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How to Handle Clutter When Moving from Verona to Livingston

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    Moving can be quite boring and time-consuming. It is hard, complicated, and costly most of the time and that is why no one likes it. Probably the only positive side of the relocation is the fact you are starting a new chapter in your life. Some people move because of a better job or to find a better home for their families. But whatever the reason is, you can’t escape all the moving tasks. You should hire All Season Movers NJ to assist, you, prepare an adequate budget, covering legalities, and packing. Also, you should handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston if you have time for it. And we highly advise finding time because decluttering process is highly beneficial. Let us explain why and show you how to do it right.

    Do you have a moving and packing plan ready?

    Before you handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston, you must create a moving and packing plan. There is an order of things and you must cover moving tasks gradually. Therefore, start with a home inspection. Check out all the places inside your home to figure out how complex your relocation is. Visit your loft, garage, basement, and backyard. You surely have many items there that you must sort out. Once you gather all those items on your moving checklist, note down the irregularities in the environment as well. Inspect stairs, hallways, doors, floors, and especially narrow corridors. If there is anything your local movers NJ should know about, advise them on time. All in order to conduct a safe and efficient relocation. Moreover, while shuffling through your items, you should focus on the clutter you possess.

    a couple packing moving boxes and trying to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston
    Locate all the clutter and create a packing plan.

    There are surely many items in the areas we have already mentioned. You will sort out your items for packing anyway. So, this is the perfect moment to sort out and set aside all unused, outdated, broken, or not-needed items. Those can be old toys, electronics, appliances, furniture, and other miscellaneous items. Check out if anything can be refurbished or repaired before you decide on throwing it away. And if you have expensive items there, take them to the local pawn shop or art dealer for an evaluation. Maybe you have something expensive and you do not even know about it. Usually, that is the case with old furniture, artwork, coins, stamps, and similar collectibles. Lastly, after you set everything aside and figure out what is going with you, you can call your movers Livingston NJ, and set things in motion.

    Utilize moving services to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston easier

    If you decide on taking any of the old items with you, it will surely be easier to relocate them if you purchase the right set of moving services NJ. As you know, movers have a plethora of services for you to choose from. Some are more valuable than others and you’ll have to communicate with your moving representative to figure out what is best for you. Maybe you’ll need complete packing service, or to hire cross-state moving specialists. Maybe you want to rent a storage unit or hire a piano moving team. There are countless solutions for your situation. But one service you simply must utilize is the free onsite estimate. All reputable moving companies offer this service for free.

    It works like this. Your movers will pay you a visit and evaluate the situation on the spot. They will inspect the environment to make sure it is safe to work in. Then, they will weigh your cargo to figure out how much time it will take to relocate everything. At the same time, they will decide and inform you if you need one truck or two. And finally, they will establish a loading dock and secure the parameter. This way you won’t bother pedestrians or your neighbors while loading the moving truck. Once your movers complete the evaluation, they will provide you with moving quotes NJ. From there on you can decide if you should downsize and declutter even more to reduce the moving costs. And you’ll be able to apply some of the moving services to make your relocation easier, safer, and more efficient.

    Packing and decluttering go hand in hand

    Now when you have located all your unwanted items, it is time to divide them into two categories. One is the batch of items you will get rid of. The others are items you should keep. And as you must pack for the relocation anyway, you must pack all those items as well. Some of them will go into the storage unit, garage, basement, or attic. Nevertheless, they must reach the other side unharmed. Moreover, those items will sit somewhere and they should be packed properly. Therefore, start with the packing materials. Obtain enough cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, labels, and blister packs. You’ll probably need a bit of packing paper as well to serve you as a buffer between items. Obtain everything at the nearest home depot or purchase online.

    a woman labeling a cardboard box
    Label each box adequately and you’ll be able to find them easily once you need them.

    You can even purchase all packing materials from your movers Verona NJ. Movers offer a great set of high-quality packing supplies. They can even pack you completely if you wish so. But for now, check if they have packing supplies so you can sort your clutter properly. So, take a box, and place bubble wrap at the bottom to create a cushiony environment. You can use blankets and other clothing instead. Then, place items inside and add a crumpled paper buffer. Lastly, once your box is full, tape it down and apply labels. Labels are extremely important for each stage of the relocation. Especially for the items that will sit in your garage for a long time. Once you need them, you should be able to find them easily.

