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How to be a good neighbor on moving day

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    The moving process can be quite loud and hectic – and the moving day is no exception. Even though you can think you are allowed to be as obnoxious as you can, you should still think about your neighbors. Yes, you will probably not see them again in a long time, but why should your last hours in the neighborhood remain in bad memory? Luckily, Bergen county movers are here to help you. Today, we take a look at the ways in which you can be a good neighbor on moving day. In this article, we examine some of the things you can do to ensure your neighbors will be sad to see you leave and not happy.

    Think about when you are moving

    One of the most important things you can do is be respectful to other people’s schedules. The moving day comes with a lot of noise. It doesn’t really matter if you are moving from NY to NJ or moving locally. The moving truck is huge and can be loud, the movers going around your home and your driveway can make a lot of noise, and just the atmosphere can be quite as hectic as well. Sadly, all of this noise can bother your neighbors quite a lot.

    A quiet woman trying to be a good neighbor on moving day.
    Try to be quiet and respectful towards your neighbors, that is one of the ways you could be a good neighbor on moving day.

    This is why you should try and plan your move somewhere in the workweek. The reason for this is so you can attempt to move when your neighbors are at work. This way, you will usually avoid creating too much ruckus around the street, or waking people up. However, this can often be an inconvenience. Many moving and logistics experts will recommend you start as early as possible in the day. That’s how you can get the most sunlight and arrive at your new location during the daylight.

    So, you will need to find the right balance for this. After all, there are some benefits to postponing your move just an hour or two, and starting at 9 instead of 7, for example. When your neighbors are away, you will have more wiggle room. The truck might be able to park on their driveway, and there will be fewer people using the sidewalks.

    Be a good neighbor on moving day and talk to them about the move

    Another thing that you will want to do is to tell your neighbors you are moving away. Your next-door neighbors might know this already, but there are those who live further and who might not know about it. Your move can affect their lives in many ways. Again, the moving truck can block the traffic in the area. You can make quite a lot of noise. There are even simpler things – like it might obstruct their everyday activities in some ways.

    So, drop them a notification in some shape or form. You don’t need to tell them personally or over the phone. Sometimes, you can simply drop a card with the moving date and time in their mailbox. This way, they will be aware of your activities and can plan around them. What’s more, you will let them know in a way that’s not obtrusive.

    Moving trucks on a highway.
    Trucks can be quite obtrusive.

    Also, someone might want to say their goodbyes – so give them a chance. However, it’s important to make time for this before the moving day. Otherwise, you will be running around to do it on the moving day – which can only cause more stress.

    When it comes to talking to your closest neighbors, it’s a good idea to ask for parking permissions. Depending on the truck and the moving companies NJ based you are hiring, you might need a lot of room. Sometimes, this means parking on the stream. Other times, this means having to move your car to another place. And if you want to be a good neighbor on moving day, you will talk to them about where these vehicles should go. Plan it together with your neighbors – and leave a couple of hours of extra time for any wiggle room and errors.

    Some final remarks and things you can do

    These are the biggest things you can do in order to be a good neighbor on moving day. However, there are also some smaller things that can help leave a good impression on neighbors old and new. For example, you can keep the movers in line too. Again, this depends on what moving company you are using, but some will use a lot of shouting or loud music while working. So ensure you have good, reliable, and professional moving services in your corner to keep this from happening.

    You want to move fast – but you do not want to leave a mess at the end of the process, too. So, after the truck leaves, run a last check of the place. See if you or the movers left anything behind. Sometimes, there might be some garbage or debris lying around. It is your job to clean it. This way, your neighborhood will remain clean and safe for everyone.

    A trash can.
    Ensure you clean up after your move.

    And finally, you should also remember all of the above when you are moving into your new home. Moving into a home can be just as loud. However, here, you will want more than anything to be a good neighbor on moving day. Otherwise, you will have to meet your neighbors with the title “the loud one” already attached to you. However, here, you might not have the luxury of planning. There will be no neighbors to talk to about the parking spaces – in most cases. Therefore, be extra careful with this process. Ensure you are making as little noise as possible. This way, you can begin your life in your new home on the right foot.

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