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How to disinfect your storage before using it

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    With the current COVID-19 outbreak, frequent disinfection of your home is essential to keep you and your family safe. But what about storage? If you are moving with one of the moving companies Montclair NJ based during these hard times, it is crucial that you disinfect your storage before using it.

    Why is it so important to clean and disinfect your storage?

    When it comes to cleaning, storage units are often overlooked because they are not part of our daily life. They are on their own, accumulating clutter and dust, and they very rarely get the spring cleaning they deserve. After all, you store your belongings in this unit, so why not treat it like any other room in your house and clean it thoroughly from time to time?

    A picture with an example on how you should disinfect your storage.
    Disinfect your storage because that can help you stay clean and avoid possible contact with viruses.

    Why should you disinfect your storage and not just clean it?

    It’s important to note that surface cleaning is not the same as disinfection to kill viruses and bacteria. A variety of products can be used to clean hard surfaces, such as soapy water and vinegar. And while cleaning your unit to remove dirt, dust, and debris is a necessary step, you still need to disinfect those surfaces from the new coronavirus.

    What cleaning products kill COVID-19?

    Not all cleaning products are effective against all types of germs. So you need to know exactly which products kill COVID-19. The EPA provides a complete list of disinfectants that kill the new coronavirus. You may already have some of these effective products at home, for example:

    • Disinfection wipes
    • Disinfectant sprays
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Hydrogen peroxide

    While using effective virus-killing agents is key, it is also important to follow the correct methods for thorough surface disinfection. The EPA recommends leaving the product wet on surfaces for 10 minutes and this will kill 99.9% of germs.

    Turn on the cleaning mood

    First things first – mentally prepare yourself for what awaits you behind your storage unit door. Usually moving and storage NJ offers very convenient storage facilities. But if you haven’t visited your unit before, chances are good that you have no idea what’s inside. So it might be more cluttered than you think. However, this is not a cause for concern – most of the areas used for storage are messy. You just have to tune in to cleaning and sorting and you won’t have to worry about anything. And of course, you may need to throw things away, so be prepared for that. Before you start to disinfect your storage, remember:

    • It may or may not last more than one day. If there are some items left, chances are you will need more than one day to clear and disinfect it.
    • If someone can help you, it will be much easier for you to complete this tedious task. You know how long it takes to clean up the clutter in your home, so you can figure out how much work it will take to clear your storage.

    You don’t have to throw all the unwanted items in the trash can. There is always the opportunity to make a donation. Take an inventory of everything you store in your storage, this will allow you to simplify the organization.

    Disinfecting items.
    Don’t forget to disinfect all the items from your list after you disinfect your storage

    You have completed your preparatory work – it’s time to clean

    Before entering your unit and starting mopping and dusting, make sure you check for any signs of mold or moisture inside. If everything is clear, you can start cleaning. The items were probably inside boxes, or at least covered with a plastic lid or sheet. This means you don’t have to dust and clean each item separately. Wipe the floor with a mop and let in some air. Also, if you have shelves in your closet, clean them out. After you thoroughly clean the whole unit, it is time for some disinfecting. Kill all those possible viruses by cleaning your storage unit with strong disinfectants.

    Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items before you disinfect your storage

    One of the keys to properly cleaning and organizing your storage is to get past the accumulated clutter and decide which items you need to keep and which items you can part with, ultimately creating more space within the unit as well as an overall neat feeling. After all, you need a way to reduce the storage costs after finding out your moving quotes NJ.

    To do this, go through each box after disinfecting a storage unit and before placing items in it, and decide which items you no longer need. The more items you can set aside, the better, as you’ll free up a lot of space in your unit for future items and you’ll have a more organized and less cluttered unit when you’re done. When sorting your belongings, keep separate stacks for items you no longer need and take note of those items. You can get rid of them in a number of ways, the most common being a donation or a garage sale.

    Mother nature represented through a ball.
    You can recycle everything and help your planet.

    To sum up

    As you can see, while it may seem difficult and tedious, it is not that difficult to clean the storage space. All you have to do is try to be as meticulous as possible and do it in the correct order. This can be tricky, but try not to store what you no longer need. Most importantly, disinfect your storage unit regularly, not just during the COVID-19 crisis. With all that moving stress, you don’t want your things to get damaged in any way due to your negligence. Whether it’s two, three, or four times a year, you should not forget how important it is to take care of your stored belongings. If you do, they will last much longer and you can use them for a long time.

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