    A storage unit can be the solution to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston

    We understand it is hard to part from all those items. Some of them are in your family for quite a while. Obviously, you will keep antiques, art, and family heirlooms. Those items exceed the monetary value because they are personal and they hold emotional value as well. So, in case you do not want to get rid of any of your clutter, there is an ultimate solution. You can use storage services NJ and keep all your old and unused items there. And there are two ways to get to your unit. One is to rent it from a storage unit provider while the other is to rent one from the moving company. This is your choice entirely but we must advise that moving companies have extremely good storage facilities.

    This is because they must have storage space for moving purposes and they have a huge network of associates. Therefore, having a good storage offer is essential to stay competitive. And again, you will find your storage on the internet. Just make sure to implement your search criteria correctly. Once you find your provider, give them a call, and schedule a visit. You must inspect your unit before renting it. Realize the size of it and if you can fit all your items inside. We suggest you rent a climate-controlled storage unit in case you have sensitive items. Or if your items will sit in the unit for quite a while. And do not be afraid to rent a bigger unit. You must have enough space to sort all items inside and to move around freely. So, check out the medium and large storage units offered.

    How to handle extreme clutter?

    Your residential moving companies NJ will help with packing and moving but they won’t declutter for you. In case you have extreme clutter on your hands, you must hire a professional removal company. There are companies that will for a fee, fill the truck with all your unwanted items and remove it from the site. This is a good solution in case you have a lot of heavy and bulky items. Maybe you are getting rid of all the old furniture. Or you have a cluttered garage full of appliances, electronics, and other materials. And this is the ultimate solution if you possess a lot of construction materials in your backyard. Those can be dangerous to move and some of them are classified as hazardous materials. Therefore, you need a proper disposal company to get rid of everything safely.

    extremely cluttered space
    One of the removal companies can get the extreme clutter off your hands. Think about it.

    You will easily find them online. Just search for local removal companies and soon enough you will find a match. And remember to inform them about specific items you have with you. If you have hazardous, toxic, or hard-to-handle items, they must know about them. Also, you should advise them on the size of your clutter. This way they can bring an appropriately sized vehicle along with all the tools required to remove it. And one more thing, those companies charge by the weight of the cargo. But in most situations, you can’t determine that without the help of a removal company. Therefore, provide the info you can and let them inspect everything once they are on site. Then they will advise on the price before anything else. All in all, this is probably the best way to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston.

    How to get rid of everything?

    If you have finally decided to get rid of everything, there are quite a few ways to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston. Keep in mind that some of the items are still viable for use. And some of them have more than just an emotional value. Of course, those are close to your heart but this does not mean they are not worth a penny. So, check the following solutions and choose what is the best for you:

    • Give all items to your friends, relatives, coworkers, or neighbors. Some of them will find your items useful for sure.
    • Sell everything online. There are more than enough websites and platforms where you can do it. Craigslist is one of them.
    • Organize a garage or a yard sale. Gather all your items and create a nice setup in front of your home. This solution can earn you a bit of money to add to your moving budget.
    • Yes, the easiest solution other than throwing everything away is to recycle. Call the nearest recycling center and schedule a pickup. This service is free.
    • Donate to charity organizations. Check online which of those is close to you and drop everything at their doorstep. Or you can donate everything to a local church. Which is more convenient.
    two people preparing to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston
    Donating to charities is one of the better solutions for removing clutter.

    Whatever you choose, do not let your items end up in the ocean or somewhere in the field. This way you will do your part in environmental preservation.

    Welcome to Livingston

    It is time to hit the road and get ready to settle in the Township of Livingston. You have probably done your homework and you know all about the place you are moving to. Nevertheless, we will provide the basic info so you can have an easier time adapting. So, as you may know, Livingston is a New Jersey suburb with around 30k residents. It is no small place, to be honest. But it is not Ney York either. It is a perfect place to retire or to raise a family with children. You will enjoy the friendly community and diverse people you have here. Job opportunities are good while the median home value is around $500k. Costs of living are somewhere in the middle as well. And this places Livingstone on the positive side of the national livability score.

    As for the other points of interest, you’ll be glad to hear that shopping is abundant, restaurants are great, and there are many cozy coffee places for you to explore. You will find here some of the best schools in the state and the environment is green and healthy. There are many parks, green areas, playgrounds, and open spaces for you to enjoy. And we can confirm you will never get bored in Livingston. There is a healthy number of social events throughout the year you can attend with your friends, spouse, or the entire family. All in all, you will enjoy being a part of this community. And in case you ever get bored, NYC is just 20 min away.

    Now you know how to handle clutter when moving from Verona to Livingston. The entire process will make you feel better and your relocation will be easier. You will spend fewer packing materials and have more space inside the moving truck. But more importantly, you will have much more space in your new home. Decluttering is priceless if you have time and know how to do it right. And now you do. Good luck and stay safe.


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