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How to Find a Cheap Apartment in Essex County

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    If you are moving to Essex county NJ and are on a tight budget, saving up on rent or mortgage can be a huge deal. Finding an affordable apartment can sometimes be an impossible mission. You have to think about the space you want and need, the neighborhood, the commute, and fit all those factors within a specific budget. And you have to do all that before you even think of hiring moving companies NJ. If you need help because you don’t know how to find a cheap apartment in Essex County, look no more. We are here to help you in your search for a cheap apartment. Read more to find out some tips and tricks that will help your search.

    Defining your budget for finding a cheap apartment in Essex County

    Before moving and starting your search, you should have some things in mind. You will not be paying for rent or mortgage only, but utilities as well. This is something that can make or break your budget down the line. You can find the cheapest apartment on the market; however, if the utilities are too high, you will end up paying more. It would help if you started by setting a budget based on your income. If you are looking to rent an apartment, you should set a budget that’s no more than 30% of your income. This will help you avoid becoming rent-burdened or getting something you cant afford. If you are trying to buy an apartment, you should also have this rule to avoid getting into too much debt.

    Some cash, calculator and a notepad to help you calculate the budget to find a cheap apartment in Essex County
    Setting a budget should be your first step

    Things to look out for when trying to find a cheap apartment in Essex county

    • Try to find an apartment without a broker. Sometimes brokers can be pretty expensive and will raise the price of your apartment.
    • Be on the lookout for lousy construction. The bad construction will reflect on your monthly utility bill. If the windows aren’t sealed properly, for example, you will spend more on heating if it’s too drafty. This will affect your overall budget
    • Find apartments facing east or west to have direct sunlight during the morning or evening. However, if you prefer sun and warmth in your apartment, you can search for a south-facing apartment and have sunlight through the day. This will also mean your apartment will be sunny and warm all year, saving you a few bucks on your heating bill.
    • Consider how close it is to public transport, and does the apartment has parking. This is incredibly important if you are a commuter or have a car. If public transport isn’t near your apartment, it will eat up a lot of your time and energy. Sure, those don’t raise or lower the price of your apartment but think about how much your time is worth to you. The same goes for parking spaces or garages. Essex County gets a lot of rain and snow, so having any transportation close and available is incredibly meaningful. This will mean a lot during your move, whether you are moving or hiring Essex county movers.

    Affordable neighborhoods in Essex County

    Depending on the area, average rent prices start at a little over 700$. Of course, it depends on the apartment type, and studios are cheaper than one or two-bedroom apartments. However, the average rent for a studio in Essex County is around 1017$, 1223$ for a one-bedroom, and  1479$ for a two-bedroom, according to BestPlaces.  If you are looking to buy a home, the median home cost is $487,200.

    A panorama of apartment buildings in Essex County
    Finding a cheap apartment in Essex County depends on the area you want to live in and the square footage you are comfortable with

    If you are trying to save up, think about getting a roommate before finding the cheapest studio. You can save a lot more money that way. If you are not fond of roommates or have a family, studios or one-bedroom apartments are probably not an option. The lowest price for an apartment varies significantly according to the townships and neighborhood you are thinking of living in. Two of the most affordable areas in which you can find a cheap apartment in Essex county are, without a doubt Caldwell and Newark.

    Caldwell, Essex County NJ

    Caldwell is a small township in Essex County with a population of 7,800. It is also one of the more affordable neighborhoods in this county. The range for homes in Caldwell is from the low $200s to a whopping $1.6 million. This is quite an extensive range, but the neighborhood is one of the more affordable ones.  Finding reliable movers in Caldwell NJ, will be easy if you decide on living in this neighborhood.

    Newark NJ

    Home to more than 300 000 residents, it is one of the more affordable neighborhoods. The most affordable homes start in the low $100s but can get as high as $1 million. If you are looking to move to Newark, you won’t be alone. Our movers in Cedar Grove NJ, see many people move to Newark each year as it is more affordable to live in and a much more diverse city with plenty of job opportunities.

    A living room with a brown leather couch
    Finding a cheap apartment will be easier if you plan on living in Newark or Caldwell for example

    Whether you are on the renter’s or buyers’ market, it will be hard to find a cheap apartment in Essex County. Not only is it hard to pack up all your belongings and say goodbye to your old place, but the real estate market is quite challenging to get a hold of. Hopefully, this guide on finding a cheap apartment in Essex County has helped you consider the many factors that go into the price of your apartment. The rest is on you, but we do not have a doubt that you will be up to the task.



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