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How to calculate your moving expenses

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    One of the many crucial things you have to do before the move is defining a moving budget. Why? Well, you should know how much you need to spend on a successful move and if your budget can cover all the costs. We know this seems like a difficult and overwhelming task, but trust us, you can do it. With our help, you’ll be able to calculate your moving expenses and define your moving budget. We’ll tell you what affects the price of your move, which estimates to require from moving companies in Fort Lee, and how you can lower the moving costs. So, if you’re interested to learn a bit more about budgeting before the move, keep reading.

    Ask movers for moving quotes to calculate your moving expenses

    First of all, we always suggest getting moving quotes from a few different moving companies when calculating your moving costs. This can even help you pick the best local movers NJ for your needs. Once you get the different moving rates, compare them, and see which ones fit into your moving budget. Keep in mind that movers’ prices don’t vary too drastically, so if a company offers significantly lower rates, it could be a scam. Luckily, many moving companies offer free moving quotes, so it’s easy to get an estimated price.

    A calculator and papers to calculate your moving expenses.
    Before you ask a moving company for moving quotes, you should know the difference between the three types of estimates.

    Require written binding estimates

    Now, when you’re asking for moving quotes, there is something you should keep in mind. There are different types of moving estimates you should be aware of. You can get binding, non-binding, or not-to-exceed moving estimates. Here’s a little bit about each type.

    1. Non-binding estimates mean that the movers can end up charging you more than they suggested in the estimated price. The price is estimated based on the weight of your things. So, if your things weigh more on moving day, you’ll be charged more than the estimates stated. This type of moving quotes gives the movers a chance you trick you, so be careful.
    2. Binding moving estimates are a great choice if you want to get the exact price you’ll be paying for the moving services NJSo, even if your items end up weighing more on moving day, the price will remain the same – the movers aren’t allowed to charge you more. That’s why it’s good to get binding estimates when calculating your moving expenses.
    3. Not-to-exceed estimates tend to be the favorite kind of estimates. These estimates are similar to the previous type, but there’s a slight difference. Namely, if your things weigh less on moving day, you’ll pay less than the estimated price!

    So, when you’re asking movers for estimates, we suggest getting either binding ones or not-to-exceed ones. Other than that, our recommendation is to only accept written estimates. Don’t settle for getting estimates over the phone. You want to have everything written down in case the movers try to raise the price and you need to complain.

    The factors that determine the price of your move

    As we’ve established, the weight of your shipment has a huge impact on the price of your move. But, when you’re calculating the price of your move, there’s something you should know. The weight of your boxes isn’t the only factor that plays a part in the final moving price. Here are a few other important things that determine how much the movers will charge you.

    A man packing a box.
    Getting packing services, for example, is great, but it will cost extra.

    Keep extra services in mind when calculating your moving expenses

    Other than the basic help you can get from the movers – loading and unloading the truck and transportation of your items, there are extra services you can get. And while residential moving companies offer quite a few services that can make your move easier, they can also make your move more expensive. Some of the services that many companies offer are:

    • Packing services
    • Storage services
    • Furniture assembly/disassembly
    • Furniture moving
    • Cleaning services

    So, when you’re calculating your moving expenses and you’re considering getting additional services, keep in mind that this will raise the price of your relocation. Does your budget allow that?

    The distance

    As you can probably guess, the moving distance affects the price of your relocation. Therefore, the farther you’re moving, the higher the moving price will be. For example, an interstate move is bound to be more expensive than a local one. The reasons for that are the fact that longer moves take more time and require more fuel for the truck. Also, consider things like road tolls and parking fees. So, take that into consideration when calculating your moving costs.

    The size of your relocation

    We’ve already briefly mentioned this factor. To put it simply – the more you pack, the more you pay. This means that the weight of your boxes plays a big role in your overall moving price. That’s one of the reasons that make decluttering before moving a good idea. Because moving companies NJ charge you by the weight of your things, having fewer boxes will lower your expenses. So, estimating the amount of stuff can help you calculate your moving expenses and potentially lower them.

    A calculator and notepad on dollar bills.
    We know moving can get expensive, but don’t worry – there’s a way to lower the price.

    How to lower your moving costs

    We know that moving house can be a pretty expensive ordeal. Luckily, there are certain things you can do to lower your moving expenses and make it a little more budget-friendly. 

    • Downsize your home before packing and moving.
    • Get free boxes instead of buying them.
    • DIY packing – ask friends to help
    • Pick the right moving date – moving in the off-season is better for your wallet.
    • Check if the company offers any moving discounts.

    So, there you go. Now you know how to calculate your moving expenses, get the right type of moving estimates, and lower the relocation price. You’re all set and ready to hire a great moving company and make the move a success.

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