannot be done. And don’t even let us get started on the bubble wrap. So, if you’re not using packing services movers NJ to NYC offer, include your kids in the packing process and you’ll have a blast.

    Let your imagination run wild

    Moving can quickly turn from difficult to joyful if you let your kids partake. It will help them cope with moving stress, and let them feel important. Because, hey – they are grown-ups. They are helping! So don’t think of them as some fragile little things that need to be sheltered and protected at all times. Instead, include kids in your cross-country move, and let them elevate the moving experience to a whole new level.

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