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How to disinfect your bathroom after moving in

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    In most cases, the moving process goes on even after you’ve moved most of your things and started living at the new location. This often goes on for another few months, until you feel like most of the work is done and the place feels like home. It is much easier to get to this point if you have the help of a trustworthy and reputable moving company, so it is a wise decision to find the best movers NJ. All Season Movers NJ will help make the moving process much more efficient and also offer help with local, interstate, or international moves. After the relocation, you could easily begin with the second phase of moving in. This stage usually includes cleaning and organizing. We provide some useful tips on how to disinfect your bathroom after moving in, so you can do it in no time.

    Disinfect your bathroom after moving in easily with these simple and quick tips

    It is easy to get lost in chores. This is why it is necessary to break them down into simple and small steps. Even if you are a bit tired from the move, this step can help you regain a sense of control and see how the new place is beginning to look good. For a well-rounded move, make sure to rely on reputable and professional moving services NJ. After the relocation, it is important to know where to start. While cleaning your bathroom might seem like the last chore you would want to do, it is important to make it among the first. It is one of the rooms that should almost instantly be ready to use. This is much more convenient because of easy cleaning later on and also because of your own hygiene needs. Don’t worry – you can disinfect your bathroom after moving in quickly and efficiently.

    a beautiful wide modern bathroom with windows
    Having a clean and organized bathroom like this one seems like a dream come true when moving in

    Free your space

    Freeing your space is among the most important steps of moving in. This goes both for before and after the move. Remember to do your research on both respected and experienced interstate movers NJ if you need to relocate to another state. First of all, it is important to free the bathroom space from all clutter. If there are products or other items in there, remove them and keep them outside until it is fully clean. This way you will be freer to clean every corner properly. While you’re at it, you can vacuum the floor if there is a need for it. You might have to do this again in the end, but it is also a good step, to begin with.

    Get the right cleaning products

    Knowing how to make the right purchase takes some practice. This might take some investigating skills on your part. When it comes to moving, our movers North Bergen NJ can help you make a free estimate. It is always a good idea to find movers in the area you are moving to since it can ease the whole relocation and help you focus more on other tasks.  It is important to know what type of cleaning products you will need to disinfect your bathroom after moving in because there are many different options. For example, if you have a wooden cabinet, it is better to use a cleaning product suitable for cleaning wood surfaces. Also, if there is a lot of limestones in your sink or elsewhere, you will need special limestone removing products. Take a good look at your bathroom surfaces and write down the frequent and problematic areas. You might already know what your favorite cleaning items are, but you could also check online or visit a local shop. This is convenient for getting to know the price range. Many good cleaning products aren’t that expensive, you just need to know what they are. If you are unsure, ask a friend (or the internet) for recommendations.

    an assortment of cleaning products to disinfect your bathroom after moving in
    Choosing the right cleaning products is an important step to disinfect your bathroom after moving in

    Think in terms of convenience

    It is often much more important to be smart than fast when cleaning. For example:

    • Fill a spray bottle with alcohol or glass cleaning liquid and wipe all your mirrors faster
    • Choose a brush with a longer handle – this makes cleaning the tub easier and more reachable. It can also prevent you from hurting your back and keep your hands clean at the same time
    • Buy a big pack of disposable gloves, so you can keep your hands safe from more toxic chemicals
    • Leave the space for a while when using products with harsh chemicals, or simply buy all-natural cleaning products.
    • Pro tip: always have vinegar and baking soda at hand – they can be useful even when many other products fail you.

    Start big and then proceed to details

    It is better to begin with cleaning the larger areas first. This applies to the walls, the tiles, the cabinets, the bathtub, etc. This way you can leave more time for details such as the showerhead or the faucet (this might be a good time to use your vinegar and baking soda!). For the smaller and more detailed areas, you can use a toothbrush. It is also useful for cleaning spaces between tiles.

    Disinfect the dirtiest areas in steps

    If you are dealing with some especially dirty areas, it is best to break the dirt down in steps. This usually goes for the toilet and the drain places in the sink or bathtub. Spray or pour some good, highly efficient cleaning product over the areas and leave it there for half an hour or so. Get back to it later with gloves and a long brush, and brush and rinse everything a few times. Repeat the process if needed, and then use another product for basic cleaning and wipe everything with it once more. This way everything remains shiny and you feel like the dirt wasn’t even there. If you are dealing with surfaces that are prone to abrasion, use softer brushes and non-abrasive products.

    a woman enjoying a hot tub bath while reading a book
    Don’t forget to enjoy your new bathroom after you’ve finished everything

    Give everything a final touch

    In the end, it is important to make everything look well put together. Mop the floor (remember to wipe it dry afterward) and clean the cabinets and the shelves. You may now proudly proceed to fill the space with your things. Arranging everything can be a fun and exciting process, especially because it reminds you of how much you will love your new home. The bathroom is a perfect place to do this at first because it offers so many options. The colorful soaps, the fragrant shampoos, the loofas, the fun (even artistic!) shower seems like an interior designer’s dream come true. Have fun with the process and remember to clean your things as well before you put them in their place, so you don’t have to clean everything twice.

    Have fun while you disinfect your bathroom after moving in

    When everything is said and done, it is just you and your new home. You have already achieved so much, and cleaning your bathroom is also not an easy chore. This is why it is essential to have a break here and there, to remember to have fun and celebrate your success. You can enjoy a hot tub after you’ve finished with the cleaning. This can give you a well-deserved break from everything and can help you recharge until the next task. If you still need some help with finding the right cleaning products, here are some ideas for a finishing touch. It doesn’t have to be hard to disinfect your bathroom after moving in. Just look at it as the first step to fully enjoying the place of your dreams.


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